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    Yard corral

    I am planning on making a small corral which will mean I can open my stable door and horse can have option of standing outside or in. The penned area will be small _ approx the size of a larger stable and as the yard is on concrete I would like to use mats in the corral. I am thinking grass...
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    Equiami riding aid

    Equiami riding aid for sale. Only used a handful of times. £30; please pm for more info.
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    Nail bind/prick

    My horse went to bed sound on Fri evening, on Sat morning was very lame. She had been shod a week previously and sound. She was abcess lame, so I poulticed and kept her in for the weekend. Nothing came out onto poultice, the hoof was warm, but not hot, and altho still lame not the abcess sort of...
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    Andrew Ford

    Hi, does any one have a contact no for Andrew Ford (eventing/dressage trainer based in Kent)? If so , would it be poss to pm me with it? Thanks
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    Andrew Ford

    Hi, does any one have a contact no for Andrew Ford, eventing/dressage trainer based in Kent? If possible, could you please pm me his number? Thanks
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    Handbrake stuck on DAF lorry

    Has anyone had a problem with a handbrake being stuck on a DAF, or know of the possible causes? Thanks.
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    Greyhound and diarrhoea!

    I have a 9 yr old greyhound. For the past year or so he has suffered from diarrhoea on a regular basis, he is fine for about 2 or 3 months and then he will suffer from awful diarrhoea for about a week. The vets first of all gave antibiotics, altho his stool samples have always been clear, and...
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    Clacket Lane Services M25 - Tyre inflating

    Does anyone know if the service station at Clackets Lane (on M25) has tyre inflating machines big enough to inflate tyres on a horse box? Am meant to be going sj'ing tomorrow but need to put some air in one of the lorry tyres and most petrol stations don't have powerful enough tyre inflating...
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    Uneven sandschool

    I have a school which has sand mixed with plastic granules (it is about 4 years old). It was riding very firm as the sand had become very compact so we were advised to get a harrow with bigger spikes to loosen up the surface more. This worked very well, but in one section of the school we have...
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    Live worms in poo!!

    I wormed my horse and her companion pony at weekend and was alarmed to see a few live red worms in the horses droppings and a few dead white worms in pony's. I wormed them with equimax. I had a worm count done on the horse in the spring which came back at zero, so she was only wormed once in...
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    Our Nurstead PN Report

    Well done! I was also there today, bit of a poo dressage and 2 down sj, but had an amazing xc and still on a high, one of those rounds where you seem to meet every fence on a good stride and we both agreed on where to take off!! It was a lovely course for bold, onward riding and weren't we...
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    twesledown BE

    Photos are up on photosynergy for thurs and fri events at twesledown!!