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  1. ruscara

    Help please with weird winter behaviour

    Thank you everyone. I'll print this off for my friend. I am not sure whether it's rug related or Winter related, tbh. We just wondered if anyone else's horse behaved like this. I'll find out if he's the same if he's not rugged but it's winter weather. :)
  2. ruscara

    Help please with weird winter behaviour

    A friend has a ten year old Cleveland Bay x Welsh Cob who is a kind, genuine but quite dominant horse. He is in a herd of six, who go out in the day in winter and in at night, and the reverse in summer. In summer, he's no problem to turn out or bring in, but as soon as he has to wear a rug -...
  3. ruscara

    Those of you bedding on straw . . .

    I put a layer of Aquamax under my straw. The bed is mucked out daily, poo and wet straw, and the Aquamax is dug out once at the weekend. I use about a quarter to a third of a bale per week, and there is less straw to move/dispose of each day as the wet is soaked up by the Aquamax. My horse is...
  4. ruscara

    what rugs are you putting on tomz 14 degrees?

    My horse is fully clipped and will wear what he's been wearing for the past few weeks, which is a lightweight rug with no filling and no neck. He's more than capable of keeping himself warm in these temperatures, and a medium weight rug would be far too hot. I really only rug him at all...
  5. ruscara

    Look what was in my garden! A peregrine falcon!

    It's beautiful and well captured. But it's a Sparrowhawk, not a Peregrine. Peregrines have dark eyes, not yellow ones. I made the same mistake myself earlier this year (proudly announcing the visit of a Peregrine Falcon) and was put right :) Gorgeous bird, all the same.
  6. ruscara

    Extreme girthiness - what could be wrong with him?

    My horse did the same - he stood perfectly to be mounted, rode fine, but objected to the girth. It turned out (despite my getting people in to check everything) that the saddle tree was broken and digging into his back. As I said, he was a saint to mount and ride, bless him, and for quite a...
  7. ruscara

    will the pain ever go away??

    Huge hugs, Trixie88 xx I do know what you are going through, because I have lost cats to cars outside my house (2) and one I'd had for eight years just never came home one day and I don't know what happened to him. :( And last Monday I had my beautiful cat that I'd had for 15 years pts...
  8. ruscara

    Erm - I wonder if you would be so kind ...

    Done! Good luck! :)
  9. ruscara

    A short survey about hay prices - please please complete

    Interesting views - and a big Thank You for the responses! :)
  10. ruscara

    A short survey about hay prices - please please complete

    Thanks everyone :) Rowreach: Changes made, thank you :) Spot the Risk: You are very lucky. I am paying £7.50 for a small bale and £60 for a large one!!! :mad:
  11. ruscara

    A short survey about hay prices - please please complete This is a very short survey for my daughter's uni work. Please if you can, take a little time to fill it in. It's about rising hay prices, so I guess is relevant to us all! :)
  12. ruscara


    The 'treats' you buy in small bags are identical to the Badminton Horse Feeds High Fibre Nuggets. I buy a large feed bag of this, and it's ridiculously cheaper than buying the same thing in the 'treat' bags. They sell special Christmas packages of these 'treats' for five pounds, when a large...
  13. ruscara

    Daughter doesnt want her horse anymore!

    Sell him now!!! I had a very similar situation with my daughter and her horse - fast forward twelve years and I am still looking after him, he's 26 years old and my daughter comes to the yard very occasionally when she feels like it. I do love the horse, but he was never for me - too sharp...
  14. ruscara

    Can you stop this behaviour or is there nothing to worry about?

    I absolutely agree with this! A sensible, informed reply :)
  15. ruscara

    Would Anyone Be Willing To Fill Out A Feed Related Questionairre????........

    I will do it if you need some more :)
  16. ruscara

    Introducing Mr Darcy

    He is gorgeous! I am looking forward to seeing your progress with him :)
  17. ruscara

    Amigo Mio medium turnout- any good?

    I have one - it's brilliant and is now in its third (or is it fourth) year - no tears, leaks or anything. I would really recommend them! :)
  18. ruscara

    Hay v Haylage fibre content?

    I was always taught that you give more haylage, because of the water content in it. Weight for weight, haylage will contain much less fibre than hay.
  19. ruscara

    Lovely Autumn Colours for Riding

    Gorgeous pictures! Lucky you, to have such wonderful riding country, and such amazing scenery! :)
  20. ruscara

    Caught Teenager Smoking (sort of horsey!!!) long...

    As a smoker yourself, you know that it doesn't matter who tells you how stupid it is, that you MUST stop doing it - you will smoke until you, yourself, decide to stop. I doubt very much if the girl's mother is unaware that she is smoking. But either she has decided to ignore it in the hope...
  21. ruscara

    Antifaz's claim to fame... Run Henny Run

    That video of Antifaz is just superb (well, the video is good but Antifaz is superb!). I hope he is well; I am sure you must miss him very much PF :( I was most interested to see his 'brother' and to read the wonderful and heartwarming story. I especially loved the way the owner obviously...
  22. ruscara

    The H&H 2010 Memorial Video!

    That has reduced me to a blubbering wreck, so much so that I couldn't see all the horses. It's beautiful, and I shall compose myself and watch it again. Well done!
  23. ruscara

    I'm not coping very well.....

    I am so, so sorry to read this. I wish I could help, but I can only send you cyber hugs and tell you that I am thinking of you. How terribly sad. xxx
  24. ruscara

    Soaking hay

    Could you steam it instead? I put my full haynet into a large bin and pour a kettle full of boiling water over it and cover it to prevent the steam escaping. I take it out once it's cooled, and it smells gorgeous and isn't dusty any more. My horse loves it, and there's no water to dispose of...
  25. ruscara

    How far can you get on the maze game? warning its addictive!!

    This really should be in the Soapbox :)
  26. ruscara

    Wow! Ghost caught on camera @ warwick castle

    You know this is 'non horsey'. Why didn't you put it in the Soapbox, which is specially for non-horsey topics? This is an honest question. I would love to know why people post in the New Lounge when they know that the subject isn't to do with horses. :)
  27. ruscara

    Poo Picking and Bad Backs - Advice

    I have a chronically bad back, and I have developed a method of poo picking which seems to work for me. I think that both bending/straightening repeatedly, and lifting heavy things are both bad, so I avoid doing either very much. I use rubber gloves to pick up the poo and then put it by hand...
  28. ruscara

    Brewers Yeast

    Have you asked your tack shop to order it for you? Several manufacturers of horse supplements make it, including Gold Label ( so I should think they could get it for you. I feed it, and I do believe it helps with midges. But I like the pro...
  29. ruscara

    To those who have broken their backs

    I had compression fractures of T11 and T12 (unstable) twelve years ago, and I am sorry to say that whilst I was in hospital, the Consultant whizzed by and said, "I have the same injury as you and you will be in pain for the rest of your life". He was right :( I am not in constant pain...