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    FBHS list - a select bunch

    Pammy Hutton shouted at me once.
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - A Trip To The Races

    Really interesting reading this. There is definitely a book in you. Keep going please⭐
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    I’m not sure what to think….

    Watched this a couple of times and I stand to be corrected, but I don't think that is Mark todd. The leg length and actual bidy shape does not resemble him at all. Mark Todd is very tall and almost slender in body shape. Also very tall.
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    Adverts for loan horses needing work

    Have seen so many adverts on FB and frankly it makes me cringe. I think alot of it stems back to the original lockdown. People wh probably had never had the time or money to buy their own horses suddenly found themselves with lots of free time and extra dosh so thought they would fulfill their...
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    As it looks like he's staying

    Definitely my cup of tea👌
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    Not good news on my return to riding

    So sorry to read this. Hope you can get yourself sorted xx
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    Dressage saddle and thigh rolls

    Probably a bit of a numpty question but I have bought a 2nd hand dressage saddle for my part loan horse. It fits both of us well but in canter I am slipping about alot. He has a big canter. I normally ride in a VSD which has thigh rolls and although I still slip, not quite so much. I would...
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    Heartbroken. My friend just died 🥲

    So very sorry xx
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    Dressage saddle help please

    Pretty certain it is the S model high wither. Haven't seen one 2nd hand for less thab 750 quid. Have looked on Ebay, Sheepham saddles, Saddle Direct etc. A brand new one has a 20 week wait even if I could afford it.
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    Dressage saddle help please

    I part share an amazing horse but between us we have a combined age of 84 so naturally both of us are a tad creaky but still enjoying life. We both enjoy schooling the best. In his younger days he must have been amazing but his canter work in particular is huge. I borrowed a Kent and Masters...
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    He's finally mine..!!!! 💙😁💙😁

    Lovely news. How about Eltons Rocket xx
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    Shoulder Injuries

    Oh dear. Shoulder injuries are so painful but for best advice please listen to your Consultant. Over 30 years ago I popped the cromio clavicular joint in my left shoulder after a nasty fall. I rested it for 6 weeks but then carried on as usual. Manny falls later and 30 years of horse...
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    Tell me about your Quarter horses

    I have had a pure QH who was a complete star - unless you took him hunting or a fun ride. When he came to me he was ridden jn a3 ring dutch gag, gracle noseband, standing and running martingale. I took the whole lot off and started from scratch. I normally hacked o In a snaffle but upgraded to...
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    Best supplement for arthritis

    Extremely interesting. Think I will give Equimins a go too.
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    Blenheim Horse Trials

    Went today. Good day out and bumped into people I haven't seen since COVID. Tradestands decimated in number but still managed to spend too much. XC country course does indeed look challenging to say the least.
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    Pic of my new share horse and a lovely session!

    Oldies are fab. You will have so much fun with him and he looks lovely.
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    Can definitely 2nd Corse Lawn.
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    For those with b*ggered ankles...

    Firstly don't try and be too gung ho about the situation and not listen to what the doctor tels you I shattered my right ankle and it is held in place by an impressive amount of pins and screws. The best money I spent was by seeing an excellent private physio. Where I live you can't...
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    Time after horses AGAIN

    It's a difficult one. Just over a year ago I had a horrible accident with my horse. I was in Hospital with a badly smashed ankle and my horse was pts. Another horse at my age (65) on DIY was just not doable. I have been fortunate enough to find a lovely horse which I part loan 3 times a...
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    Relocating to Worcester

    I live in Evesham area. Evesham or Pershore is an easy commute 20 minutes or so bit livery yards vary enormously. Any of the villages dotted around Bredon Hill would give you access to lovely hacking plus easy access to Allen's Hill for competitions. Broadway a few miles from Evesham would...
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    Riding after a broken ankle!

    Really depends on so many factots I'm afraid. Your age, general fitness and true necessity to get back in the saddle. I broke my ankle 12 months ago when my horse came down on top of me whilst leading him to his field. My ankle is held together with titanium plate and screws. I was 65 when...
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    I lost my Spud.

    So very sorry xx
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    Progress report from a brand new sharer

    Well done👍
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    New yard new horse

    Sorry but I don't get the letting the horse settle in for a few days stuff. If you go to a show, or travel to aesson you would expect your horse to get on with it. OK they will be a bit lit up but the horse will look to you for confidence. Unfortunately in your case I think you need your...
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    Sorry, Another Saddle Question for Arab and other challenging-shaped horse people

    I owned a very difficult to fit Arab/quarter horse who due to Cushings lost allot of muscle. Mat from Heritage saddlery was terrific. Came out and tried a few demos, measured up a template and I had a made to measure saddle. Beautiful saddle that fitted both of us perfectly. Cost less than...
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    I can’t quite believe what just happened

    Lovely to read this xx
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    Robert Oliver

    He was the judge at a little RC show and I was a very proud but not very knowledgeable owner. He pulled me up as he said my horse was not level behind. He was right. I was mortified.