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    What Saddle for a tb?

    have you tried a Thorowgood high wither?
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    Comparing/analysing jump seats

    Some people throw themselves forward, this puts a lot of weight on the horse's shoulders and is counter productive particularly at take off. You don't really need to fold forward for a small jump and you should remain above the center of gravity so slightly folding at the knee and elbow so you...
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    Foal name inspiration needed!

    Mirabelle Mikado Majestée/majesty
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    Riding holiday in France

    The equirando in is in the bay de Somme this year, there will be access to areas that are not normally accessible to the public so you could try contacting them to see if they know of riding schools in the area that could take you : I am hoping...
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    Foal name inspiration needed!

    we will need pictures to help with ideas ;)
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    Foal name inspiration needed!

    Milady Marmalade Macarena Mimi (means cutie in French) Miou-miou (French actress)
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    Is there a way to 'manage' rubber mats to minimise them getting icky underneath?

    Do they still pee in if there is no litter at all, just the mats?
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    Ex-racers breathing

    is it what is called "roaring"?
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    Backing 3/4yr olds

    she's a real gem ;)
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    Using your core?

    I have the opposite and my pelvis tips forward whenever I ride in a GP saddle, it doesn't happen in a dressage saddle. I think it is due to the stirrups bar being too forward and my lower legs move back in a GP saddle but not completely sure. Would it make sense?
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    Using your core?

    I think a yoga/exercise ball can help, you can seat on it and go forward/backward and try to remain balanced. Then do the same while lifting your legs, etc...
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    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    Not thoroughbred but when I helped out for breeding in hand, the stallion was put near the mare and if she kicked out/ didn't seem to accept the breeding they would each be put back in their stables and it would be tried again the next day. If the mare doesn't accept the stallion it's usually...
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    French proposals re. horse welfare at 2024 Olympics

    I thought the BTV thing was a bit harsh, but then I thought those people are at the Oympics, is it really too harsh to ask them to have the horse on the bit or nose forward? Is it really beyond their capabilities? or is it just a tool they use to get the horse more submissive or whatever they...
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    To sell or not to sell

    it's not that I don't want to ride him, it's just that with a full time job, 2 young kids and not the best of health, I don't have the time or energy to ride 3 horses. He doesn't need to be ridden though, that's why I am hesitating selling him.
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    To sell or not to sell

    To be honest, I would feel a bit resentful to have to pay for his retirement when someone else enjoyed his best years. I do hack him out from time to time as he is the best of my lot for hacking out (the 5 years old is very sharp and difficult and the 2 years old isn't ridden yet). I have...
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    To sell or not to sell

    I have put one of my horses for sale as I don't have enough time to ride him and it is a lot of work (and money) in winter having 3. The thing is that now that I have someone interested, I am having second thoughts. He is a lovely sweet horse and fantastic with my kids, I have had him since 3...
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    Shock Absorbing half pads

    I have now ordered the pad, let's have a go :) Everyone who uses the Invictus is still happy about it?
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    Yard drama

    Your friend doesn't seem to be able to afford a horse. I would offer to pay back the vet fees and sell the horse. Otherwise, yes, you need to move somewhere easier for you.
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    Shock Absorbing half pads

    No worries, it's not your fault, but yes indeed they have more info on their website :
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    The fattest pony I've ever seen

    I meant quality in that she has a good conformation for being ridden, good sloping shoulder, short canon bones, good girth etc... The shortish mane could have been cut for riding as it's not practical to have a long mane when kids are riding. Temperament is also really important for a kids pony.
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    The fattest pony I've ever seen

    It's a quality pony despite the weight. They need to put her in a grazing muzzle asap or a grasseless paddock with soaked hay. I have seen ponies that fat in a field in the UK, they were cobs.
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    Shock Absorbing half pads

    Interesting, but why don't they compare it to sheepskin or wool felt? Also, what is "protection value"? I would prefer to see the real parameter they measured.
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    Did I see a pine marten?

    Interesting. I saw a stone marten hacking out a year or 2 ago, the way they move is really singular. My neighbor saw a muskrat last week.
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    What a difference a day makes

    wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Advice on a ‘Sharer’

    Interesting, I though for a share you went with the price of livery plus shoeing if needed. So if sharing 3 days, half the price of the livery plus half of shoeing. So if it's a grass livery at about 150 per month, I'd expect about 80 but if it's a full livery at 500 per month then it comes up...
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    Buying horse prices vs selling horse prices

    I hear you, I have put my 7 years old for sale for 3.5K and didn't get one single enquiry, I am not in the UK but he is a lovely genuine horse so I am a bit baffled.
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    Backing a 16 year old? Would you?

    Yes, but I would want to have a sit on him and a little ride before I'd give any money, perhaps after 2-3 working sessions. He would need to have a calm and easy disposition as at that age I'd consider him for hacking out primarily.
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    Different play styles

    Some horses can't be turned out with other horses. It happens. I would not risk your youngster or any other horse. It's not fair on them. I would add that not all youngsters or horses are playful, some just like an easy quiet life.
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    Horsehage ryegrass

    They have the info on their website: It's simply haylage, Horsehage is the brand.
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    Tell me about Wintec saddles

    I tried the western for a western lesson on a quarter horse and really wasn't impressed. The seat felt massive and the saddle was very unstable from side to side. It might work for you and your horse but I would try first if possible. I had previously ridden in a barrel racing Circle Y and it...