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    Do you own an unusual breed?

    Having read Jobo's post in PG, about the lovely Badger the Fjord, I just wondered does anyone else on the forum own an unusual or rare breed?
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    British Breeding- Where is the largest market and customer base?

    For the breeders, and the buyers as well; what is the largest market in breeding at the moment in Britain? Natives, TBs, sport horses, cobs, etc? Which areas tend to have the most demand and turnover? Thanks [breeding numpty].
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    Horses; they come in pink now. Lol, young children will be thrilled- Now they can have a real life my little pony.
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    Isn't it wonderful what life throws you sometimes?

    This past year hasn't been my most happiest but today something put a smile on my face. I had to take a taxi into town and the taxi driver asked me if I was into horses, just out of the blue. I said yes and how did he guess? He said I dressed like a horsey person. Lol Anyways, we got talking...
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    Horse performance in anyway related to a horse's character?

    Do you think that there is a connection between a horse's type of character and how successful they are in the performance inenviroment? For example; your most successful horses, (whether they are competition, hacks, etc), were they dominant types or submissive in the herd? Have you, in your...
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    Caldene Lorient Show Jacket.

    Does anyone have one and how does the sizing compare? (Does it come up small/large, etc) I have a short upper body but longer arms. Any suggestions for other makes welcome. Under one hundred pounds. Thank you!
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    LMFAO>>>>>>>> 17 Hands Derbyshire.

    Click on the advert at the side, for the 17hands horse from Derbyshire, and read the advert all the way to the bottom....... I am hoping that the last bit is a spelling mistake or they might attract the wrong sort of people
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    Hunting in the North West of England (Lancs/Cumbria/Cheshire/Mersey)

    I am new to this area, so bear with me if I sound like a complete buffoon when it comes to hunting (which I really am but I am trying). Does anyone have any knowledge of any hunts in the Lancashire/Cheshire/Cumbria/Merseyside/West Yorkshire areas? Any personal experience with them and could...
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    Etiquette for people viewing/showing a horse for purchase.

    It is quite clear that sellers and buyers often bang heads over what is correct, or suitable, when viewing or selling your horse. As we saw with the "phrases that you hate" thread, sellers and buyers can do nothing right by some and forever tripping themselves up and not realising it. So, here...
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    Running a Horse Trials Event- Acreage required.

    Going off your experiences of unaffiliated and BE eventing; how much acreage do you think is required to run a decent mid sized one day event- Minimum, in your personal opinion. Including all the auxiliary buildings (stables, tents, etc), as well as of course enough space for the dressage and...
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    Olympic Dressage Third Session Thread.

    Just to make sure we are all ready and eager to go. Who are we all waiting to watch? Plus, with the Australians dominating the dressage they are going to have a fantastic leg up on the rest come the second phase.
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    Web sites that list a wide variety of shows?

    Can you recommend a website that lists shows over the country, from all the disciplines, and that doesn't charge nearly £50 in subscription fees! Any shows, from local to BE. Thank you. MHB.
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    Eventing: *,**,***,****

    Star rated one, two and three day events- Can you tell me the levels the stars dictates? I know that obviously one star is not as difficult as four star, but how would you categorize them?
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    I understand that you've got much bigger worries at the moment, but your PM's are full.
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    Your buttocks..

    Whilst jumping, do you keep your posterior quite low to the saddle, or do you raise yours quite high? I have noted that I raise mine only the minimal amount, and really only fold from the hips up, but many others stand completely out of the saddle. How far out of the saddle do you raise your...
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    What height are you and what size of horse do you ride?

    As is it says on the tin What height are you and what size/build/height is the main horse you ride?
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    Olympic Equestrian Teams.

    Firstly, when do the teams get announced, if they haven't already? Also, if they haven't announced the teams yet, who do you think will be in the teams?
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    Liveries: No winter turn out.

    If you have your horse at livery, that does not offer winter turnout, what do you do in the winter time? Toys in the stable, hand grazing, rent your own field, etc?
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    My apologies, if this has been posted elsewhere, but I was just wondering how the new equestrian centre is going along? Did you decide what type of liveries you will be taking on?
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    High quality online tack shops.

    Do you know any online tack shops that specialise in high quality goods? I am tired of sifting through a great deal of crap on other web sites. Thank you.
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    Does your yard allow children/Min age requirements?

    Do any of your yards require liveries to be of a certain age or not allow liveries children on the yard, etc?
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    Riding in the winter.

    Do you carry on as in the summer or do you change your routines? As I work full time and start early, I have no choice but to ride once I get home-Summer or Winter.
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    New Zealand Rugs

    Does anyone still use them and if so, where do you buy them from?
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    Reprimanding- Discussion

    As per the "MizElzs" thread. What are your views on reprimanding a horse? For instance, if you read the OP- What would you have done in that situation? What do you perceive as suitable and what takes it too far?
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    Main riding activity.

    What would you say makes up the most of your riding? Hacking, schooling or perhaps something else?
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    Dog Cone Collars

    Does anyone know a place, where I could buy a dog cone collar to stop my Labrador biting his wound? Cheers.
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    I have noticed, when people have written down what they feed, that many use various amounts of supplements. I am just wondering; Do you use a supplement for a specific reason (Such as one to help their hoofs, one for their coat and another one for digestive system, etc ) or do you use just one...
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    I am becoming soured.....

    .... searching for a new horse. I am just finding that nothing is really interesting me. I am almost to the stage that I feeling soured to the whole process. Anyone else been through the same?
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    I must of missed a post but did you get anymore news about your old horse, Fal?