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    How do you measure what height horse/pony you need in a trap?

    I have just bought a 2 wheeled trap in need of cosmetic restoration, though basically sound, for very little money. It is sort of a dog/rally/pleasure type trap; takes two people on a bench type seat. As title, how do you measure what size horse/pony will fit the trap? I have a Fell 3 yo...
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    Deerhounds and osteosarcoma

    Sadly my deerhound has just been diagnosed with osteosarcoma. It is something they are prone to, but you sort of don't think it will happen to you, do you? She is seven and a half and still fine in herself. Chest x-rays are clear. There is however, no "cure". The simple option is pallaitive...
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    Mobile field shelters

    Hello. Does anyone have any recommendations for mobile field shelter suppliers in Lincolnshire, or anywhere else if they travel at no extra cost? Doesn't have to have any fancy "extras", plainer the better really, but does have to be sturdy due to big horses and strong winds. Many thanks.
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    Riding national paths

    Not been on here for some years, so hello . I am thinking I might like to ride one, or part of one or some, of the national pathways, such as coastal paths, Peddars Way, that sort of thing. I would only be doing ambling on a black and white cob, so nothing too strenuous. I wouldn't want to...
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    equine dentists lincolnshire

    I know this has been done before, but being useless technically, I don't know how to access past threads/posts. As title really - any recommendations for equine dentists/dental technicians in Lincolnshire; we are about 15 miles in a north east direction from Lincoln, but I believe that some of...
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    For many years I have promised myself a Scottish deerhound, but other dogs have got in the way! However, I am now seriously thinking about purchase, but can I find details of a breeder from Scotland who I saw at the East of England Show many years ago and whose stamp of dog really caught my eye...
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    Burghley trot up -LOU freezemark?

    Was anyone else at the Burghley trot up today and notice one of the horses had a freeze mark with what looked like a loss of use brand under it? I can't remember the name of the horse and the list is in the car and it's pouring with rain! I'm sure it couldn't be and I must be mistaken, but...
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    Amersham horses case and "pets"

    With regard to the favourite topic of Mr J Gray, can anyone explain the following to me? I admit I haven't seen any of the newspaper reports on the case and as far as I can see, the hearings haven't (yet) been reported on Lawtel, if indeed they are going to be, so I haven't seen the actual...
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    Saddle theft Lincolnshire/Market Rasen

    Nice start to the morning to find various items of tack nicked from my garage. I feel sure it was targeted as we have had a couple of people come to the house with clipboards or parcels and the like asking for addresses which always makes me suspicious. I am in Lincolnshire, near Market Rasen...
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    Liquid rubber matting

    Does anyone have any experience of liquid rubber matting as opposed to stable mats? Thought it might save all the hauling about that seems to be the downside to mats. Thanks.
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    Horsy -and non horsy -magazines

    Hello. I don't often post any messages, but I do like reading everyone else's! However, I need some help and wonder if anyone has any ideas. We are looking to move house and are having a long overdue clearout. I have a huge amount of horsy magazines -Horse, Your Horse, Horse and Rider - going...