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    Facing another vet bill !!!

    I am interested in opinions on my current situation. My mare came in with wound to her leg last week which is needing ongoing vet treatment and box rest. At the time I was more interested in making sure she was ok and correct treatment was received. Now looking back the story I was told by the...
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    Livery yard dilemma For those with kids

    That's kind of what I thought just needed my thoughts confirmed. Thank you
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    Livery yard dilemma For those with kids

    Ok so I am currently looking for a new yard for myself and my 12 yr old daughter. I have seen 2 cracking yards that offer everything we need / want. One is medium sized has a few more luxury facilities and a wee bit more expensive. The other is very small, only 5 horses , great turnout, great...
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    Thinking of giving up horses.

    Looking for some opinions. We currently have 3 horses on DIY livery. My WB and my daughters 2 ponies. We have had a particularly bad year this year with 2 of them requiring very expensive surgery and being on prolonged box rest. At the same time we have lost our business and nearly lost our...
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    Sending your horse for surgery, is it worth it?

    I am genuinely surprised that so many people are against surgical intervention. My daughters pony had colic in April he is 16, never had colic before and has Cushings. Putting him through surgery was a no brainer for me. He was found to have 2 impactions and a strangulating lymphoma. He had 8...
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    Colic surgery - would you? And Insurance

    Our 16yr old pony had surgery in April , He is currently very well and I don't regret it for one minute. He has other health issues but I felt we had to give him the chance. He had huge surgery with 2 impaction and a strangulating lymphoma. He is now currently enjoying a gentler but still active...
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    Rosette stealers !!!!!

    MargotC I think you hit the nail on the head. My daughter doesn't expect to win and Isn't a bad loser She justs expects. to compete on a level playing field. We only show for fun and only occaisionally but always seem to come awy with a bad taste in our mouths. Perhaps she should stick to...
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    Having a horse on loan

    My daughters pony is on loan, it works brilliantly for us . We have used the BHS loan agreement which is very helpful .
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    Rosette stealers !!!!!

    Totally agree Moomin I feel these shows should be for the ordinary owners to to enjoy / experience showing and it doesn't happen. As you say it's the lies that are told.
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    Rosette stealers !!!!!

    It is soul destroying my friends little girl spent ages getting her pony ready ( typical normal first ridden) looked immaculate, pony behaved great and was placed last behind lots of long legged pigtailed serious showers. With naughty poncy types it drives me mad
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    Rosette stealers !!!!!

    Having slight rage tonight. I went to watch a local showing show today and was completely gobsmacked at the number of serious showing folk who were competing. for example there was a novice ridden class ( walk/trot only ) which was won by a child that then asked to leave the ring proceeded to...
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    Pony Club Pony Showing Class

    It was during its show when asked to canter, the wee pretty one was very nice and well behaved.
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    Pony Club Pony Showing Class

    . We are just back from a local showing show where there was a pony club pony class. I would like to know what type of pony would win this, I presumed it would be an kind of safe , steady all rounder that didn't really fit in to the traditional showing classes. The winner of this class today was...
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    Should I stay or should I go ????

    I have spoken to the Y/O and they keep promising , we currently don't have any summer fields only a couple of very overgrazed winter turnout paddocks. If it was just the ground I could cope but I can't see any sign of new paddocks being fenced etc .
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    Should I stay or should I go ????

    Sorry another livery yard thread, I moved 3 months ago to a lovely small yard and it's been great. Really nice facilities, nice people very little bitching. Unfortunately the turn out is awful very boggy, clay type soil. , my mare has lost shoes, been injured etc but nothing major. When I moved...
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    Separation anxiety , getting worse help

    I have recently moved yards, my normally laid back mare was great for the first few weeks but over the past couple of weeks she has become more & more stressy when my daughters pony leaves her. Tonight daughter was out competing and I got a phone call to say my horse was circling her stable at...
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    Breast plate or neck strap ?

    Thanks for your replies , neck strap it is x
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    Breast plate or neck strap ?

    Big ginger giraffe had a bit of a moment today so thought I had better get my self something to hang on to rather than forcefully removing her mane . My instructor suggested a breast plate would this be better than a neck strap and could anyone recommend one please . ?
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    What calmer?

    I just bought too spec calmer but my mate refused to eat her feed when it was in it.
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    Oh No I'm the yard moaner !!!!!

    Thankyou so much for your replies , I am going to speak to the yard owner tommorow . I was beginning to think my thinking was wrong. I have a big gangly WB who would be guaranteed to be injured .
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    Oh No I'm the yard moaner !!!!!

    Thanks L&M , I am the only one who has a problem with it so I am glad someone agrees with me
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    Why do people always know better than the vet?

    I had a Y/O that used to laugh at us when we wanted to call the vet. She would give everything bute no matter what was wrong. I used to call the vet then tell her afterwards ��
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    Oh No I'm the yard moaner !!!!!

    I moved to a new yard a couple of weeks ago and it's been great. Small, brand new , indoor school, nice people etc. Yard owner us nice , very obliging but can be a but naive. When we visited we were told horses would go out in 2 fields of 4/5 horses for daily turnout until summer fields were...
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    This Fair Weather Rider update

    Move to a yard with an indoor school , tick ��
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    Dealing with separation issues

    Thanks guys , I will start taking them for short walks and returning . My girl is a bit unsettled so hopefully will settle in a couple of weeks. On a plus side I love my new yard
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    Dealing with separation issues

    Just looking for wee but advice, I moved my 2 horses yesterday to a new yard. Great new place , very little mud and a lovely indoor school. I have a mare & a gelding and they are very bonded but were ok when ridden separately . My daughter tried to ride her normal Saint of a pony and my big girl...
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    Cold hands & painful fingers

    Sorry bit of a wimpy question , but I'm really struggling with the cold in my fingers. I wear gloves all the time. Can anyone recommend a really good hand cream my hands are covered in hacks and skin is constantly sore.
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    Whits end with winter!!!

    I want to join as well. Fed up with the dark, mud, weather and my complete lack of motivation. I'm moving yards this weekend to a yard with lots of concrete, internal barns and an indoor school. After putting up with the basic yard for 3 years I'm looking forward to a but of luxury
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    What happened to Dabbs centre

    A few people at my yard have been to shows since it reopened and they have said it was really good. The competitions have been really well supported .
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    so when it is ever safe to turn out with laminitis ?!

    My wee laminitic prone cushings pony is turned out everyday wether permitting . If it's frosty he goes out with hay ( he is very greedy & doesn't lift his head till it is finished ) . It's a difficult balance between keeping them well & good quality of life. It's my belief horses need reasonable...