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  1. moscow_mule

    Vets charges

    But we do pay for our own medical care via nhs contributions
  2. moscow_mule

    Katie Price Equestrian

    Am I seeing things or is the pony having a piss?
  3. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    Just back from the field, I was out the car less than 30 seconds and got bitten on the back of my leg. I HATE the feckers :mad::mad: Will be going up tomorrow looking as much like a zebra as I can( albeit a large, overweight ,middle-aged one o_O) I hate to say it but bring back winter lol
  4. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    So if I don't know whether outchy :eek:
  5. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    Antihistamine, cold compress( ice or frozen peas ) or all the above you have my sympathy and empathy ;)
  6. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    The bastards hunt by sight ... not smell, hence most ( all ) fly repellent do not work on these feckers
  7. moscow_mule

    Welcome home Pepsi ❤️

    I agree he needs more topline , he does not need any more weight... he looks perfect :):)
  8. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    If zebra stripe fly repellent rugs work.... why can we not have fly(cleg) repellent clothing? Just asking :confused:
  9. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    2 weeks.... I swear to god they live all summer :eek::eek:
  10. moscow_mule

    Clegs ( horse flies )

    I react to cleg bites, read itching, swelling and blistering around the bite site, despite taking antihistamines. Is there anything I can do to stop me being a cleg buffet and enjoy summer riding? :) Thanks :p
  11. moscow_mule

    Healing vibes needed

    So sorry to hear this, you have really tried every thing to help her. Be kind to yourself, It is the last kindness that we can give them xx
  12. moscow_mule

    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    Wow....those ears :D
  13. moscow_mule

    Worst thing the cat's done.

  14. moscow_mule

    Worst thing the cat's done.

    I only ask as I know that cats are obligate carnivores o_O:rolleyes:o_O
  15. moscow_mule

    Worst thing the cat's done.

    Is there a reason why he is vegetarian ?
  16. moscow_mule

    Thank goodness for insurance

    It wasn't your post that caused offence,,, Lev for some reason took it upon herself ( in her grief ) to take it out on you
  17. moscow_mule

    Opinions please

    Firstly thank you all for your replies :) she was seen by two surgeons this morning and given that there has been a huge improvement in her symptoms.... brighter, more active (she trotted with the vet on the way into the surgery, and pulled him back to us on the way out !!) The swelling of her...
  18. moscow_mule

    `orrible gsd poopy(and new big bro)

    Just bumping this to show that I'm not a clueless ,numpty dog owner :) These are puppy pics of the dog in question. Langfaulds Nicor (Yannic) did come to me and had a riot with his wee sis :p
  19. moscow_mule

    Opinions please

    Thanks for the replies. Sorry I probably wasn't clear in my post, not having surgery is not an option. She will be getting speyed, and I agree doing both procedures at the same time is sensible. I to was surprised when he said to bring her back Thurs or Fri as I always thought pyo was an...
  20. moscow_mule

    Opinions please

    Long story short. I took my dog to the vet yesterday , he examined her( we were not allowed into the surgery...thanks covid) and said that there are 3 things going on. She has mastitis, open pyometra and mammary tumours. The vet wants to spey her tomorrow and possibly do a mammary strip, he...
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    We only went and won o_O:):) What a game. Well played on both sides, glad to see Scotland playing like we know they should(and can):rolleyes:
  22. moscow_mule

    I shouldnt be allowed clippers!

    Sorry didn't mean to come across as rude :oops: She does rock the hairy ears look :)
  23. moscow_mule

    I shouldnt be allowed clippers!

    Why not finish her off with the clippers? Used to do hunter clips on thoroughbreds with full face and ears off{legs left on] :confused:
  24. moscow_mule

    Monty Roberts

    Went to my first Monty Roberts demo today :) What an amazing man(84 yo) So good to see a legend. Kelly Marks was fab, got books signed by both of them. Lovely people happy to chat even though snec was full to capacity. If like me you haven't been before I recommend that you do...he unfortunately...
  25. moscow_mule

    Funny posts of your horses.

    Hi, This is our lovely Gracie gurning for the camera, not her best look but was a split second picture. Post if you have something similar or even amusing ones.
  26. moscow_mule

    What sentence from a seller would stop you going to look at a horse.......

    Sorry, but meatloaf just jumped into my head :D
  27. moscow_mule

    Elizabeth Mclean

    Hi all, I don't post very often(more of a lurker). I don't know if anyone on here knowes of or has dogs bred at Lynwater kennel West Lothian. But it is with a sad heart to announce that Elizabeth passed away peacefully at home today at 12.30. A sad loss of an influential woman in the...
  28. moscow_mule

    what do you sing to your horse? happy post!!!

    Da bird is the word :) keeps her calm(or distracted my my awful singing), and reminds me to breathe. God help the poor souls that come across us out and about ;)
  29. moscow_mule

    Royal highland...Hopetoun International.

    Hi, I know we are in the minority up here. But I'm surprised that no one has mentioned or reported upon there I did say sun). I had a fab day a RHS , mooching around tack stalls...trying to convince myself that I or my horse needed something!! Hopetoun today...
  30. moscow_mule

    Recommended proven eventing instructors around Edinburgh?

    I'm another that would recommend Pauline.Very talented,trains and competes with the best. Not only can she teach,she is also out there bringing on her own two future stars...Go Frankie and Leo!!