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    Ticketmaster - royal highland show

    Thanks Eventing Mum. Ps Eagles at Murrayfield sounds brilliant - enjoy!
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    Ticketmaster - royal highland show

    I bought tickets online via ticketmaster for RHS Friday. This was a few days ago. However my account which I had to create says they are still being processed. Is this normal service for ticketmaster? I don't usually do online purchases but this seemed to be the only way to get RHS tickets this...
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    Imagery and analogies

    This one doesn't work for me as I am flat chested πŸ˜€
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    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    What a superstar pony - well done Dave and mum
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    Who is the Queen speaking to at Royal Windsor Horse Show?

    This - she looked like her old self in that photo. It was nice to see
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    Who is the Queen speaking to at Royal Windsor Horse Show?

    Brilliant - she is getting her priorities right - much better than the state opening of Parliament - good on her πŸ˜€
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    Could You Gel With A Grumpy Horse?

    I've enjoyed 20 years of grumpiness from my moody mare. She is a total character and I honestly wouldn't change her for a more affectionate horse. She makes me laugh every day
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    Well if we are singing songs appropriate for their breeding mine (Connie x) might like a bit of Van Morrison. I'll give 'brown eyed girl' a go this afternoon.
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    What's your nervous riding song?

    Brilliant song! I can't sing a note but if I could it would be Born to Run πŸ˜€
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    Hedgerow foraging

    Willow contains salilyc acid which is a natural anti inflammatory ( it is an ingredient in aspirin I think). So your box rest horse was doing some self healing by eating it 😊 We were just talking about this subject yesterday at the yard. A lady's horse had a field accident and was very shaken up...
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    Can i have some positive vibes

    Oldies with Cushing's are such a worry aren't they? Hope your girl is ok xx
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    The Occasional Dave Part 2.

    And an adults only after the watershed 'Dave's fifth leg' thread πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
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    Can i have some positive vibes

    Hope she is back to her normal self this morning. This is a bad time of year with the changeable weather and the spring grass coming through.
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    The world's oldest pants were for riding in!

    Fascinating - thanks for posting. Ps I think 'worlds oldest pants..' is the best thread title I've seen for a while πŸ˜€
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    Your cancellable takes...

    My hairy Connemara cross has never been clipped. She is also shod all round with bar shoes in front! Definitely cancelled πŸ™
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    Aintree Day 3 - Grand National Day

    Well done Sam whalley Cohen. He rode that finish like a pro.
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    Cheltenham Day 3.

    I thought Flooring Porter was the win of the day - then Coole Cody came along πŸ˜„ (I've got a soft spot for him as we had a Cody at the farm who was sadly pts last year)
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    Horse psychic - sceptic

    I was told that my mare was the result of an unplanned pregnancy and her mother couldn't get shot of her fast enough! This apperently is why she has a bit of "attitude".
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    Have the days of the have a go fun show disappeared?

    A big reason a lot of local shows no longer run is probably down to the cost of public liability insurance. When I was on the RC commitee our events were covered by our BRC insurance which made them viable. I also agree that it is very difficult to run a showing show without a reasonable number...
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    Has anyone had/known a horse with an infected sinus

    Mine had exactly the same treatment though as it was due to a tooth fracture the vets went straight for the op as the tooth had to be extracted too. She was in the vets for two days. I was amazed how well she coped with the whole thing especially the twice daily flushing. She had no behavioural...
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    Sorry for your loss. Rest in peace old boy xx
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    Instructor Falkirk area

    Yvonne McFarlane is fantastic. She is BHSI so her contact details should be easy to obtain. You will get a great lesson with her, she's been coming to us for years and everyone who gets her lessons really gets a lot out of them. She is very quick at sussing out your horse's personality too πŸ˜„
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    Correct position for tail strap on turnout rug

    I It was cheap lol! Think I will just stick with the leg straps on this one as it's a good fit and isn't slipping to one side.
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    Correct position for tail strap on turnout rug

    I'm not keen on leg straps on rugs and normally when I get a new one I take them off and put a tail strap (fillet string) on instead. However on my latest new rug the D rings seen set really low and the fillet string would be well down her tail beyond the end of her dock. This doesn't look right...
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    What are some useful pieces of tack/equipment that can reduce the risk of a serious injury?

    An ice hockey mask may have prevented my bringing in from the field injury! (Fractured eye socket)
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    The Occasional Dave

    It always brightens my day to see a Dave pic πŸ™‚ I love the look on his face, he is thinking hard about getting it right.
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    Grass colic dilemma?

    I wouldn't suddenly turn out on grass if he's been off it since November and he has a history of grass colic. Mine has had it previously too and I find that if she gets hay with her breakfast before turnout it helps reduce the risks. She also gets a scoop of Happy tummy charcoal in her feed...
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    Not good news on my return to riding

    That must be so disappointing for you Mrs Jingle. Hopefully the medics will get you sorted and reduce your pain before too long. Then you can look for something new to ride. I don't have any experience of hip replacements but you may need to avoid anything too wide. Wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Can I gently persuade friend to PTS elderly horse?

    I don't know if this has already been suggested but if she hasn't seen the horse struggling to get up you could video on your phone and show her next time she is up. I feel sorry for everyone in this situation and hope the 'right' decision can be made before the horse goes further downhill -...
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    Use of Vitex Agnus-Castus in place of Prascend

    Do you get your horse tested annually? I would suggest if you take your horse off the prascend you should get another test once the drug is out of her system just to make sure that her levels are still low. It could be that the prascend has been controlling her levels while she's been on it...