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  1. Amymay

    Camping with the dogs

    We’re off camping in a week and taking the hounds. Apart from the obvious, food, leads, id tags, first aid kit - is there anything that you’ve found to be particularly useful to have?
  2. Amymay

    Encouraging Drinking

    Any tips on getting a dog to drink more water?
  3. Amymay

    Daisy - Advice Please

    We’re having a bit of a health scare with my Doo, and I could use some advice from those who’ve been through similar. For those that don’t know her, she’s an 8 year old fit ( healthy) Bichon. Took her to the vet today with a suspended urine infection. Her bladder is very swollen, and mucky...
  4. Amymay

    Quick question- urine sample

    Do I need to keep it in the fridge. Just collected, appt at 2.30 today
  5. Amymay

    Spaniel Health Condition

    Is there a condition that spaniels are prone to that can cause a stiffness through the loins and back legs?
  6. Amymay

    Radio 2 - Horses

    Horses and how to accommodate them at a roundabout being discussed as part of the new Highway Code regulations on JV from 12.00 today.
  7. Amymay

    Dog Vomiting

    Has anyone had an issue with feeding Royal Canin to their dogs. Jack has been sick two nights running and having started to feed this (ran out of other kibble) wondered if this could be the cause?
  8. Amymay

    Collie For Rehoming

    Four year old castrated male belonging to a client of mine looking for a new home. Should be an only dog, and looking for an active home without any children. Based in Ceredigion. Please pm me if anyone would like any further info on this lovely boy.
  9. Amymay

    Curious Eye (issue?)

    This is a pony I see almost daily (from a distance). Today she was quite close and her left eye looked odd. Took a picture and found a contact for the owner, so sent picture to them. Apparently the eye has been removed. Does it look ‘right’ though? I’ve only seen an eye removal whereby the...
  10. Amymay

    Kennel Cough

    How long does a dog with KC need to quarantine for??
  11. Amymay

    Upset Tummy

    Both ends, probably from the copious amount of horse ooo eaten yesterday 🤮 Is current thinking starve for 12 (24?) hours? Or feed something bland? Thanks all (don’t think it’s a vet job).
  12. Amymay

    Senior Dog?

    Daisy is now 7 (😱😱😱😱), and her food is for ages 1 to 7 years. Do people move their dogs on to a senior food once they reach 8? And if so, what are the benefits?
  13. Amymay


    Our new dog’s coat seems to have gone a bit dandruffy. Food hasn’t changed, with the exception of the addition of a drop of Yumove oil daily. He’s at the vets on Thursday for a dental check, so will run it by them. But any ideas?
  14. Amymay

    He’s Here

    Introducing Jack.
  15. Amymay

    Joint Suppliment

    So....... (Big) Jack will be coming to live with us shortly. Very overweigh, but on a diet and going in the right direction (has lost 1.3kg over the last month). He was at the vet today with a suspected hernia (whole other issue), but was also diagnosed with arthritis (he’s six in May 😢) I...
  16. Amymay

    Hi Viz

    I’m about to start riding regularly again (meep 😀), and need a high viz tabard/waist coat. What do folk recommend? Thanks x
  17. Amymay

    Dog Beds

    I bought one of these beds recently for Daisy, and it’s lovely. I need to order a second one, but as this one is from the US would like to try and find a similar UK sold one. Can anyone recommend something similar?
  18. Amymay

    Insurance Question

    We are shortly re-homing a clients dog (due to them moving in to sheltered accommodation). The dog is insured, which they’ll keep paying. So, question. Will the insurance company allow a change of owners name on the policy?
  19. Amymay

    Stomach X Ray

    Thought you lot might be interested in this. The Border Collie I walk swallowed a small dog tennis ball on the weekend, and had surgery to remove it today. Just shows how small the stomach, even on a medium sized dog, actually is. Remember, this is a mini tennis ball.
  20. Amymay

    Rescue Organisations- Sussex

    Can anyone recommend a good rescue in the Sussex (Brighton) area please? NOT one that specialises in overseas rescue. Cheers 🐕
  21. Amymay

    Dog Clippers

    Please can you guys recommend me some dog clippers. I’ve got some cheap ones that are really pretty useless. Spec is basically for two small dogs, one Bichon and one Shitsu. Both coats are kept in excellent condition, so it’s for trimming, not matting 😀
  22. Amymay


    After Daisy’s tooth removal yesterday I’ve been looking at dental kongs to help keep the rest of her teeth clean and healthy. Does anyone use them, are they any good?
  23. Amymay

    Removal of Teeth

    I think my little Doo is going to have to have some teeth out (well I know she is 😢). She was at the vet a few weeks ago because of a loose tooth on her bottom jaw, at the front. Vet said not to worry and it will probably just come out of its own accord. But looking tonight, she actually has...
  24. Amymay


    Friend has just been in touch regarding a recent incident with her dog. This is the situation. Dog is a border collie, nice dog, friendly. However it doesn’t appreciate being ‘hassled’ by other dogs. It will take it to a certain point, but will nip if the other dog is persistent. It’s very...
  25. Amymay

    Obese Dog

    There’s a strong possibility that we maybe rehoming a clients dog, due to their move to sheltered accommodation (their elderly). I walk the dog daily, and he also spends time with us in our home, so we know him very well, and are very fond of him. He and Daisy are absolutely the best of...
  26. Amymay

    Plaque Away

    Does anyone use this or similar for their dogs?
  27. Amymay

    Steroid Spray

    Has anyone managed to get hold of steroid spray? Friend is trying to get hold of some as her vets haven’t got any (realise it’s prescription only).
  28. Amymay


    Are they particularly prone to damaging themselves? Friend has one that seems to be continually in the wars with one thing or another 🤷🏻‍♀️
  29. Amymay


    Out of interest, does anyone have an idea of what an MRI would cost on a collie sized dog? Specially of the spine.
  30. Amymay


    Sorry in advance because I know this has been done to death. But. Insurance... Daisy is now six years old and her insurance is due for renewal in March. I’m expecting premiums to be around £35-40 this time. I’m debating now whether to just self insure, but I’m really torn about it. I know...