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    Horse market has simply gone nuts.

    And DD on the whole is realistic as to prices.
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    Cutting down on numbers is SO HARD

    I'm another much better at buying than selling. Daughter and I were down to 3 eighteen months ago after losing my driving pony. But the Dales mare was pregnant, replacing the driving pony resulted in 2 Shetlands rather than 1 then a roan connie mare came up as a bargain locally so bought her...
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    Horse on trial!

    I hope he suits you, handsome boy.
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    Horses that like to lick metal

    One of mine is a licker, favourites are the metal strip on the door, arms and waterproof jackets, he has access to salt. Is it a texture thing, enjoying the sensation? All my boy's choices and the others mentioned, cars and cows' noses are all smooth.
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    Vet tomorrow

    You've probably checked all the obvious but we had similar symptoms with our old connie a couple of years ago and it turned out to be his saddle. He felt like you were riding with the hand brake on, no bucking, stopping, happy to be ridden, happy to canter but pulled himself up after a few...
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    Horse being picked on in the field

    If they get to know each other better over a fence, reintroduction may prove possible too. My old connie has poor social skills with other geldings, either gets badly bullied or given half a chance is a horrid bully himself but he does settle eventually though usually after a period of...
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    Horse being picked on in the field

    Would it be feasible to separate with electric fencing so the original horse has company but not able to bully?
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    Happy gentle falling off stories please!

    Out hacking somewhere I shouldn't have been. By weaving through the trees you came to a gap in the hedge and a wonderful open grassy field which was almost always deserted. I could feel Milly getting more and more fizzy through the trees, and as we went into the field she gave a massive buck and...
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    My Bear cub-quite a sad post

    It is sad to watch them struggle. I had my poodle pts when he was just shy of 13 when he went completely blind. I know many dogs cope well but poor Louis was just a shadow of his former self, lost all his self confidence and if he lost touch with me at any time, panicked. I did always suspect he...
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    What to add to diet of a horse on ryegrass?

    My natives are all on Agrobs Weisencobs. They all love it, even the very fussy old connie and look very well on it. It's not always easy to source, seems expensive but a bag lasts ages.
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    2 sides to every story

    They sound like the customers from Hell. Their ponies, their welfare standards their right to have whoever they choose riding them.
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    Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend Plans

    Dales Southern show on Sunday. Very much looking forward to it, we've had the mare almost 3 years but have been thwarted at every attempt to go showing. Covid, broken collar bone, no decent saddle, pregnancy of both horse and rider, foal too young (1 bleddy week for the dales show), so fingers...
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    Hacking to arena hire/shows - how far?

    Daughter used to hack at least 4 miles and back to our nearest XC venue, hard to tell as much of it off road. I'd be surprised if it takes you 2 hours, a human walk is around 4 mph, a horse is quicker than that surely.
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    best and lovely names

    Our Dales mare is called Bunny. Apparently it's because she was born at Easter which is good because she is about as bunnyish as a saltwater crocodile :D She's rather lovely though, just not sweet.
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    A long day but worthwhile in the end!

    Well done, he's a big lad :)
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    PTS or Carry on?

    Agree with comments above, your vet sounds excellent.
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    Am I too old to start riding (44)

    Go for it. If possible, could you book private lessons on weekdays until your confidence increases?
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    Who wants Shetland photos…?

    She's lovely. The obvious job would be breaking her to drive but that's a further time commitment for you. Or a sharer, though you may not want other people or children on your yard. I've just bought a book on teaching your horse tricks, haven't tried it yet, but of my two Shetlands, one has...
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    Opinions on a 3yo

    It also seems perfectly o.k. to critique other people's houses for sale.
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    Opinions on a 3yo

    I would agree if the pictures/videos were private but both the current discussions are about animals with adverts posted on public selling sites.
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    Opinions on a 3yo

    Yes I saw that, even more likely she's a driven trotter, which is not necessarily a bad thing but indicates a less than honest seller.
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    Buying horses unseen

    Well I've seen worse! You certainly shouldn't buy without seeing her, and without a vetting. She's not moving well but if she is, as has been suggested an ex driven trotter, then she may just be struggling with incorrect schooling and different muscle development, the bridle in the still doesn't...
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    Opinions on a 3yo

    Agree with this.
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    Run free Flicka

    My thoughts are with you, it's an awful decision to have to make. Flicka is a beautiful name.
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    Opinions on horse please :)

    I'd be interested to know if the buck into every canter transition is habit or indicates a problem. Being of a naturally suspicious disposition I don't understand why "he didn't make the height" is the reason for sale, he's already an over height connie, and was bought at 4 so almost fully...
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    Buying horses unseen

    We bought our Dales mare unseen and glad we did as would probably have walked away if we'd tried her. But a rare breed native mare is always going to be worth something unless there is something very, very wrong. She was stuffy, obese, school sour, bolshy and hormonal. She is now much loved and...
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    I never knew!

    Never seen one. I was teasing my daughter the other day that she needs a pad behind the saddle so her baby can go pillion so maybe I'll be the first HHOer to report. :p
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    Drama on the roads.

    What a good pony but depressing that it sounded like mainly local drivers being so ill mannered and agricultural types too who really should know better how to drive around animals.
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    Introducing Zach

    Lovely. Whilst you may not have a "type", you've certainly got an eye for a good looking horse :)
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    Fluid sack in front of udder?

    One of my Shetlands did this a couple of months ago, mine's definitely not in foal. It was hard to tell what was going on under all the fluff but as it didn't bother her i just kept an eye on it. It seems to have gone down again now.