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    Vitamin E Deficiency in Horses

    Thank you lynz88, I'll certainly bear that in mind.
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    Vitamin E Deficiency in Horses

    Vet came and took bloods this morning. Fingers very tightly crossed that he's showing a deficiency and we can get him right. Not counting any chickens yet though!
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    Vitamin E Deficiency in Horses

    Does anyone have experience of this? What were the symptoms? I've just been advised (by a chiropractor) to have my horse blood tested to check for vit E deficiency before commencing treatment. Contacted Vet, and awaiting his response.
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    AMIGO HERO 900D. PLUS. 100g. 6'6". FOR SALE.

    Amigo Hero 900D. Plus. 100g. Size 6'6". Colour Dark Brown. Comes with detachable hood, and 200g liner included. Brand new with tags. Still in bag. Not even tried on. £100. Collection from Radstock, Somerset, or will post at buyers expense.
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    Pet Dremmel for Dog's claws.

    Thanks Scats - useful to know - they're not that expensive, but I still don't want to invest if the dog gets upset!
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    Pet Dremmel for Dog's claws.

    Does anyone use one of these? Our boy is a bit twitchy with the clippers, and having black claws, I'm worried I'll cut too high. So I was wondering about one of these dremmel things. Been on Amazon and there's dozens, but I don't have a clue which ones are best. Are they ok for the average...
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    Horses that like to lick metal

    We use sweet iron bits a lot in western riding. Good for salivation, and keeping the mouth moist. These bits gets quite rusty, but the horses appear to really like them. Perhaps there is some sort of chemical reaction with the saliva that makes them dribble? maybe they taste nice! Many years ago...
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    WARNING DISTRESSING VIDEO: Mare kills stallion

    What a bunch of effing idiots. But like MiJods said - at least the poor sod knew nothing about it.
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    RS near SE London/Kent

    I'm going back a very long time now - but there used to be a riding school at Chelsfield in Kent - any good to you?
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    views on prednisolone????

    Thanks for the reply. That's really good news. I'm worried sick seeing my boy staggering and losing his balance. Weird thing is, he doesn't seem to be in pain with it. Read somewhere that ataxia isn't actually painful, but will be distressing for the horse. He manages reasonably ok till he...
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    views on prednisolone????

    Hi Pistolpete, I know this is a very old thread, but my boy is just about to start on 100 prednisolone tabs per day, for something that sounds very similar to your horse's problem. Did he come good on them?
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    Barrier type ointment safe near eyes?

    Just been scrolling through some old messages - one thing that sprang to mind is camrosa ointment - that's very vaseliney in consistency.
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    Muck heap smell containment

    Did the planning approval notice state how you were to dispose of/store the poo?
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    Arthritis in horse - best supplement?

    As per title - any recommendations? Think the old fella is feeling the effects of the cold and damp - much like his owner.
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    Weeing on the lorry

    I always used shavings to soak it up. Then wash out with disinfectant. Having said that - my hubby was brilliant with my boy - he'd just take him for a little walk before loading, and he'd pee for him. Never worked for me though. Must be a man thing!
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    Signs of spring!!!

    I fear you could be right - it's happened before!
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    Signs of spring!!!

    I saw snowdrops, last week on the way to stables, under a tree in someones front garden! Aren't they a bit early?
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    What could be triggering asthma at this time of year?

    Another one whose horse was affected by temperature - if the wind shifted round to a northerly direction, I knew he was in trouble. Damp south westerly winds didn't make any significant difference to him - but cold dry northerlies - disaster!
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    A bit of a morbid one....

    When I had my old boy PTS 4 years ago, I asked the Vet beforehand, if a veterinary college may be interested in having his body. (there's one not very far from me.) His response was that they probably would be interested, but that he would have to be PTS at their premises. That was the deal...
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    How far do you travel to your yard?

    13 miles and 25 mins. (30 if I hit school traffic). This really is the furthest I'm prepared to go (what with the cost of fuel!!), but I'm prepared to compromise as I'd been looking for a track livery for ages, and was lucky to get this space. Only need to go once a day, and if I can't get there...
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    Tell me about your Quarter horses

    That'll be the Mendip Stud at Axbridge. Used to be run by John and Lou. They closed quite a while ago. Think it's a riding school and livery yard now. I competed there years back. Loved the place.
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    The art of deep littering

    What type of floor do you have? Coz I've found this doesn't work on rubber mats. Best deep litter I had was on a dirt (chalky) floor.
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    Badgers - Noises worrying pony ?

    Sorry but I had to giggle when I read this post - I was walking my dog one day - broad daylight, about early lunchtime. The footpath went through the middle of a field - bottom of field was a small brook, lots of trees etc - a really pretty spot. Quite out of the way, but as I say, I was on a...
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    Hay Mite? White crawly things in new hay bales

    This makes my skin crawl! Never seen anything like it - maybe a call to an agronomist? They might know. I'll ask my OH when he gets home - they do loads of baling at his place of work - perhaps someone there will know.
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    New car ideas

    I've got a Nissan x Trail, older model though - 07. Plenty of passenger room and a really good sized boot. I really like the car. Not sure how the newer models compare though. Think mine's about 12' long.
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    Hacking around Somerset

    I used to be at a yard in Holcombe a few years back. Didn't rate the hacking there - the lanes are busy and fast - very "rat run" like. Bridleways few and far between too.