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    Showjumping Show Jumping Comp report

    Two days of jumping means I have a lot to say so thought I’d do a full write up. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done one and I’m napped trapped so have nothing better I can do! Saturday I had both horses entered into the 80 and 90 classes. Coolie was up first and he was fresh. I had plenty...
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    Weekend plans?

    Anyone? We have 2 days of show jumping Saturday and Sunday. Both horses entered Saturday, just one on Sunday and might take the other XC training while we are there. Hopefully it wont be too slippery and wet!
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    Weekend plans?

    I can’t see a thread yet, and it’s Friday! Who has plans? we have the last dressage club rally of the year, so I’ll ride Henry today in prep for tomorrow. I’ll probably hack Coolie on Sunday, if I can’t motivate myself to do some pole with with him.
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    Weekend plans

    I know its early, but it’s Thursday arvo here and I’m excited! We have the state show jumping champs this weekend. Husband is judging tomorrow and Sunday and I am riding Saturday. Very excited, first competition since baby. Lots to pack but I can’t wait!!!
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    Building horse fitness after time off

    So I've seen plenty of threads about rehab plans etc. but not much after a horse has time off without being injured. I've never bought a horse back into work after more than 4 weeks off so I just want to make sure I do the right thing. Coolie is 18 and lives out in the paddock. He is currently...
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    Weekend plans!!

    This week has flown by! just as well because I have a fun weekend planned. Tomorrow we are hacking x2. Henry is doing 15 minutes of walk under saddle to build back up. His leg is looking so much better an he is sound so we can walk to help keep the swelling down. Saturday is the first...
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    Competition Report - Show jumping in Western Australia!

    Today Coolie and I went to our first comp of the year, Show Jumping at Kings Meadow a local polo grounds. Heights started from 80, so I entered a round at 80 and one at 90. Not ideal for the first show of the year, (I'm a wuss, he's 18, 5 month pregnant etc) and Coolies first comp in a year but...
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    A clinic report with my feral orange horse

    We had a flatwrk and SJ clinic yesterday with my usual coach. I would normally take Henry, but he is still NQR, physio booked in for him and in the mean time lots of heat packing and he will spend some time working on the lunge (correctly, using his back to help stretch the muscles out where he...
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    Weekend Plans

    I didn't see another thread, so thought I would see what everyone is up to. Still too hot for much to be planned around here, but with some cooler weather forecast for the weekend I will be outside riding my 2 both days, but just at home. We do have a clinic to look forward to on Tuesday which...
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    Showjumping Show jumping live stream

    For those missing out, we have a big show jumping comp here that is being live streamed. I wish I was there but have to go to a wedding instead. Husband was asked to judge, he is very sad!
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    Lock down/second winter/end of season weekend plans

    I say second winter since it seems to be that way here! I have a jumping lesson tomorrow and then this weekend we have the last event of the season. it’s going to be cold and wet, and we are camping so will have to take all the wet weather gear. Usually we are sweltering but it’s cold instead...
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    Eventing Competition report - Swan River CIC (eventing in Western Australia)

    We had a really tough weekend that was good on paper, but the paper doesn't tell the whole story! I knew this weekend would be a challenge, the grounds we were at have a huge atmosphere with warmups for all 3 phases next to each other (and intermingled!) and dressage right next to SJ and XC...
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    Weekend plans!

    Early this week because we have a long weekend, and mine is extra long (so I am excited and distracted at work!). Tomorrow farrier is coming, but the weather is going to be nice so a hack with both the boys. Saturday I am demo riding for coaches trying to get qualified. I get free lessons and...
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    Early-ish weekend plans

    Early for those not in the Southern Hemisphere anyway! I know I am jumping the gun but work is slow and I have time now to comment. We have our first show of the year, an off the track show jumping and dressage day. Henry has been feeling super fresh recently so my aim will be to stay in the...
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    Competition Report - Henry goes eventing

    So this event has been on the books for a while, we have been gradually working towards getting Henry out eventing. I have taken the slow road with him, focusing on his foundation and making him a confident young horse. I got him off the track as a 3yo in 2017 and we have been taking things as...
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    Exciting Weekend Plans!

    I know it's early for you lot in the NH, but it's Thursday arvo here and I have exciting plans. Henry and I are off eventing for the first time! We have done plenty of training and some may say we are over prepared but rather than being overly nervous I am excited so it was worth the prep. I...
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    Competition Report - Henry goes XC

    It's been too long since I rode around a cross country course. 7 long months. I've trained plenty but it's not quite the same. Sunday wasn't just any day though, it was a Big Deal Day. It was I was awake at 3am thinking about it day. It was Henry's first competitive XC day! I was nervous...
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    Weekend plans!

    I know, it's early over there (ask me how I know, I have only just got over the jet lag!) but having been away for ages I have plans and I am excited! My coach is over from Melbourne this weekend and Henry and I have 3 lessons: flatwork Friday arvo, show jumping Saturday and XC Sunday. The...
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    Pictures Comp Report - Off the Track Showman Day

    I entered this show back in January so we have been waiting for it to get here for an age. It consists of dressage, show jumping and in hand and it's free! Thanks Government incentive! When we arrived I took Henry for a walk. He was much more interested in the grass than the buzzing atmosphere...
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    Eventing Competition report - Combined training

    Since competition reports seem to be so popular, I thought I'd write one! Henry is a 5yo OTTB who has been out a handful of times to a few low key competitions. This was his first 'official' one, and his first at EvA65. I signed up for this as Hens first comp of the season, not knowing how big...
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    Pictures Busting!

    I jumped the horses last night, and young Henry usually loves it. He is light on his feet, sporty and scopey. Last night he was just not his normal self... slow, heavy in my hand, putting in really minimal effort. I was starting to get really worried there was something wrong. He felt sound...
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    Weekend plans

    Everyone is obviously having too much fun, or the season is winding down! Saturday I'm going for a ride with a friend. We are going out early because it's starting to warm up here, forecast is for 33c! So not ready for that yet. Hopefully there is still water in the creek to have a splash in...
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    Competition Report - Combined Training

    What a weekend! I don't think I sat down for more than 10 minutes all weekend, so coming to work seems like a nice little rest. I am so proud of our weekend so I thought I would do a separate report. I have also heard people like reading such things! This weekend we had the Walliston Combined...
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    Weekend plans - Early edition

    It's Thursday arvo here and since I would rather it was the weekend I am getting in early. This weekend we have Wooroloo International Horse Trials. Biggest event for us in WA, and I am really looking forward to it. I don't do the 3 day, don't jump high enough yet, but it's so much fun to...
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    Baby cross country training

    A happy post, I took my young horse XC training for the first time yesterday, We had a public holiday so I bit the bullet and went to a local club that has a variety of baby jumps, 45-80cm. Husband and Coolie tagged along to baby sit. We warmed up in an arena, checked we had breaks, go, and...