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    To sell or not to sell

    I have put one of my horses for sale as I don't have enough time to ride him and it is a lot of work (and money) in winter having 3. The thing is that now that I have someone interested, I am having second thoughts. He is a lovely sweet horse and fantastic with my kids, I have had him since 3...
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    Is this dried ragwort?

    I have just found these yellow flowers in a newly opened bale of hay, some of the stems are purple and some are green. Is it ragwort?
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    Big bale haylage

    I have just switched from hay to round big bale haylage, it smells wonderful and is lovely dust free forage but I am struggling a bit to get it from the bale. Is there any trick to it? Do you remove the wrapper completely? Also, is there any way to move the bale without a tractor? They seem...
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    Training/schooling a gaited horse

    I have started schooling my 6 years old who has been a happy hacker from 4 to 6. The plan is to get him do a small course of jumps but he really needs some schooling before that, to be working on the bit and become more obedient (instead of just waving his head when I ask him to slow down or...
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    Video Training/demo videos

    Here is a thread to share training videos, any disciplines, either lessons or demo or even a funny video from pros. I'll start with this one that I really enjoyed watching: Petplan rider challenge "In this new Petplan Equine film, top riders Charlie Hutton and Lucinda Green swap disciplines...
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    Scar dressing, what to use?

    My horse has an old very deep scar on his leg and it tends to reopen when the weather is hot and dry. The skin dries out and pulls apart. Vet isn't concerned, she has said to use oil over it to keep the skin soft. I have tried vaseline and lately an aluminum spray which isn't too bad as it stays...
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    What to make out of old horse rugs?

    I have some old horse outdoor rugs that are not waterproof anymore (not suitable for a charity IMO as they wouldn't hold reproofing and are too heavy to be used as stable rugs) and I am wondering if there is something I could make out of them. Perhaps an outdoor/camping mattress or some sort of...
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    Dressage Exercises for the canter depart

    Hello all, I am looking for ideas of exercises for the canter depart for my just turned 4 years old. He is an ex racing trotter and so far we have been going full blast trot and asking for canter in a turn with my RI but I am looking for less death-of-wallesk ways of working on his canter...
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    Rugging issue, is YO overugging my horse? advice needed

    Horse is on part livery, slightly underweight thoroughbred type, uncllipped and out of work for winter (I can't ride at the moment). I have put her in part livery as I can't be there to do the day to day care but I am wondering if the YO is overugging her a bit. She was in her stable with her...
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    Soft comfy and durable headcollar?

    I am after recommendations for a good quality comfortable headcollar for a sensitive thin-skinned horse, preferably without buckle around the nosepiece. What do you use and what do you like? I bought the Horseware fieldsafe last year and not impressed with quality at all, it broke after 1...
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    correction/shimmy pads, advice needed please

    correction/shimmy pads, do you use one? what is your experience with them? My mare has been very sore and slightly lame behind just after her saddle was adjusted by the fitter (gullet was widened). She is having a rest and saddle has been adjusted again : more flocking has been added towards...
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    Dressage jacket for unaff.

    Hello all, What is acceptable in terms of jackets for unaffiliated dressage? BD rules say a dark coloured/conservative jacket, it is OK if it has a zipper instead of buttons? does it have to be a riding jacket? My transport had been cancelled but have been able to find someone else to...
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    Looking for a yard in Bucks/Middlesex

    Hello all, I could really use some help to find a yard in Bucks/Middlesex (am based in Hillingdon) that does grass or DIY livery and has spaces. I have contacted over 15 yards in the area (including going to 10 in person as I did not have the phone number) and they are all full :( I have...