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    Horse market has simply gone nuts.

    Now - I have no problem with nicely produced horse making good money, but recently we seem to be bordering on ridiculous. Today I saw an advert for a warmblood. Has been in and out of work for 2 years. Not a novice ride. Kissing spine op, hocks injected, tendon strain and only 6 years old but...
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    I am the first to admit to not being a passport expert. A friend is interested in purchasing a horse and although able to identify all the other types in the warmblood breeding this one has me stumpted. Any ideas? Is it for when they don't have a type like Hann / Old / SF.
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    Has anyone successfully disputed an insurance companies decision?

    Firstly I have to clarify that this isn't a rant on my insurance company. They have actually been pretty good over the past year and have paid out on time (mostly). However, we now have a slightly sticky situation and just wanted to see if anyone had dealt with something similar. Horse had...
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    Selling advice.

    I usually sell youngstock unbroken and generally avoid all the day trippers and frankly dangerous people who greatly overestimate their ability. However, wishfully thinking that this little homebred would make the height I kept her and had her professionally broken. Sadly she just didn't...
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    Supplement to help mare in season.

    After years of having non hormonal mares I finally have one that just seems to really struggle with her seasons. She is a hormonal moody mess. Does anyone have any recommendations for a supplement to just take the edge off?
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    Sons of Sezuan standing in Uk.

    Despite having a good service on European stallions last year and shipments arriving on time the added t constraints, the expense of the courier papers and the desire to support British breeders is making me rethink. So does anyone know of any Sezuan sons standing in the Uk this year? Personal...
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    Recommendation for dressage instructors that cover Northumberland/ Scottish Borders.

    As title really. Does anyone have any recommendations. Even better if they have their own school with lights as I work full time.
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    Arena ideas.

    With the increasingly wet winters here i am struggling to school in the winter months without having an arena. We don’t have the finances at the moment to put in a ‘proper’ outdoor but would possibly be able in a few years time subject to planning. Has anyone managed to put something straight...
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    How long between buying and collecting pony?

    Without going into too much detail. Friend advertised a pony a month ago. Lots and lots of interest and first viewers left a deposit and said they would arrange transport. That was now three weeks ago and despite my friend chasing and offering names of local companies no transport seems to have...
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    Loaning/ sharing - what happens when the horse is injured.

    Some of you may remember my post a few months ago ago asking about how you work your loan agreements. I have a competent novice girl who was riding one of my horses. No fee but as much riding as wanted. However she lacked commitment and would often not turn up and certainly wouldn’t come in...
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    Recommendations for a pony producer.

    Ideally not a million miles from southern Scotland. After dealing with tons of time wasters and dreamers for my 4 year old 14.1hh. I think I’ve decided to send her away over the winter to be ‘produced’ and sold from a professionals yard. I just don’t have the time to deal with the 100’s of...
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    Backed vs broken.

    For the first time in years I am looking to sell a pony of Ridable age ( usually sell youngstock). I’ve come to the realisation that a) I am not superwoman and unable to ride 3 and work full time. B) she’s never really going to big enough. So is there a market for a 14.1 4 year mare? Beautiful...
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    Breasts the size of footballs!

    There must be others out there that compete and are overly well endowed like me? How do you cope? I have 36H breasts on a size 12 body and despite trying many sports bras they still seem to move. Recently tried a super high impact from M &S and had to get off as it allowed so much movement I...
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    CAIR panels.

    I have a wintec endurance that was fitted to my mare originally and she has gone very nicely for years in it. Suddenly started to objecting under saddle and did all the basic checks. Saddler said saddle was fine but on gut instinct I swapped saddle. Bad behaviour stopped immediately and has...
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    How often are pregnancies missed?

    Also in breeding forum. Mare took first time last year with Fresh and had a lovely healthy but enormous colt in June. First insemination in July with chilled. Vet could see something on the scan but wasn’t sure so came back a few days later and decided not pregnant but she had a large Cl. We...
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    How often do vets miss a pregnancy?

    As title really. Mare took first time last year with Fresh and had a lovely healthy but enormous colt in June. First insemination in July with chilled. Vet could see something on the scan but wasn’t sure so came back a few days later and decided not pregnant but she had a large Cl. We pg’d and...
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    Recommend some riding gloves!

    After wearing a hole through my gloves yet again I am thinking there must be something better out there. I have small hands so have always used the ‘magic gloves’ as they fit but they are no good for the increase in schooling I am doing now and they are ripping my fingers to shreds. Any...
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    Can someone educate me? Ballaghmor class

    Please can anyone tell me what ballaghmor class was wearing across his nose in the showjumping? What’s it’s purpose? Just idol nosey-ness!
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    Scoot boots vs epics

    I have used easyboot epics for the past 8 years and had no issues. Covered 100’s miles both for pleasure and competitively but I am noticing that it’s a bit difficult to get certain sizes and replacement parts at the moment. So I am wondering about trying scoots instead as they seem more readily...
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    Loaning queries.

    I have a nice gelding who I decided to loan/ share earlier in the year due to working full time. I found a quiet rider looking for a new horse after her last horse didn’t work out. However she is not so knowledgeable on some of the basics and I now find that I am struggling to find time to ride...
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    Talk to me about TENS machines.

    We have regular physio Visits but I’ve noticed as we’ve upped the workload recently my mares gets a little sore along her back so wondered if a Tens machines could help stimulate the muscle between visits. They look similar to the machine our physio uses as well. But there are so many...
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    Saddle suggestions for a wobbly trotter.

    After a motivational kick up the bum I have two out of three horses back in work but really struggling to find a saddle suitable for the third. I suspect he is a standardbred ( no breeding) and he is quite narrow to sit on with no neck so it feels like you are sitting on a cliff at times! Add...
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    What’s your greatest horse achievement?

    Having seen a lot of discussion about the #shiteeventer group etc it got me thinking that we are very good at putting ourselves and our horses down so for a bit of lighthearted fun- What’s your greatest equine related achievement??
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    Semen from Europe.

    I have been considering for the past couple of years to try and put my mare to one of helgstrands stallions - Suarez. However last year covid put pay to that as we weren’t sure on the shipments getting through and our vets were emergency only for with Brexit I wonder if it’s feasible with the...
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    Are caged stirrups BD legal?

    I have been through the BD rule book but I cannot seem to find a definitive answer so hoping someone on here might have a bit more knowledge. I ride in ones similar to below and get on very well with them but are these legal for BD dressage? Rainbow and magnetic stirrups are a no but other...
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    Did anyone else watch the online dressage stallion presentations?

    I thought this was an interesting idea and seeing as all the stallion shows were cancelled this year I was keen to watch. I felt it was a mixed bag. Some very underwhelming, others nice but I felt some of the stud fees being asked of young unproven horses was very high. Also a bit sad to see...
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    Talk to me about sharers.

    As we hopefully see some light at the End of the Covid tunnel I have been thinking about looking for a loaner /sharer for my two boys (when it’s safe to do so). I have three horses capable of being ridden but between work and farm commitments I have only really had my mare in constant work. So...
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    Tekna saddle - changing the gullet

    This might sound sound ridiculous but I have just bought a second hand Tekna dressage saddle to try on a ever changing young horse. It was advertised as a changeable gullet but there are no screws heads underneath so I can’t see how you to change the gullet? Or wondering if it isn’t actually a...
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    Filming for online dressage

    With this horrendous wet weather making our fields a slippery bog I am thinking about dipping our toe into some online dressage. However, I am usually on my own with no help (even more so with covid restrictions) so how do people film their test? I tried setting up a go pro behind C but as...
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    Where to find a loan horse?

    A friend has had a terrible time recently and to top it off her daughters fantastic dressage pony looks like it suffered a career ending injury. Money is very tight and the daughter is a very committed dressage rider who is competing at elementary so they are looking for a loan. It will have the...