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  1. BronsonNutter

    Broncing after fences

    Hi all, as some of you may remember I am currently on box rest following rearranging the bones in one of my arms. I *think* the cause of my dodgy fall was due to Baby TB rodeoing/broncing after jumping a fence - but no one quite saw what exactly went wrong and I don't really remember it all...
  2. BronsonNutter

    XC boots

    Hello! What sort of XC boots would people recommend for a very clumsy baby TB (16.2hh - NH type)? I’m not keen on premier equine boots as had problems with them rotating on my old TB. When I was event grooming we always used to use prolite boots but that was eons ago and I can’t seem to see...
  3. BronsonNutter

    Pulled tails - Tail Rakes?

    Wilby's off showing again next week (Lincolnshire, on the Wednesday in the RoR flat class, if anyone fancies a laugh :p), but I really need to sort out his tail beforehand! After last year's attempt at pulling it, which resulted in my metacarpal ending up in my arm, and 7 weeks in plaster, I...
  4. BronsonNutter

    Blocked Salivary Gland Vs Enlarged Lymph Node

    Anyone got any experience of either? Wibs has got a swelling on the underside of his mandible, it's quite solid feeling, but doesn't seem to be causing him any pain on palpation. Also fixed in place. I don't know quite how long it's been there because I only got back from uni yesterday and...
  5. BronsonNutter

    Clipper recommendations please!

    Need some advice from those much more knowledgable than me with technical things! I'm looking at getting some 'proper' clippers to do my horse with (+ potentially a few others on the yard, if required), as I am fed up of doing full clips with a pair of trimmers as it just takes so long :o...
  6. BronsonNutter

    Headphones + warming up?

    Just wondering if wearing headphones is allowed when warming up at competitions? I've seen it eventing when people have had an earpiece in meaning they can listen to their instructor, but never seen anyone listening to an ipod or similar! It's something I tried today, as I quite often...
  7. BronsonNutter

    Worth persisting? (jumping Qs)

    Feeling a bit sorry for myself having got a nice collection of war wounds which make sitting, lying down, and moving painful... So thought I'd ask for people's opinions on something that's been playing on my mind for a while. Wilby has never been the best jumper. It's not natural to him, his...
  8. BronsonNutter

    Ideas for giving lazy TB some more spark?

    Please! I feel like my legs are about to fall off after working at the kennels all day, walking/getting towed around by several dogs and then trying to school a horse that felt like it was about to lie down and have a snooze at any moment :rolleyes: He's always been quite chilled out when in...
  9. BronsonNutter

    Competing in a cast - update

    For those who saw my previous thread! We won't be competing in the cast as the yard has just had a confirmed strangles case :( (just one horse, which seems okay, the whole thing's a bit odd and I don't want to go into it!) So looks like Wilby won't be going out to any parties at all this...
  10. BronsonNutter

    Slight lameness - how long to leave?

    My TB got kicked just below the left stifle last week whilst at Lincolnshire show. There's a tiny little mark where it caught him but nothing major, no bruising or swelling etc. He trotted up sound straight afterwards. However, each time I have brought him in since he has seemed slightly...
  11. BronsonNutter

    Doubles, Daftness and Dislocations - a Daft One showing report

    On wednesday we took Wilby to Lincolnshire show to do the RoR class (flat, no jumpies!). We don’t ‘do’ showing normally, so going to a county show was a bit scary! First problem was finding double bridle to fit him… In the end Wilby ended up with a ‘Frankenbridle’ comprising of lots of bits...
  12. BronsonNutter

    Competing in a cast?

    Can you? Can't see anything in the rules about it (apart from the gloves rule throws a bit of a problem, not sure if I can pull off the one glove look :p)
  13. BronsonNutter

    Demoralising Dressage (+ guess the scores)

    Not going to give the scores as that would ruin the fun! Please guess & give any suggestions/crit (I don't care how harsh you are - couldn't possibly get any worse ;)) Took Wibbles out dressaging today for the first time since I finished uni for the summer. Tried him in the drop noseband for...
  14. BronsonNutter

    East Mids/Yorks ODEs - help?

    Anyone know of any where the SJs will either be on a surface or on *perfect* ground? Wibs is not keen on SJing on hard ground, and considering he won't have jumped much recently I think it's best avoided... Looking for something around the 75cm-85cm mark in June/July time, before the Wibster is...
  15. BronsonNutter

    Wilby does RoR!

    Today Wibbles, SuperMum and myself set off at the ungodly hour of 7:30 (my excuse is that I'm a student - this is the time I go to bed, not wake up :p) for the RoR workshop/demo with Karen Dixon up at Bishop Burton. I didn't expect quite so many people to be coming to watch, considering the -5...
  16. BronsonNutter

    Bates Webbers - arghh!

    They don't fit through any of my stirrups - is this normal? Do I need special stirrups or something? :confused: (Would really like to keep the leathers or find something similar as Mum can feel the buckles of the 'normal' leathers through my new (:D:D:D) saddle)
  17. BronsonNutter

    Teaching Travers, Renvers, Half Pass and Reinback?

    Basically, how do I go about teaching those four? I've ridden all four, although that was on a much more experienced horse who just did them providing I put my legs where I was told to, and was only at walk :o There may be marshmallows on offer for anyone who can help :cool:
  18. BronsonNutter

    Best way to dry off horse?

    Not strictly CR, but is it like this? :p "Don't take a photo of me now - I've just got out of the shower!" We had a fab day hunting, even if I did nearly get ejected over the ears at one point :D ETA: sorry it's giant but photobucket isn't cooperating on the resizing front!
  19. BronsonNutter

    The Yak's BD non-debut...

    First off, it appears my parents have replaced my horse with a fat fluffy alpaca/llama/yak/highland cow whilst I was at uni - but apparently it is still the same Wilby under a (thick!) layer of fat and fur :eek: So please don't tell me he's overweight because there wasn't a lot I could do about...
  20. BronsonNutter

    Recommendations for equine PCEMS placement?

    *Also in CR* I’m in the first year of my veterinary degree, and we have to do so many weeks of ‘PCEMS’ – pre-clinical extra mural studies (I still have no idea quite what mural means in this sense… Thought it was a kind of painting but I may be wrong :p) - over...
  21. BronsonNutter

    Recommendations for equine PCEMS placement?

    *Also in NL* I’m in the first year of my veterinary degree, and we have to do so many weeks of ‘PCEMS’ – pre-clinical extra mural studies (I still have no idea quite what mural means in this sense… Thought it was a kind of painting but I may be wrong :p) - over...
  22. BronsonNutter

    Dressage to Music - quick question!

    Is the arena always 20mx60m? Ta :D
  23. BronsonNutter

    Daft One/Fatty-Fluffball does dressage

    It's been three months since Wilby last went out competing, due to uni, so we thought it was time for him to go out again to a party! Last competition he looked like this: So I returned home on friday to find this: A very fat :eek: and hairy Wibbles who's only hacked out with Mum (:D)...
  24. BronsonNutter

    BD - worth it?

    Just wanted to get some other people's opinions on this, because it's a lot of money for a poor student! As Mr Wibs didn't sell this summer, mum's been hacking him out a bit to keep him ticking over and I'm planning on coming home every so many weekends to ride him (and to see my parents, of...
  25. BronsonNutter

    BUCS riding?

    As in the university riding stuff, not just a dodgy spelling of bucks :p Basically, can someone tell me a bit more about it? From what I can gather you have to do a dressage test on one horse and a SJ round on the other, but what level/height are these at? And how often do they tend to have...
  26. BronsonNutter

    Saddle for a TB - recommendations please

    For if Wibbles doesn't sell, which is looking likely, especially after his toad impressions of today... Anyway, his saddle doesn't seem to fit him anymore. I've tried various arrangements of pads, but he just isn't happy with it - without the riser it sits too low and slides forward, but...
  27. BronsonNutter

    What to do with a horse you can't sell?

    Basically question in title... Wibbles has to be sold as I'm off to uni (other side of the country, five year course that is pretty intensive, we have no land of our own, no way I can take him with me...) and has been advertised for three weeks now. However, he is just not selling and I don't...
  28. BronsonNutter

    Daft One does Difficult Dressage :D

    First off, look at that alliteration - clearly I haven't forgotten everything from A-level english (just most of it :p) Yesterday me and the Daft One (who is now insisting everyone calls him Wonderful Wibbles, or Totilas, he's a little bit chuffed with himself :rolleyes:) ventured off to...
  29. BronsonNutter

    Q about Gatcombe times

    Is it just me who thinks that the times for Gatcombe are completely ridiculous? Why is it that, at an event who are running a total of 5 sections, 3 of which are championships, everyone has to do their dressage the day before SJ and XC? I can understand that some may need to do theirs the day...
  30. BronsonNutter

    Would this put you off buying a horse?

    Not strictly CR, but some of the people in NL scare me a lot! :o Basically, Wilby will be going up for sale soon as I'm off to uni. The advertising date has already been delayed due to his fall on the road, and it's not the end of the world if he is not sold in time - as a friend may have...