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  1. Amymay

    Hosepipe ban

    I want to know what your doing to make your horse keep swearing in his stable 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Amymay


    Oh Clodagh, what a terrible worry. Just out of interest, had anything changed environmentally? Our neighbours have Peacocks and Guineafowl. Jack has decided (after a year) that the noise they sometimes make is terrifying and shakes uncontrollably when they start up.
  3. Amymay

    COPD - don’t know what to do next

    For starters can you remove all bedding from his stable? Or even better 24/7 turnout?
  4. Amymay

    Hard ground and riding

    If I was still riding then the only thing that would change would be less (if any) fast work. Roads will always be hard, as will forestry tracks.
  5. Amymay

    Puzzled by hosepipe ban in Pembrokeshire

    My lawns are beautifully green, despite barely any rain for weeks. However the moisture content of the ground is practically zero. Our rivers are low as are reservoirs. We too in Ceredigion have had excellent yields of hay etc. But if reservoirs are running low, with no sign of significant...
  6. Amymay

    When your dogs can't be at your big day....

    Congratulations!!! Absolutely gorgeous photos xx
  7. Amymay

    Help needed on what my horse would be worth

    Who’s going to pay £1-2k for a horse to retire it? And on what basis would this horse be handed over to the WHW or the likes? That’s not how it works….
  8. Amymay

    Old horse needs training again. Possible ?

    Any horse that hasn’t been ridden for a couple of months or more is ‘unfit’. That doesn’t mean they’re not healthy. More importantly the longer a horse has been out of work the longer the fitness process takes (just like us). Obviously with a horse that’s 23 years old, and out of work for...
  9. Amymay

    Old horse needs training again. Possible ?

    How long has she been retired for?
  10. Amymay

    Old horse needs training again. Possible ?

    What was she like when she was previously ridden?
  11. Amymay

    Irresponsible Owners

    Oh, God. Isn’t it 😱🤣
  12. Amymay

    Hosepipe ban

    Do we? Or do the companies that are in charge of supplying water to our taps need to run things better? On an island surrounded by water and covered in the water, this should never be an issue.
  13. Amymay

    Hosepipe ban

    No hosepipe ban here in Wales (and luckily we have a stream that we use for the garden. ) But until the water companies actually fix the millions of tons of water leaking every year I’m afraid I’d be sticking two fingers up at them and using my water in any way I see fit.
  14. Amymay

    healing vibes for my boy

    Utterly devastating. I’m so sorry 💔
  15. Amymay

    Time and duration of exercise

    I’m sure that we’ve all done that 😉💕
  16. Amymay

    Time and duration of exercise

    Why not just look at the dog in front of you? You’re a sensible owner - just enjoy your dog…..
  17. Amymay

    Time and duration of exercise

    My small breed dogs are often out for three hours a day. Nothing you’ve said makes me think that 90 mins for a young, fit, healthy lab is too much.
  18. Amymay

    Irresponsible Owners

    They can be quite glamorous…… 🤣🤣
  19. Amymay

    Hobbies after giving up horses

    Learn an instrument, or generally a new hobby. I went a bit ‘gym’ nuts. Five days a week. Now I’ve given up work I walk miles every day with the dogs. Oh, and garden……
  20. Amymay

    Name ideas for chestnut filly?

    I agree. Or Non, which is a beautiful Welsh name.
  21. Amymay

    healing vibes for my boy

    Poor lad. Been thinking of you xx
  22. Amymay


    Are you sure it’s not bed bugs? Have you treated the furniture?
  23. Amymay

    Poorly dog

    Really sorry that it was not great news. I have everything crossed for a positive outcome xx
  24. Amymay

    healing vibes for my boy

    Sending a million x vibes. Have been thinking of you on this sad and difficult day xx
  25. Amymay

    Riding Everyday - Too much?

    Same here.
  26. Amymay

    Any ideas on unable to move foreleg?

    Bruise or abscess would be my guess.
  27. Amymay

    New puppy

    Delicious 💕💕
  28. Amymay

    How much time for poo picking?

    Having seen your update on work hours and chores, I agree.
  29. Amymay


    Titre testing is great - for the older dog
  30. Amymay

    How much time for poo picking?

    What are the daily tasks that she has to do? Is she the sole employee for the horses? So much of what can reasonably be achieved by one person is determined by how much they actually have to do in however many hours. You can get vacuums that are operated by one person.