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    Livery near Diss

    Any info on livery yards near Hopton, Hilderclay, Thelnetham? Planning of moving that way with one horse.
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    Saddles - how do you choose?

    I’m at a loss, please help! I currently have an Albion jumping saddle that came with my horse. It has been fitted and checked regularly and suits him well. BUT I am finding it increasingly unsuited to the way I ride. I mostly do hacking, endurance and pleasure rides, the longer the better...
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    Hacking routes Surrey Hills

    What a brilliant idea. Anyone know of other areas that do this?
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    A pointless self-potying whinge.......

    Please forgive me, I know much worse things have happened, but I'm just so disappointed with myself after an unscheduled dismount this morning has left me with a fractured ankle. So probably 6 weeks on crutches, won't be able to drive and I'll miss a 3day trail ride this weekend, a beach ride...
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    Metal detectors

    Ok, I'm a constant lurker, don't post very often, but have a dilemma I'd like forumites help with. I have a pleasure ride tomorrow, horse has lost a shoe in the paddock. I have someone who can put the shoe back on for me if I can find it. It's a fairly small paddock, but past experience tells...
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    Help please! 3.5t horsebox - 'build up vehicle report'

    A long term reader, but I rarely post. Would very much like some advice on dealing with DVLA. In June I bought a 3.5t Renault Master horsebox, registered in 2009 and custom coachbuilt as a horsebox last November. Apparently before that it was a butchers van. When we did the deal, I was...
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    Jonathan Agnew prepares for Rio
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    Clare Balding stole my childhood!

    Got My Animals and other Family for Xmas and realised Clare had the childhood I had dreamed of. If only........
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    John Major's Akhal Teke

    This was entertaining - well worth a listen. The story of Makset, gifted to Major by Turkmenistan, and how he was exported to the UK. It wad the first tale in the programme, so about 2-3 minutes in.
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    Greg Rutherford

    Can't leave him out. I'm old enough to remember Lyn Davis - great to see GB top at long jump again!
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    Anyone going to the Little Bradley Church ride Sunday (Suffolk)?

    Any other loners out there who would like some company?
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    Did you see

    Lee Pearson on Channel 4 tonight? Good luck in the Paralympics. Looking forward to another Gold.
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    Introducing myself

    After lurking here for years I felt the urge to post on a thread today so thought id better introduce myself. I consider myself a young at heart veteran. Rode a bit as a child then really caught the bug in my 40s. Now pushing 60 and ride 5 or 6 times a week. I'm definitely a happy hacker...
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    Save our forests

    Apologies if this has been posted here already. for those of you who ride (or walk or cycle) in our forests, take action now!