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    Badminton Campsite

    Did anybody on here camp at Badminton this year? If so interested to hear how organized it was please as desperate to go next year. Were the pitches marked out - was it noisy & chaotic - did you get an allocated space? Thank you
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    Professional Pony (14.2) Backer South East/East Anglia

    Hello, Does anybody have any recommendations for a professional backer - 14.2 New Forest
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    Book Recommendations for Foals & Youngsters

    Hello, would anybody have some trusted book recommendations for ponies early years please :)
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    Horse Not Quite Right - Strange Diagonal Foot Pick Up - Anybody Else Had This ?!?

    Okay so our Irish Cob has gone under the radar somewhat due to huge company liability, huge feat of selling Connie, & consequences of Covid. But long story short, finished Autumn doing couple of hunter trials, hacked out through winter as no arena, no arenas open. She's barefoot, had some thrush...
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    Peoples Advice on Horse For Sale On Trial

    Looking for peoples thoughts/experiences on giving option on my Connie for sale going for a trial period. I know decades ago most ponies were sold with this option - now I dont think so. The Connie Ive had up for sale & is very marmite taste, had his first viewing as Ive been extremely...
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    Anybodys horse prefer trailer to lorry?

    Okay Ive seen this scenario the other way round but does anybody have any experience of this? I have a 6.5 ton side ramp, forward facing lorry, 2 Irish ponies that have both disliked it immensely. The configuration of the partition means you have to step over to one side to unhook it by which...
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    Feeling Trapped - not sure which way to turn!

    Its a long story spanning some 3 years. Pony is a 14.2hh 9 year old Connemara bought 3 years ago for 16 year old daughter. From day one he wasn't right despite 5 stage vetting (private sale) he was very reactive & sharp. 3 months on he bronced daughter off - vet did full work up & found Grade 2...
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    Discount Code for Plat Plus Pellets

    If anybody looking to buy for first time a discount code with 5% off first order is harjen44806
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    I am based near Chelmsford, Essex, does anybody please have any recommendations for farriers who also look at foot balance & do a very good job.
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    Ulcer Scope - Starve for 12 hours?!?!

    Just wonder if anybody can explain why when you have a horse scoped for ulcers the vets insist on starving for 12 hours when Ive read that after 30 minutes the food in the stomach passes through! Am I misunderstanding something here - I have an ulcer horse who is currently being turned away for...
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    Nappy mares !

    So we bought a beautiful 14.1 7 year old Irish Cob Mare in April who has the sweetest of temperaments & is for my 17 year old daughter to do pony club & generally have fun on, & she is a dream to ride & jump. She has thrown in quite a few moves (no not dressage ones!) over the past few months -...
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    Farriers - single or double clip?!?

    Just wondered if anybody could help explain - For years now we have used a very experienced farrier who makes his own shoes & always uses single toe clip - feet look amazing when shod. For health reasons we have now had to change farriers & upon recommendation chose a farrier who has shod...
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    Glandular Ulcers - Turning Away

    Hello, Just wondering if anybody has any experience specifically of Glandular Ulcers not Squamous Ulcers as the 2 have been recognized by what little research has been done to be a totally different entity. Also if anybody has tried following treatment & ruling out other factors, turning them...
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    Zylkene Equine

    Having searched the above calmer a lot of the reviews are when the product first came out some 8 years ago, so just wanted to ask what peoples experiences are of using it as its not cheap but wanted to buy best calmer for taking the edge off nervous traveller. Reviews much appreciated thank you:)
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    Trauma travelling from ireland sales

    Hello, Just wondered if anybody else has experienced ongoing problems as a result of the trip over from Ireland & what exactly is involved when they transport them. My Connemara came from Goresbridge & was dropped off in Midlands, we saw a photo of him on first arriving & he was like a...
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    Loading Issues - PLEASE HELP

    Hello, Just wondering if anybody has previous experiences they could share as to how they overcame lorry loading issues. We are currently awaiting help from a natural horsewoman which has become equally as frustrating getting an appointment as to the original issue! Anyway I would be...
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    Travelling fear & nerves (human!!!)

    Hi, I have always found so much useful information on this forum that I thought I would seek some advice in the hope of reassuring my nerves! Due to a towing accident several years ago I am very nervous about transporting horses. After years of towing & always being convinced that the trailer...
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    Recommended Pony dealers

    We are now starting our search for my daughters new pony - we are looking for a 14.2 Connemara with scope and speed to do pony club eventing teams - it seems you can either spend lots to get pony who has already done it all or buy something younger with potential - there are lots of cracking...
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    Tightness in back

    Ok so i had our physio out for our 3 monthly check and yet again she was tight in her back. I know we need to get her to work long and low to open up her back and get her working correctly, we always do carrot stretches after riding, have been doing lots of turn on forehands, rein backs, leg...
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    Traditional Wooden Horsebox

    Hello, I have been nervously looking for a 6.5 ton first timer horsebox & have found one at Priory Stud which is a traditional wooden one. It has been totally refurbed internally, replaced onto a Isuzo T reg low mileage chassis. I really do like the box & very much trust the guys selling it...