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  1. jhoward

    Re occurring hoof abcesses.

    Pony, 14.2 tradition cob. 16yo. Been used as a low-level general pony. Has been fat at times, but action taken to get the weight off. Always sound until a couple of years ago when he had a hoof abccess in a front. 2 years later he has had an access in on front or another most of the time, he...
  2. jhoward

    Do you use, or have you heard of Husse feeds?

    Just doing a bit of a info gaining, they do cat /dog/horse food. Not a brand I've ever come across yet apparently its a big seller.
  3. jhoward

    Liveries taking the pee....

    I am miffed, now to make this slightly more difficult... I don't own a horse and I'm not on a livery yard However close friend is her horse is very lame I called the vet and I'm paying his bills. However due to the overall situation I am requested to be prescent at all visits as decisions...
  4. jhoward

    How much would you pay...

    For a horse of the below .. 15.2 15 year old mare No vices and not mareish. Never been schooled but showing promise and a willing to learn, will pop a jump but again green. Hacks alone and in company has hunted in her younger days, just come off a loan from a 13 year old girl ( lass wasn't...
  5. jhoward


    I'm trying to send you a pm but it won't allow me to on the mobile version ...are u able to pm me a hi, so I can reply... If anyone else could point her in the direction of this thread is offer wine and chocolate thankies!
  6. jhoward

    Hucksters free sat tickets friday ad?

    Is any one in the area able to check which issues have the tickets for the saturday? I'm not local to the area... Thanks *leaves cake selection*
  7. jhoward

    South west people (the traveller guy with the horse around devon

    Hi all john the traveller recently lost his old boy, artical below. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THE PAGE IN THE COMMENTS. 3000 has been raised for john, and i have been in...
  8. jhoward

    South west people (the traveller guy with the horse around devon

    Hi all john the traveller recently lost his old boy, artical below. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THE PAGE IN THE COMMENTS. 3000 has been raised for john, and i have been in...
  9. jhoward

    New horsie book find.

    just because you all love a horsie book this popped up on my fb page, I think aimed at kids more so .. but well it has a horse in so its anyone read!!#
  10. jhoward


    sorry if ive spelt your name wrong.... we are all over due an up date from your gang!!!
  11. jhoward

    link for olympia please

    apparently its on bbc sport but I cant find it... helppppppppppppp thankies mint choc chip pringles on offer (yes really)
  12. jhoward

    If your horse stood like this (lame)

    as in the picture ... if your horse would only put weight on the toe what would you be thinking? this came on from sound horse to cant walk/shaking horse in 3 hours. vet has seen said horse but was as much use as a chocolate tea pot. today horse is down, but still showing character...
  13. jhoward

    Whos going to win the national...

    Interesting bunch and with the course yet again altered I think it gives the lesser horses that stay out of trouble that bit more of a chance...
  14. jhoward


    Last year following an accident, my horse was on livery he was being a pain in the butt, so a friend (long term friend known around 15 years and lived on her farm once.) offered to take him for me, so he could live out in a herd, and she would get him backed for me. up until around September...
  15. jhoward

    insurance for horses on loan

    I have a potential loaner, she seems to think that you can get a type of cover for horses on loan??? as far as im aware its normal insurance you just inform them that the horse is on loan.. i stand to be correct however if anyone knows of any other type of insurance,.. it will be a full...
  16. jhoward

    Sell/Loan or hope...

    ive got a 4yr youngster.. due to an injury in july ive been out of action since, im awaiting a second op that today im informed will see me out of action again for up to 3 months. long term still dont know if i will ever get full use of my left hand back. ive posted about said horse before...
  17. jhoward

    Vets..letters after a name

    does any one know what they meen, or where id find out??? thankies
  18. jhoward

    Horse turning nasty.

    16.2 4 yr gelding, bought as a 3 year old,.. knew he could be a handful turn out wise.. groom was scared of him. but for a LONG time saw no signs of him being nasty, then he had an inury to a back leg.. understandably whilst it was being cleaned he was lashing out.. skip forward a bit, horse...
  19. jhoward

    travelling.. would you in a ...

    would you travel a pony in a livestock trailer (metal type)??? no breast bar but cross tied. pony is a 5 year old travelled a handful of times in a trailer and is perfect to load and travel on own and in company.
  20. jhoward

    Equine disection.

    Today I went to an equine disection.. it was held at a zoo, 1st POINT is these were dartmoor hill ponies that would of been shot any way, the one we saw was an older broodmare. after the dissection they are used to feed the zoo animals (held at dartmoor zoo) The demo was hugley...
  21. jhoward

    Further to the Gypsy program... would you ...

    work for a gypsy?? say a nice job came up on a site sorting there horses out.. or would you run for the hills.
  22. jhoward

    Talk to me about foal turn out (as in mixing them)

    I have a few foals in my care 1 is young and still on mum, 2 are around 9 months old 1 is proberly heading towards a year. i really want to get these guys turned out, but boss doesnt want them mixing. BUT Id like to know about general rules for mixing the colts/fillies. at young ages...
  23. jhoward

    18 inch saddle on a pony.

    my little mare is a broad sort, about 13.3/14hh the kid riding her is a bit chubby, the saddle i have is 18 inches, forward cut and seems to fit her well, for short times would it be ok for the pony to use it?? child is about 14 stone not tall but very chubby. and the saddle also...
  24. jhoward

    ummm what ever will people cross next... WHY WHY WHY.
  25. jhoward

    Quick "like"

    fab prize to be won, but we need to share/like 2000 times for the next hamper to be given.!/pages/Inter-Equine-Limited/122042397879511 and before some plonker thinks im advertising, dont bother, not my company, im not connected this is just a bit of fun!
  26. jhoward

    Breaking a tricky baby.

    my horse was 3 in june this year, he came to me with a few handling issues, he was a sod to turn out.. so they used a chain in mouth on a slip head, for example. the groom was scared of him.. im saying this to mention how bad he could be.. the previous owner delivered him to me, but he...
  27. jhoward

    Zorse gelding for sale.

    me wants!:D
  28. jhoward

    daihatsu fourtrak owners.. help!

    hi i have no owners manual and need to know what one of the .. erm i dont know the technical name but will go for bottle type things in the front of the engine is for as mine needs filling! have figured washer one out but this one has no marks on the cap! ive got a 1996 model if that...
  29. jhoward

    Hiring out own trailer..

    I presume i can do this with few legal issues like the lorries have, I would presume i would either need to have it insured for hired use, Or make sure anybody hiring had a policy. does anybody do this? obviousley would need a contract, and deposit. but am more intrested in the...
  30. jhoward

    Do I dont I...

    Awhile ago i posted about selling my horse box, and changing what i had as transport.. well i advertised said lorry lots of intrest, but have been offered a swap. diatsue (sp) four track, 1996 with private number plate, 12 months mot 1 years tax. 68k on clock, is higher end of models with...