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  1. jhoward

    Moving to north Devon question....

    Have a look at East devon I live in a place called Sheldon, between the m5 and a30 we are all forest and bridleways rarely is a horse seen on the roads.
  2. jhoward

    Too much work for a 20 year old horse?

    Ask to ride him in a morning, see if he feels any different?
  3. jhoward

    Too much work for a 20 year old horse?

    Realistically how many hours of work is he actually doing? That's possibly the question that needs asking It may seem out of the normal but 1.5 hours work isn't actually that much ( for example)
  4. jhoward

    Improving strength behind

    Some pole work sounds like it would help him raised one side so he has to work his weaker side a little harder. Easy enough to do in your field, doesn't need to be show jump poles just a h thing that is getting him using his muscles in a different way ( fencing posts/half cut lengths etc )...
  5. jhoward

    Run free Flicka

    Sorry to read this PF, Hugs to you and your son x
  6. jhoward

    Male Issues

    No no I think i took a go on insults for you...
  7. jhoward

    Male Issues

    It's a shame a lot of people would get a lot further if they did have my mind set and not take things so seriously.
  8. jhoward

    Male Issues

    Told by another forum member that has no right to be telling anyone what to do or where to post. Hence why they get ignored.
  9. jhoward

    Male Issues

    I've been banned/infracted for less so bring it on I say
  10. jhoward

    Male Issues

    Oh yes and a photo of yourself. Fully clothed....
  11. jhoward

    Arab - Russian/Crabbet/ideas

    Halsdon Arabians Winkleigh devon, I hear a lot are being sold off (ignore website ) but worth an email/call.
  12. jhoward

    Badminton horse trials tips

    Get there early (like 8am) and if you want to see the lake make that your first (there's a bar beside it) other wise your be looking over hundreds of heads all day, Be prepared for lots of walking!
  13. jhoward

    Feeding chaff

    Why feed a low sugar chaff then add xarrots and apples....both of which are high in sugars?
  14. jhoward

    Which event / show is worth visiting?

    The hickstead Derby...both days so the speed Derby. Normally there is evening fun in the out door school And then Derby day. There's so much going on in the main arena aswell as all the outside rings... If your travelling and staying local visit some local shops there is a paper the Friday ad...
  15. jhoward

    Donkeys in SW

    Have a Google of donkey studs devon etc?
  16. jhoward

    Why does he do this???

    I done that to a Welsh b years ago, got her straight on the nose she never bit again.
  17. jhoward

    Help naughty show pony

    Perhaps these are some of the issues chances are pony has been ridden in the same way for years and is just bored and that's turning into what you are seeing as naughty. Bit like trying to make a child sit and learn all the time.
  18. jhoward

    Help naughty show pony

    Sounds like a typical pony taking the daughter be a bit stronger in riding him forward? Also you mention showing and the behaviour going towards home, perhaps pony is bored perhaps what he needs is a blast around a set of jumps and a good gallop where the pressure is taken off of him...
  19. jhoward

    Company refusing to give a refund....advice please

    Here's the link to full page
  20. jhoward

    Company refusing to give a refund....advice please

    Actually yes you can... How does chargeback work? Chargeback is a transaction reversal made to dispute a card transaction and secure a refund for the purchase. Chargeback works by the bank withdrawing funds that were previously deposited into the recipient’s - usually a retailer - bank...
  21. jhoward

    Allergy Problems

    I had the same hence going for the skin biopsy,it goes a lot deeper ( a chunk of flesh is taken out ) I've still got the lab report Poor horse was allergic to pretty much everything grass dust most feed stuffs the lot He came from a dodgy dealer and had clearly been a good horse once I'd of...
  22. jhoward

    Allergy Problems

    I've had a horse with major Allergies (many rows with vets were had about mites lice sweetitch etc) turned out poor horse was allergic to pretty much everything. My advice...get the horse on a course of steroids this will help massively DONT use rugs etc as being to warm can make the itching...
  23. jhoward

    School hire near Honiton

    Just down the road There's also golden lane livery yard And golden farm livery yard that have schools. These 2 are Sheldon area.
  24. jhoward

    Replacing hay with chaff for older horse Have a Google of redigrass there are various brands out there
  25. jhoward

    Unresponsive to the leg and whip

    I'd be finding a field and going for a good canter with horses in front and a relaxed rein, just show him he can move freely again. Have you tried him loose in the school? Sounds like he's a horse shut down and hasn't enjoyed being ridden for a long time.
  26. jhoward

    Keeping a stallion as part of a herd?

    I've turned a stallion out with geldings they have urges, personally what I'd look for in the company inwas turning out with is that there was at least one that will put him in his place, ultimately he will be dominant but it just needs imo the one that will give him both back feet and tell him...
  27. jhoward

    Door kicker

    A bloke I worked for once had a colt that kicked bad...he ran some electric fence along the inside front of the stable. Cured the colt in one night.
  28. jhoward

    Long reining

    Op have you considered a driving saddle to use. It puts your reins in a totally different position, offering a different type of contact, you can then either walk beside a lot easier ( no reins round quarters) or walk behind. If you horse is very sensitive it could also be the reins on her...
  29. jhoward

    H&H awards

    The bar is still there...
  30. jhoward

    PTS a feral pony - best way?

    Excuse me but I was replying to some one else not the op. A public forum, where people have different opinions and are totally entitled to them. I am not ashamed of myself for my post. Just to be clear.