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    Trailer Hire Aberdeenshire

    Looking to hire a trailer for the end of November/beginning of December, in Aberdeenshire or Moray. Any suggestions or ideas, very welcome :)
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    What should I be worming my pony with at this time of year. I've had him a couple of months now, he went onto clean ground, and hasn't been wormed in I don't know how long as his previous owner said she only did it when they had worms and he didn't have any with her. TIA.
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    Best Insurance Company

    Hello. In the process of pony purchase and will need to insure him. He'll be used for hacking, flatwork, and PC activities, no XC. Any advice on best insurers, or ones to avoid will be much appreciated.
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    This poor fellow was starving in his field so broke through into mine four weeks ago and has been gaining weight ever since. Because of his condition though, which is still very poor, there are people/organisations involved, but today I found him like this. Its heartbreaking. He was given to...
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    Wanted in Moray - Grazing for 2 Ponies ....

    We are returning to Scotland and need somewhere to keep two Shetland size ponies until we get onto our new place. Anything considered but close to Lossie for RAF camp would be a bonus. Thanks in advance.
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    Which Energiser?

    As title, need to replace a vandalised ( pony thug) energiser and would like recommendations please. Mains isn't an option unfortunately, has to be battery powered. Needs to be strong to keep the thug contained before it eats itself to death. Thanks!
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    Due to relocation, any ideas where i could find space for on 'oss near Wittering. Nothing too expensive, DIY would suit best. Thank you :)
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    "Sold from the Field"

    What's your take on this descriptor in an advert? First of all this is not an advert, it's to try and get clarification as to whether i have the right understanding of this term. If a horse is advertised as sold from the field would you expect to ride it? With so many replies to an...
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    Im old and don't keep up with these things, but have seen some saddles on ebay with HEATHER MOFFETT SEATS. What are they and why do they merit a mention?
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    Warning - Uninvited Guests & Stolen Ponies

    ****STOLEN FROM BROOMFIELD, TAUNTON LAST NIGHT**** 30 January 2013. Two ponies were removed from their field overnight and taken away via common ground behind the field. The gate had been cut. Prior to this someone had been on the property trying to sell chainsaws. There are two...
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    Taunton - Stolen now Recovered but with a Warning.

    ****STOLEN FROM BROOMFIELD, TAUNTON LAST NIGHT**** 30 January 2013. Two ponies were removed from their field overnight and taken away via common ground behind the field. The gate had been cut. Prior to this someone had been on the property trying to sell chainsaws. Sorry I have no...
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    Hey, Cameron

    Dear Mr. Cameron, Please find below our suggestion for fixing the UK 's economy. ... Instead of giving billions of pounds to banks that will squander the money on lavish parties and unearned bonuses, use the following plan. You can call it the Patriotic Retirement Plan: There are about...
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    Reseeding Field

    Thinking ahead here. I will have to reseed our land come spring time. Looking for any recommendations as to where to purchase grass seed, best people to buy from who to avoid etc, as well as best mix to look for. It will be grazed by 2 horses, 2 ponies, and hopefully will give a cut of hay as...
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    Dare I Say It?

    I have read a few threads on here with pics of horses asking "how do they look?" or "what do you think of....?". Usually the majority of comments seem to be quite complimentary and I wonder, how many of us put what we really think? or do we not reply at all in case we offend the owner/rider...
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    Has This Already Been On Here? :(
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    Sell or Store WWYD?

    Head and heart say store, but is it fair on her? Lovely 16.2 rising 6 tb mare, has stood in the field most of the year bar the odd gentle hack out when a rider has been available, sometimes with five month intervals. So, with no chance of a constant rider, I can't ride her (she is not a weight...
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    Strangles Test

    I have a pony going to a new home soon and lady taking it wants a strangles test done to save it going into quarantine when it arrives on its new yard. I was told they had strangles at this yard "twenty" years ago..... As far as I know the test is just a blood test to see if pony has been...
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    deleted :mad:
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    Breaking in Somerset

    Looking for some recommendations of where to send my youngster for breaking. He is a 17hh 4yo, good natured but very green. Somerton,Langport,Yeovil area. Thanks
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    Mineral Deficiency

    Does anyone have any idea what minerals may be missing. 3 ponies and 2 horses, being stripped grazed with plenty of grass in front of them, eating some areas totally bare then eating roots. Should I have bloods done, or soil sampling? Both? They have had access to a broad spectrum...
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    Urgent Transport Problem Somerset

    HELP!! After months of waiting I have sold my field and bought a bigger one for my ponies. The sale completed yesterday and I have to get the ponies moved today. The transport I had arranged let me down at eleven o clock last night so I have spent the morning online phoning round local...
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    Opinions on this please

    Whats your opinion of this youngster? Is it worth the money? never had a coloured before, looking for something to show and do RC with.
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    Pony paddock wanted ads

    Hi, does anyone know of a website where people advertise looking for pony paddocks for sale or to rent, a bit like plotsearch but horsey? South Somerset area? Looking to sell not buy but don't want to involve hungry land agents!
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    Isle of Wight Peeps

    Anyone know a lady called Sophie Tester? She is interested in one of my boys, out of my area so would like personal ref, obviously in pm form please! Thanks, SD.
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    Castration Cost

    Had a quote from my vets of £250 each to cut four colts. Seems a bit excessive, anyone in South Somerset know recent prices for gelding? Would expect a bit of discount for doing four at once too ;)
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    Small yard/awkward situation

    HI, a dilemma has occurred!! I left money in an envelope in tack room to pay for haylage, £40. Someone (i know who)took the envelope to draw a dressage test on for a very novice rider. They put the envelope on the back of their pick up truck and must have forgot about it because i found...
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    Your Horse Live

    Found this on moneysaving expert forum, if anyone is going it might mean a bit more spending money! Code for buy one get one free DOUG2 on this coming weekend at stoneleigh in warwickshire. Don't know what you do with it mind you :rolleyes:
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    Awful Dilemma - Engine V Haylage

    Hi All, have read the forum for months but now have a big dilemma and wondered if anyone had any suggestions. the engine in my Pick up needs to be replaced at a cost of two thousand pounds. I do have this money but it was to pay for winters haylage for my three youngsters. now i dont know what...