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  1. Archangel

    RIP Willow (the sweetest hen)

    It wasn't entirely unexpected but I am bawling my eyes out all the same She really was the sweetest girl possible. She was ex-caged hen who arrived all tatty with legs so weak she couldn't even hop into the coop but she quickly adapted to her new life. Here she is a week or so ago with her...
  2. Archangel

    Feral cat advice wanted

    I am borrowing a trap to get some feral kittens spayed/neutered next week. The mum has a new litter but comes every day for food. She eats alongside her first kittens as they now live in my stables. If she comes for food and finds her first litter have disappeared, she won’t know they have...
  3. Archangel

    Abscess in foot photos

    Not that exciting but possibly interesting to see the damage for those new to abscesses. It was a difficult one to find, farrier came out so many times as she was on/off lame and in the end I think she stood in the sunshine snoozing and that was enough direct heat for it burst out. It...
  4. Archangel

    Attempted dog snatch - Winterfold

    From Dorking Horsey People FB page - a man tried to lure a dog into the back of his car on Winterfold yesterday. Luckily the owner was close and could scare him off. Small white van with back windows blacked out man in his 50s with grey hair.
  5. Archangel

    RIP Matilde

    Yesterday was a tough day, I had to have my lovely rescue cat put down. She had only been with us 18 months, she arrived as a thin, scruffy stray and for about a year she really bloomed - but in the end old age caught up with her and she went suddenly downhill, I rushed her to the vet but there...
  6. Archangel

    Pet sitter recommendations needed - Peaslake area

    Does anyone have any pet sitter recommendations - Peaslake, Abinger area - horses (living out so just field checks/feeding), cat, chickens. Thanks in advance :cool:
  7. Archangel

    Pond fish - should I start feeding them?

    My pond fish have woken up early due to the mild weather, in fact they have been drifting about near the top for a while. This morning they were all lining up for breakfast and much more active than they have been. As we seem to be in for a week or two of milder weather can I start feeding...
  8. Archangel

    Dulwich Riding School - tracing a horse

    Did anyone ride there and know a mare called Bonnie. Arab x Welsh, about 14 hands, chestnut. She would be late 20s now if she is still around. It is a long shot but may be someone knew her. Thanks in advance. :)
  9. Archangel


    Snow here on the Downs nr Dorking :) Not enough to prevent me getting to work :o the cat is outside playing in it :cool: dog has gone back upstairs to bed :D
  10. Archangel

    Dealers in Essex - a question

    I am wording this carefully to avoid mentioning names but hopefully people in the know will twig what I am on about ;) Cobs in Essex (did you see what I did there?) Has anyone bought from him - pm me if you like if it is dreadful! Horse is cheap and a youngster so friend is not expecting much...
  11. Archangel

    What prices to rugs make at sales?

    I am thinking of selling my rugs and 'stuff' at the next Ashford Market but have no idea if they make sensible money - has anyone done this? I haven't got time (or much inclination) to ebay them or sell them privately and it is probably a flawed idea because I will probably sell the rugs and...
  12. Archangel

    Don't try this at home folks

    :D Oh my goodness me
  13. Archangel

    Headshaking questions - vetting etc

    Help! A friend is possibly buying a lovely horse that ticks all the boxes but... he wears a nose net to be ridden. Apparently he is not a headshaker he just doesn't like flies up his nose. When he is first sat on that he has a few dips and snatches but once underway he is relatively...
  14. Archangel

    Daft question about microchipping

    My horses are due to be chipped next week. 3 of them have heavy coats so should I clip a bit away before the vet arrives and if so where? One horse has never seen the clippers before (she has a very fine coat even in winter). If she has to have a patch clipped out then I will prepare her...
  15. Archangel

    Tripping horse saga continues... do I throw in the towel?

    I posted a while ago about my horse that is an occasional extreme tripper. He trips over nothing and can't seem to save himself. Yesterday we are trotting in a flat field and then suddenly he is going going gone, we both hit the deck and I am concussed (again) but he is OK. Vet and Farrier...
  16. Archangel

    Cats are crafty

    The little rascals! Meow, purrrrrrrrrrrrrr web page
  17. Archangel

    Horse knuckling over unexpectedly

    My horse (heavy cob) has occasional trips, back and front legs. They don’t happen often but when they do it is dramatic. It could be as a result of a lapse of concentration or falling over his feet but he is an educated horse and never donks along. He is schooled in the field but every other...
  18. Archangel

    Odd jumping problem - long sorry

    I'm hoping someone might be able to look at this and give me a different perspective. My 14 year old mare has had 7 years off due to an accident to me. In her previous life she had shown a naturally scopey/stylish jump but had not had much chance to get out and prove herself (I had her sire...
  19. Archangel

    Riding in Spain - Los Alamos?

    My OH has decided he wants to go on a riding short break after Christmas. He has been trawling websites and encountered one called Los Alamos. Has anybody been or have any recommendations? Thanks v v much in advance.
  20. Archangel

    Dogs and working full time

    Help please! How do all you full time workers cope with having a dog? Reason for asking is 4 giant paws have crossed my path looking for a home. I would take him like a shot but work in an office full time. Leaving him home all day is not an option so he would come to work with me and use...
  21. Archangel

    Rambo and Rhino - what is the difference?

    I want to buy a Rhino Wug mediumweight but absolutely hate the chestnut tartan colour - the Rambo Wug is blue which is much better. Apart from the price (gasp) what is the difference? It is for a very old horse that lives out - he is currently in a Rhino (a nice green one!) but needs a new...
  22. Archangel

    Wheal Buller or Gilfach anyone?

    A friend and I are thinking of going for an intensive instructional holiday. Both are experienced riders with own horses so want some good instruction (our horses are staying at home also having a holiday). The two places we have seen are Wheal Buller and Gilfach so I wondered if anyone had...