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    Irish auctions, Goresbridge, Cavan -any experience?

    I am gearing up to look for a new horse & wondering about attending the sales- does anybody have any experience or advice? I don’t know their status ATM, with COVID 19, but I was thinking of going along when they are up & running to get a sense of how they work, pitfalls, etc. Looking for a...
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    Riding instruction in Spain - Holiday Planning

    Hello all good people in the tack room - As H & H posters are a fount of knowledge, I thought I would start here for my holiday planning. I have arranged a holiday for late summer in Galicia (northern Spain) in the Lugo region. I have my accommodation, etc sorted, but I would have most...
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    Pain in all four feet

    This is more of a “what would you have done” situation. Horse suddenly lost performance, not forward particularly on right, would not pick up canter on right, dis-United on both leads. 5 day Bute trial showed no improvement. Had a nerve block assessment (3.5 hrs! ) Showed pain in all four feet...
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    Horsey things to do near Seville, Spain

    Hi, I headed to Spain in early October & wondered if any of you very knowledgeable & well-travelled people had any experience of horse-related day tripping from Seville. Are there notable studs that allow visits or dressage or PRE type training centres? Love the PRE, so would be interested in...
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    The Greenwich Tavern changed its name to Gold & saddles

    The Tavern, hard by the Park, apparently became the go to place for all equestrian competitors. So much so that they changed the name, including a spiffy painted sign & hanging shingle. I was there Thurs after dressage & it was heaving, especially with Orange clad Dutch.I suspect the name change...
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    Help, please! -assessing unlevelness

    Slight lameness has been lurking in my boy - to assess him myself I have walked & trotted briefly on lunge. I believe the problem may be in near hind fetlock. This is what I see- On left rein, in walk, you can see a slightly shortened stride on left hind. In trot, his stride looks very even...
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    Up-date on finding an ID - bought one in Jan & here's a video

    As title - I posted late last year about searching for an ID or ID cross. Got a youngster from Ireland - now just 4. He is RID, sire is Cork Arthur, dam-sire is All the Diamonds, a Grade A show-jumper. Here is first outing video. Would be interested in...
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    This is very sad - claiming races in US

    On this link: No real equivalent here, but a significant increase in horse mortality in claiming races once the big casino money got involved and purses increased. Words fail me...
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    The Voice -are quest for votes ( non - horsey)

    If you are following this, please consider voting for Ruth Brown. She has a truly amazing voice & has had to over-come many challenges. My daughter met her and became friends with her at a London girls day school where she was a scholarship student. The school did not support her aspirations. (...
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    Selling Older Horses -Anyone Else Bothered By This?

    I have noted these types of posts for some time, and boy, do they really bother me! I am sure I will be setting the cat among the pigeons here, but some people seem to collect horses without thinking through the consequences of when they get older, the rider's needs change, money is short, or...
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    They're at it again! - trotters racing on the A3

    Haven't seen this for awhile but our colourful "friends" were out racing young trotters on the A3 about 7 this morning (Sat!) One horse + sulky in slow lane & one in fast, closely followed by 2 horse trailers behind each to buffer from traffic - local colour, I suppose, but felt sorry for...
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    Late gelding -any experience of this?

    Looking at a7 YO only recently gelded. What are likely to Bethesda issues? My experience with a rig is that you could not keep him in a field. What other issues -or maybe there are none or only minor? Is it good or bad thing.
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    A 4YO - Suggestions please on working & then turning away

    I know the young horse is often backed and "turned away" ( somewhat definition-free phrase, methinks), but what about working a 4YO post backing for a period of time and then turning away? I have just got an RID, who I suspect may/should end up much bigger than he is at present. I am not...
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    War Horse - I liked It!

    Just saw it yesterday - I delayed due to mixed reviews & I thought it would be upsetting. I actually enjoyed it - taking it for what it is, mainstream, family film and sort of cliched, but what you would expect. I found Joey's escape from the Germans really thrilling and excellent cinema...
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    Finding a new horse - ID cross - suggestions?

    Am now in market for a new horse and having seen a few and done some on-line shopping, I have decided that what I want is an Irish draught cross - mainly for temperment and overall build/soundness. I know that they are still around although I think that more recently warmbloods are more popular...
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    Horse-hunting, Round 2 - stringhalt:(

    The search continues and I travelled many, many miles today to see a horse with stringhalt! Was it advertised as such? No. Was it mentioned in my several conversations with the seller? No. Mentioned very casually when brought out of box. Very evident on both legs, less evident but not...
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    Passport info

    I am going to look at a horse with a pet passport, supposedly as his Irish passport has been lost. Is it possible to get a replacement passport in this situation. I have been told that the breeder is known and the horse is micro-chipped. Is that enough information. He should have originally...
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    Help with signature, please!

    Hi, can anyone help with putting together a little photomontage of pictures for a signature. I am told there are generous HHFers that can do this. Much appreciated -PM me.
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    Testimonial to my insurance company

    I have been with them 10 years, various horses and they always paid up, maybe asking a few questions first. I recently had a catastrophic situation with my long-term pal, colic surgery, done twice, unsuccessful, so PTS after 4 days. This was 18 November. Dealing with the massive amount of...
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    So I am now doing this - its like dating, and not in a fun way! Is anyone else in this boat at the moment? Personal dislikes include advertisers very casual approach to actual size of horse, and also the obsession with timewasters! When I see that I think, "well, maybe I shouldn't contact...
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    Gut paralysis following colic surgery & a second surgery possible? Advice please

    Horse colicked Tuesday morning and by 1pm not responding to treatment so went to equine hospital where he was operated on. Found small intestine trapped in the epiploic foramen ( small opening in gut near liver), this was freed up, no necrosis and he was sewn up. 48 hours have passed and...
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    Vets - getting a second opinion

    I thought I would share this after reading a number of postings about difficulty getting a diagnosis or treatment of horses from vet, and going back again and again. Do not be afraid to be sceptical - if the vet's diagnosis does not ring true, then seek another opinion. I recently had my...
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    Infra-red scan, any experience with this?

    My horse is undergoing this on Monday. Has anyone had this done and have any knowledge about this. It has been recommended as he appears to have some soft tissue damage which means he is not working well behind - no sign of hock damage/weakness or other injury. Thanks for any info or support.
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    Feed to improve topline without getting fat!

    Any suggestions on this? I have been advised to improve topline of my horse but he is a good doer and puts weight on all over. We do LOTS of dressage so exercise for topline is in-hand. To keep his weight under control, he is fed low energy chaff/riding horse II mix, 2kg in all, 3 feeds a...
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    Working vs Show Hunter - suggestions please

    Hi, Sometimes compete my gelding in working hunter classes. Yesterday was told in a working hunter class that his conformation was very good for that, but I have been told otherwise. He has not got the fine legs of a show hunter - ID in him, probably - but he is not a cob either. Does...
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    Has Anyone Got Olympic Tickets ?

    Dear all, Despite applying for the maximum number of eventing cross-country and final tickets, I appear to have got nothing! Has anyone been successful - if so, did you get all you applied for, part of your application or an odd number? It would be useful to hear from anyone who was...
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    Dressage Boot Camp - any suggestions?

    Has anyone done anything like this, heard any reports? I am in desperate need of some very intensive training to get my position right as at present I am crouched over my horse's withers and cannot seem to get the hang of a deep seat. My current situation is such that between work and family...