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    Horse market has simply gone nuts.

    I absolutely take your point - no it hasn’t sold. I think the issue I have is that someone believes it’s worth anywhere near that. I also have a serious issue with it being ‘a fantastic ridden or broodmare opportunity’. A horse that has shown so many issues at such a young age is not a broodmare...
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    Horse market has simply gone nuts.

    Now - I have no problem with nicely produced horse making good money, but recently we seem to be bordering on ridiculous. Today I saw an advert for a warmblood. Has been in and out of work for 2 years. Not a novice ride. Kissing spine op, hocks injected, tendon strain and only 6 years old but...
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    I am the first to admit to not being a passport expert. A friend is interested in purchasing a horse and although able to identify all the other types in the warmblood breeding this one has me stumpted. Any ideas? Is it for when they don't have a type like Hann / Old / SF.
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    Has anyone successfully disputed an insurance companies decision?

    Thanks for the opinions guys it helps to have some impartial views.
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    Has anyone successfully disputed an insurance companies decision?

    Firstly I have to clarify that this isn't a rant on my insurance company. They have actually been pretty good over the past year and have paid out on time (mostly). However, we now have a slightly sticky situation and just wanted to see if anyone had dealt with something similar. Horse had...
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    Oliver Townend Fence 4 (Shallow Springs)

    Having judged BE and actually had this exact same argument with one of the riders mentioned in this thread - whether the horse is inside the flags can be very tricky especially on courses which are not videoed to the same level as Badminton. Ultimately had he represented he is admitting that...
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    Another "how much" question (sorry!)

    If it Helps I have just sold a 14hh 5 year old. With no vices or medical problems who does hack alone for £3.5k.
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    Badminton predictions

    Ballaghmor Class would be my choice but would be nice to see a newbie do well!
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    Online dressage

    Have you looked at 'Dressage online'? They are on facebook and have a website. They run 3 competitions a month both Affiliated and unaffiliated.
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    Are there really that many mis-sold horses?

    I think people are thinking more and more that horses are just commodities and you push x button to get Y. They don’t allow that they are living breathing creatures. I think that is compounded by the high prices at the moment. I think that by paying more money people think they should be foot...
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    Mares v geldings

    Having said that - anyone can ride and handle my geldings. Not the same with the mares!
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    Mares v geldings

    I have 4 mares and 3 geldings. They all have their own personality but the geldings are all definitely happy go lucky. ‘No problem mum’ types. The mares although not hormonal are a lot more ‘I’ll think about doing what you ask’. Having said that my top mare is so competitive because she does...
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    Selling advice.

    Agreed! This is how I bought my first horse.
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    Selling advice.

    Some really interesting thoughts here. She is unshod and has absolutely no need of shoes at the moment as she has excellent feet. She measured in at 14.1hh but we could definitely put the stick on her again as she has muscled up over the past few weeks. I’ve have adverts up on Horsequest and...
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    Selling advice.

    I think you have a point here. I see so many ' dodgey dealer posts' where I believe the pony just hasn't been allowed to settle and no allowance has been made for the fact its a living animal and buyers are calling sellers all sorts of names. (to be clear I am not talking about those that...
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    Selling advice.

    I agree - I don't mind getting videos of anything for a genuinely interested person. I have often travelled 300 miles to see a horse but I need to be sure before I travel that they are what I'm looking for. But I do begrudge the lack of politeness in not even bothering to reply. I also...
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    Selling advice.

    At least it is not just me! We are up north which I think saves us from having too many people just coming for a day trip. I don't mind getting videos for people. I understand people don't want to travel for 3 hours to see something totally unsuitable but I find some people can be quite...
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    Selling advice.

    I usually sell youngstock unbroken and generally avoid all the day trippers and frankly dangerous people who greatly overestimate their ability. However, wishfully thinking that this little homebred would make the height I kept her and had her professionally broken. Sadly she just didn't...
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    Supplement to help mare in season.

    After years of having non hormonal mares I finally have one that just seems to really struggle with her seasons. She is a hormonal moody mess. Does anyone have any recommendations for a supplement to just take the edge off?
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    Sons of Sezuan standing in Uk.

    Despite having a good service on European stallions last year and shipments arriving on time the added t constraints, the expense of the courier papers and the desire to support British breeders is making me rethink. So does anyone know of any Sezuan sons standing in the Uk this year? Personal...
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    Horse doesn't balance while travelling...

    I had exactly this problem with an old horse but on left turns. Fine without the partition and in wagon but with the partition in he scrambled like mad on left turns. After speaking to lots of people with similar issues the general View was to take out the back partition and leave the front in...
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    Recommendation for dressage instructors that cover Northumberland/ Scottish Borders.

    As title really. Does anyone have any recommendations. Even better if they have their own school with lights as I work full time.
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    Arena ideas.

    I need to be able to ride in the dark really as I work 8-6 in the winter and I find it impossible to keep them fit at the moment.
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    Arena ideas.

    With the increasingly wet winters here i am struggling to school in the winter months without having an arena. We don’t have the finances at the moment to put in a ‘proper’ outdoor but would possibly be able in a few years time subject to planning. Has anyone managed to put something straight...
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    How long between buying and collecting pony?

    I’m glad it’s not just me that thinks they are taking the mick. Lots of useful advice and experiences. Selling can be such a nightmare. Particularly annoying when she’s rushed to get his annual booster done early and feet to ensure he is ready to go.
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    How long between buying and collecting pony?

    Gosh I hope this isn’t the case!
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    How long between buying and collecting pony?

    The deposit was paid in cash so I’m unsure how she would refund it if they won’t reply? It’s just a difficult situation but I feel they are taking the Mick. Other option is offering to deliver?
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    How long between buying and collecting pony?

    Without going into too much detail. Friend advertised a pony a month ago. Lots and lots of interest and first viewers left a deposit and said they would arrange transport. That was now three weeks ago and despite my friend chasing and offering names of local companies no transport seems to have...
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    Shock wave therapy for damaged suspensory

    We have used shockwave. I think it did have an effect but we also did a steroid injection at the same time so not sure which one made the difference. Still not 100% now but significantly better.
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    Goals for next year? Please share!

    Aim is to have a go at our first elementary! A long way to go but we are not seriously competitive - just got the fun!