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    Blooming Wellies!!!

    Another dunlop fan. Wear mine for approx 5 hours a day for yard work and walking dogs. This is the 3rd year for this pair.
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    My horse is killing the yard chickens

    Is there anything you could 'spray' around the outside of your mares paddock that would make the chickens want to stay away? I know nothing about chickens, but if there is a substance they dislike could you lay a trail of it around her field , or a chicken scarecrow?? Hope you can find a solution x
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    East Sussex (and maybe Kent borders?)/ Tunbridge Wells commutable Livery

    Is Sevenoaks too far? Lovely yard on edge of Knole Park (1000 acre National Trust) so great hacking. All year turnout with good grazing.
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    How to fix *awful* forelock

    If you have a tail rake, use that to comb thro the underneath hairs of his forelock, that will thin it out and help it look less bowl-like. Then you can snip vertically upward - but you need to thin it out first x
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    Scrambling in trailer

    As others have said, removing the partition should solve the problem.
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    Farriers pricing

    I pay £120 for pads in all 4 shoes and road pins. I have never been charged to gave a shoe put back on - whether or not I have the lost shoe. I have her shod every 4 weeks.
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    What would you do? (Rehab)

    From what you are saying he sounds like he would be unhappy/dangerous to rehab. In your shoes I would be looking to completely turn him away (and I mean out 24/7, not coming in over night) and re-asess I 6 -12 months.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I can remember seeing a clip on the BBC years ago when a I was a child, where a hunt had been filmed and one of the hunt members was holding a fox by the tail and he threw it into the pack of hounds, whilst the rest of the hunt clapped. I still see that as a turning point in my life, when I...
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    Are people riding?

    You see, I think going to the supermarket is far more risky!! My horse is not at livery, so I meet no-one there. I am not taking any unnecessary risks, and I am doing no fast work. I could also fall and injure myself when I go trail running, and cyclists could also fall off their bikes.
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    Are people riding?

    And surely this is seen as your allowed daily exercise slot any way?
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    Are people riding?

    I am very rural and I am riding. After a 12.5 hour shift in A&E, I allow myself this small luxury. I am careful and am only going out for 30/40 mins, and I'll admit I am often crying as I ride due to the state of some of the patients I have cared for at work, but until the government advise us...
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    Livery yard options pls!

    As you say your current yard is very cheap, could you look at getting a freelance groom to help out once or twice a week over winter to give you a bit of a break?
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    Anyone else lost their motivation in this continual rain

    I work nights, so can ride in the mornings. Having a dry and clean(ish) horse - she is stabled overnight - makes the task much easier. I dont like the rain but unless it is lashing down I will ride in it.
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    Why should horses be on the roads?

    I dont see the question as being rude/angry. Many of my work colleagues just assumed I rode around the fields and were horrified that I rode on the roads and felt it highly dangerous that a horse would be so close to cars etc. I think many people are just completely ignorant and genuinely...
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    Eazigrazer/haybar with haynet tied in?

    i use a large haynet with my haybar and have the tie ring just below the edge of the hay bar.
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    Yard corral

    I am planning on making a small corral which will mean I can open my stable door and horse can have option of standing outside or in. The penned area will be small _ approx the size of a larger stable and as the yard is on concrete I would like to use mats in the corral. I am thinking grass...
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    would you mind sharing pictures of your jumping position with me?

    It is so much easier with a horse who you know is going to jump! I was so lucky that my horse would jump anything - she was too enthusiastic and would take a stride out if she could - all I had to do was slip my reins and aim to stay in balance and allow her to get on and do her job! If you feel...
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    Very difficult youngster

    How old was the foal when he was weaned? Do you mean he was weaned and then stabled 24/7 with no turnout or company? Could he be turned away with others so he can be taught manners from his own kin - he sounds awkward, but this sounds like a man-made problem.
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    Help me make an excuse!

    I would blame my OH, and say " Im so sorry, and a bit embarrassed, but my OH has said he doesnt want to lend the trailer out".
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    Two horses one problem

    Could you try a calmer to take the edge of his anxiety?
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    Anybody swapped from BE to BS and lived to regret it?

    I swopped to BS from BE. I was running my only horse at BE100 and 'easy' Novices. The cost was crippling , me as I felt to justify spending so much money to affiliate I needed to run at 10 - 12 competitions a year and then I needed more lessons, my horse needed pads as she felt the ground etc...
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    Exit strategy?

    I would think getting a freelance groom in would work out cheaper than moving to retirement livery.
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    Who is smarter/more trainable, your horse or your dog?

    My two dogs are of doubtful parentage, but both have terrier traits - so bloody minded and untrainable. Horse is a TB and has always wanted to do the right thing and gets upset when she feels she has not done what I wanted. In fact quite similar to my dogs, who also get upset when I dont do...
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    Sceptics look away now...Anne Dee (communicator) & Summer update

    I had a session with Ann Dee as a jokey birthday present from a friend, as I am a total sceptic about those things!. I deliberately told Ann half truths, really to catch her out - but what she told me about my horse, tiny little details that I had given her no info or leads about, was amazing...
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    A&E or not?

    I'd ice it and take some anti inflammatories and reassess it in the morning. I'm about to start a 12.5 hr night shift in A&E - last night we had a 7 hr wait to see a Dr...............
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    Last days and keepsakes?

    I went through this about a month ago with my old pony. The worst bit was the week inbetween booking it and the actual deed being performed. I kept everything exactly the same. I had a bucket of feed with lots of sugar and polos in it, which I was holding up for him, and he was eating when he...
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    Fear getting worse not better after an accident ....

    If its your own set up could you electric fence the field up and split the horses into more manageable groups? Or chuck some hay over the fence line to keep others occupied whilst you catch up the one you want?
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    Equiami riding aid

    Equiami riding aid for sale. Only used a handful of times. £30; please pm for more info.
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    Best places to buy danilon online

    My elderly pony has been on a daily dose of danillon for the past 5 years. I get it from Viovet; their prices have just increased to £61 for a box of 60.
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    I just wish there was a way

    Could you leave him out the nights before you ride and then stable him the nights you are not due to ride the following day? Alternatively could he come in during the day, but go out at night?