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    How can this be the same pony!?

    Sorry if I come across patronising but please do not be so blasé about a "bare" field, my old boy was out on a bare field and caught it this time of the year, I assumed to my own fault that no grass = less risk - I couldn't have been more wrong.
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    how to afford horses & children?

    Not sure how much I can add by saying this but all I will say is I am glad my horse was PTS before falling pregnant because there would be no way on earth I could afford him and a baby, not only financially but time wise, now having my little one I have realised how much pressure it puts on you...
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    Opinions on this horse?

    The quality of the pictures are terrible, from what i can see - i really like her. If you dont snap her up i will :-)
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    Sleep now my beautiful boy.

    What a beautiful boy! RIP
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    Cushings pony - prescend not working :( ???

    I would like to echo the above, also used this with my old boy and worked wonders
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    How do you get over it??

    Oh crikey, I am so sorry to hear that! I loved reading your posts about PF. OP I lost mine a year and a half ago, the days do get easier but things still trigger off sad emotions and I shed a tear over him. All I can say is it does get easier and eventually sad tears turn into happy tears for...
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    Dog in my field!!

    My quiet as a mouse 13.1hh new forest pony god rest his soul, he used to tear around like a tb
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    Dog in my field!!

    I would second this, even the sound of the hunt used to drive mine doolally, it is possible a hound broke free and entered the field.
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    Dog in my field!!

    I would second this, even the sound of the hunt used to drive mine doolally, it is possible a hound broke free and entered the field.
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    horse just bolted 5 miles down the road

    The force is not with that one for sure!
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    Cushings Pony - Not Eating

    I had the same situation with my old boy, I had to syringe it down with apple juice to start with as everything I tried he refused to eat. After about 4 weeks he became less suspicious. Have you tried asking a stranger to feed it to him inside s apple chunk or polo? Mine was less suspicious of...
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    Pics and vids - Fig competition and clinic report x 2

    I do not ever venture into this part but love coming just to see pics/reports of this fab pair, your hard work has clearly paid off and they are a huge credit to you!
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    Would you PTS?

    I was in exactly the same situation last year, was the hardest decision I made but I knew I couldn't keep putting him through it, it wasn't much of a life for him in the end. It isn't a easy one to make but I'm sure you will make the right decision for her. I probably regret in hindsight not...
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    Armas & Hersus play time action sure to make you smile.

    Wow look at Hersus go! Beautiful to watch
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    Best farrier's in east/west sussex

    As above, best farrier I have come across
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    Is there a market for hot, hyper dressage ponies?

    Love him! Not much of a market (purely for selfish reasons) so I suggest you send him my way :-)
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    All this talk of weight.....

    No suggestions, but he would suit me perfectly! :-) stunning and my type of horse!
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    Very sad advert

    Oh god i really wish i hadnt seen that, the telephone number keeps screaming out to me :-(
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    Very sad advert

    As above, some people have really let themselves down on this thread and it makes uncomfortable viewing.
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    Very sad advert

    There is no need to be so snipey, i was asking a genuine question as you yourself raised your lack of experience.. not me, as a factor to not get her first off. I respect what you are doing and will happily contribute towards her being transported/bought, i just questioned whether she would...
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    Very sad advert

    Sorry i have to ask - you mentioned earlier you were not experienced enough.. and now you will get her "looking proper" - this concerns me more. I know your heart is in it and you mean well, but if you dont know what your doing its a worry. Sorry just my opinion.
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    Filthy terrified ragamuffin to show ring Angel in 3months.So proud of my Scruffy Baby

    I have a real soft spot for your boy, something about him and his face. Might have to steal him :-)
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    the ginger 2 weeks on and my 2 yr old filly

    Love the Ginge hes a stunner. Thats some belly on your coloured filly? dont know if its just the pictures?
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    Am I hard or just realistic and humane?

    This sums it up for me..
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    Laminitis Rant.

    What i find most disturbing is the fact you do not seem to be taking it seriously..suspected Laminitis is serious, and putting it back out on grass, then to say you will starve it after being out as you cannot get hold of the owner to leave it in.. is this a joke?
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    Horse is very footy and don't know what to do

    Boots are long term and a one off payment and shoes are a cost every 8 weeks or so - dont understand why you think that front shoes are cheaper? i paid 100 for my boys Boa Boots and have lasted a year and still going strong.
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    Cushings - a couple of questions

    My boy was diagnosed 2 years ago and in his first year on Prascend he didnt lose his winter coat or get a very decent summer coat. This year however he is shedding in bucket loads and has a nice gloss to it.
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    Feeding grass cuttings

    Please nooo. My boy got Acute Laminitis in all 4 feet from some numpty chucking grass cuttings in his field.
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    To those who doubted us

    What a shame a thread like this has turned the way it has. OP posted pics at how proud she was of turning her mare from what she looked like to now.. ok she is a bit porkier than need be - but OP seems well aware of that and will take steps to address that. And now true to form people turn...
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    no jumping down my throat...

    I used to think there was cliques in here, but after being here for many years its mainly just what i call "followers" who seem to like following people that they dont like around and posting uneccessary comments to cause a argument.. then the rest jump in. Kind of like vultures on a carcass...