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  1. BronsonNutter

    Reaction to vaccinations (in chest)

    My preference is to vaccinate in the chest, as although you get more horses form a bit of swelling they're very rarely overly sore with it. I think they swell more there as there's less muscle movement and gravity allows fluid to build up, unlike the neck or hind quarters which are constantly...
  2. BronsonNutter

    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    It's not against the code of conduct to refuse a PTS if the animal is not suffering... I've refused to put horses down before, on two occasions (totalling 9 ponies), when the owner has been in hysterics and under pressure to 'get rid' of all of their horses due to an unfortunate turn of life...
  3. BronsonNutter

    Retraining ex-racers thread

    What a lovely looking horse! I know of another exracer called Eagle (also chestnut) and he is a star, hopefully yours follows suit!
  4. BronsonNutter

    Interesting comment from vet re cost of living

    We had the discussion at work just a few weeks ago that it seems like more owners are PTSing horses who are not able to be ridden, rather than just retiring them. Can only assume cost must be coming in to it somewhere. I'm certainly not in any rush to go back up to two horses having lost Baby...
  5. BronsonNutter

    Neurectomy cost

    A palmar-digital neurectomy (to remove sensation to the feet)? Generally we charge between £1500-2000 + some for follow up bandaging for this, but it willl vary depending upon where in the country you are, size of horse etc.
  6. BronsonNutter

    Youngster riding crooked

    My young TB was crooked also, really hard to get her to bend to the left. I thought at first it was just me, as I am weaker down my left side, but I don't have this issue on any other horse I ride... Eventually she'd give and begin bending a bit, but it was a constant issue at the start of any...
  7. BronsonNutter

    Cost of euthanasia. (Sorry!)

    Is he good to syringe? If he’s a bit needle shy etc then it could be worth getting a tube of domosedan to make him a bit snoozy beforehand, so its less stressful all round for you (not nice if your last memories of him are him panicking about being injected)
  8. BronsonNutter

    Cost of euthanasia. (Sorry!)

    Is he good to syringe? If he’s a bit needle shy etc then it could be worth getting a tube of domosedan to make him a bit snoozy beforehand, so its less stressful all round for you (not nice if your last memories of him are him panicking about being injected)
  9. BronsonNutter

    Health cert

    An export health cert is not the same as a vetting/pre purchase exam - for exports all we check is that the horse doesn’t show signs of infectious disease, is the correct horse with the correct documentation and isn’t going to drop dead on the transporter. No trot ups, flexion tests, eye exam...
  10. BronsonNutter

    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    They definitely got into trouble about it previously (3-4 years ago) but I can’t remember the exact details. maybe they have subsequently tidied up their act. Either way, still illegal. I’m not agreeing with the massive drug company profits either, but at least it goes through the proper channels.
  11. BronsonNutter

    Omeprazole Injections Cost?

    Also illegal to import into the UK and have been in trouble lots of time with the american equivalent of our VMD, for their products not containing what they're supposed to contain... So please don't! Omeprazole injections are in the region of ~£180-200 per bottle at the moment, a standard...
  12. BronsonNutter

    Would you change vet / second opinion

    The problem is a wound on the actual point of the hock (i.e. not just elsewhere on the hock) is very different to a wound elsewhere/on the non-flexy bits of the limb - every time the horse takes a step it will flex it and keep reopening it. Unfortunately 3 year olds don't like to stand still...
  13. BronsonNutter

    How much realistically for a nice 3.5 tonne

    I have a trusty old Marlborough - it's not fancy and has needed bits and bobs sorting over the years but we paid £10k for it about 6 years ago and the horse area is solid. Mine doesn't have full height/stallion partitions, but I only transport experienced travellers in it, and it's high enough...
  14. BronsonNutter

    Do you insure your youngster?

    KBIS catastrophe cover would be a good one for if you have the funds for a weekend stitch up etc, but not for colic surgery, joint flushes etc. For a youngster however I'd probably just get a quote for full cover as it may not be much more than the catastophe cover (mine wasn't for the 5yr...
  15. BronsonNutter

    Horses that fail the vet

    I'm a vet and probably do ~50 pre purchase exams per year, I think it was about 80 in 2020... I've had several that people have still bought a horse that's failed the vetting (occasionally abysmally). The best reason yet for this was 'well I've driven all the way here with the box, so I might as...
  16. BronsonNutter

    Anyone else priced out?

    I’ve just lost my youngster and there’s no way currently I could afford to replace her, so I’m just going to have to try to save what she would have cost me each month, and then maybe in a year or so I might be able to have another…In the meantime I have a few offers of things to ride/break, so...
  17. BronsonNutter

    Advice on selling an ex racer

    If she is really stuck she could contact the BTRC up near Lancaster, as it may cost her more than he is sellable for in schooling livery if he is very green (although with the price of horses at the moment maybe not!) They’re also in a good position for if there are any physical issues.
  18. BronsonNutter

    First FEI 3-day survival tips?

    Flip flops for in the showers! They were grotty last time I went to houghton (but it was very wet that year). Also loads of shampoo, as the soil is where the stables are on was quite sandy and every morning our horse would be filthy 😂 also alllll the snacks, and best of luck!
  19. BronsonNutter

    Help and Advice for a TB up not an option.

    I personally wouldn't rush for a stronger bit - he may well have never been ridden in anything 'more' than a snaffle and so the response you may get to a bit of a check on something stronger could well not be the one you want! Both of my exracers are in lozenge type snaffles which they like...
  20. BronsonNutter

    Soft hands and race horse riding?

    Time and practice - and the individual horse! When I used to ride out all 'my' horses (the two year olds) used to be able to be ridden with soft hands, as they'd not learnt to grab and pull, but I think I'd have died on some of the older sprinters if I didn't have a strong hold on them. With the...
  21. BronsonNutter

    Showing tb class - blue or tweed jacket?

    Here's Wilbs turned out as a small riding horse type (tweed, coloured browband) for a county RoR class. We did also occasionally show as a hack type (navy jacket, coloured browband) as he is smaller/finer than a lot of TBs, but *most* of the other riders would be in tweed at county level. Enjoy...
  22. BronsonNutter

    How many horses did you view before buying one?

    Bronson was the first one we saw - I think as a 12 year old child I was just so thrilled that my parents had said yes to having a pony we'd have taken anything home! Did have him on loan for 7 months before buying though. Wilby was the 6th horse I went to see, 5th horse I got on. We only really...
  23. BronsonNutter

    Stupidest thing you've called the vet for?

    I've been asked (whilst at a yard already, thankfully I did not have to drive specially for this) to look at a 'lump underneath this mare'. It was a penis. I'm not sure what they thought was going on...
  24. BronsonNutter

    Ulcer prevention

    ^ All of this! Especially regarding the turnout - not all horses are happy to live out, so keep your horse in the routine she is happiest with. Corn oil added to the diet (50ml per meal) can be helpful too.
  25. BronsonNutter

    Heave lines but no respiratory problems

    Are you sure it's a heave line? I have seen some ventral oedema cases look quite similar in hairy ponies - give the underneath her belly a prod and see if it's squishy and indentable (like memory foam). Either way it's worth speaking to your vet about it again, fingers crossed.
  26. BronsonNutter

    Talented but challenging or less talented and easy?

    I'm still waiting for the 'easy' horse to find out which I prefer - something tells me I'd find it a bit dull though! A happy in the middle is nice, not too talented that it's wasted with me and my very amateur ambitions, with a brain and a bit of spark but not going to hospitalise me...
  27. BronsonNutter

    Full lameness workup

    If he's gone that lame (to the point of being toe touching) is it not worth seeing if your own vet or farrier will come out to check for an abscess tomorrow? As if there is an abscess then that will muddy the waters more for your full lameness work up, if not then at least you've ruled it...
  28. BronsonNutter

    Grass colic dilemma?

    If a freelance groom and his staying at home isn't an option, could you turn out in a grazing muzzle to reduce his grass intake whilst he is away?
  29. BronsonNutter

    Putting eyedrops in without needing three hands?

    I tuck my hand up the inside of the headcollar (left hand for if it's the right eye, and vice versa) which can then both sort of hold the head still and open the eyelids.
  30. BronsonNutter

    A little rant!

    My little TB would agree with Patches of Sunlight actually being Pits of Hell. He also hates all different coloured bits of floor, which used to make eventing tests more interesting if they'd mowed out the centre line; we'd be exceptionally straight up it, but then proceed to spook and leap...