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    Grafenstolz- front limb confirmtation

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with Graf's forelimb conformation, as any (non-biased) person who has met the horse and seen him up close will tell you. Sadly, if a horse has something wrong with it, people jump on the sire, forgetting just how important the mare is. The mutterings and...
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    Dressage Stallion suggestions

    Speaking as someone who has bred quite a few foals from mares with Demonstrator breeding, I would say that nowadays, you need to add quite a bit of 'blood' to the Demonstrator lines, as they are pretty old fashioned (unless of course that is what you are after). Something like Woodlander...
  3. J

    Shire x TB breeders?

    Lovely choice! I have one, and she is just amazing. I've also bred her back to a full TB, and her son is just brilliant, he is going to have a very bright future I think, can't wait!
  4. J

    Charlotte's wnning test at the European's - pure joy..

    Well the Dutch would not be happy would they, as it just goes to show that true harmony and kind training techniques DO produce the best results, even if it takes longer. Will never tire of watching Charlotte and Valegro, just stunning.
  5. J

    Ocd advice

    Agree with this. OCD is endemic in both the warmblood and thoroughbred population. Most people don't know it in this country, because no one admits to having the chips removed. The big TB operations have their own xray machines and routinely xray all their youngsters and get their chips...
  6. J

    Aston Advanced Report- The Big Step Up and must see photos!

    Great pictures, what a super horse!!
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    Anyone Seen / Used this Event Stallion?

    Would echo the suggestion for Jaguar Mail. Very classy, and IME the offspring have serious jump.
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    What is the purpose of Breeding for you?

    I bred to have something from my mare, who I have owned for 15 years and is my horse of a lifetime - lots of talent and amazing temperament. I wanted her, but with go faster stripes! A risk undoubtedly but so far I have ended up with exactly what I planned for, couldn't be happier!!
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    advice - hysterical stallion

    This probably has little to do with the fact he is a stallion, and more to do with the fact he has lived alone for 9 years and suddenly can see horses - if I have read that right?
  10. J

    Integrating a weanling into an established herd

    I would agree with the others that a DIY livery yard is no place for a weanling. Quite apart from horses coming and going in fields, having shoes on, not used to youngsters etc etc. it is also the PEOPLE that your youngster may come across. Some of whom will have no idea how youngsters behave...
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    Rockley Farm and Navicular

    CANNOT reiterate the barefoot option for 'navicular' enough, having been there and come through the other side. Egg and heart bars really are the work of the bloody devil, how anyone can think that a horse's hoof has a hope of normal function therefore recovery when wearing these things is...
  12. J

    Woodlander Supertramp - has anyone used him?

    Woodlander have a facebook page, and there are photos of Supertramp foals on there, they all look very elegant and smart.
  13. J

    Chilli Morning Foals

    I don't know about colour but the ones I have seen have all been seriously smart!
  14. J

    Stallion choice for a sharp mare

    Agree with the others too I'm afraid. She also won't realize she has a 'job' pretty much until the foal arrives, therefore negating the 'benefit' to her. Weston Justice is also by Criminal Law who was actually rather large, and IME the size seems to skip a generation.
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    Shire x TB when will they be back in 'fashion'

    I have one too....she's amazing :)
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    Is it wrong?!

    Good luck with your parents. Remember pretty much everyone on here has been where you are now, and a lot of us are now adults/parents with financial responsibilities. My father earned very good money when I was growing up, but you know he had a lot of other things to spend the money on -...
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    Reprimanding / correcting a very young foal?

    This is why it is always a good idea to have them out with a group of mares and foals....the best discipline at this age comes from another horse. If they are out with a group, if mum can't/won't keep them in check (some mares just don't - just like some human mothers), then you can guarantee...
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    Horses melt in the rain !!!!! quick bring them in !!

    Unfortunately, if the mare is one that likes to do everything 'en masse' a DIY livery yard is probably not the place for her.
  19. J

    Horses melt in the rain !!!!! quick bring them in !!

    Blimey I don't notice what anyone else does....I was just pleased that my lovely and very sensible YO had been nice enough to go and rug my two year old for me, as he is out with a distinctly summer like coat and she had seen the weather forecast (unlike me!). His mother is in at night anyway...
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    Dawn Aubrey-Ward

    How awful :(
  21. J

    Should a Stallion cover every year?

    Arguably true in certain cases......:D:D
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    Ah!! Sense!! This is exactly what I am saying, these 'perfect' horses do NOT exist for such a small amount of money (in fact they don't really exist for ANY amount of money), and I don't care what people say, you will not find these 'perfect' horses in a dealers yard. People need to open...
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    I can't think why anyone would send a loved and treasured member of the family to a dealer given the choice (I appreciate some circumstances may arise where it is unavoidable - death or bankruptcy!), why would you do that??
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    I haven't watched the program and don't know the background, so this is not a comment on this specific dealer. To be honest I don't even know how and why dealers for horses for 'novices' exist. A true and genuine schoolmaster is a rare animal indeed, and does not just happen by accident -...
  25. J

    Livery/ producing : What do you charge?

    Crikey, with the cost of feed and bedding as it is, I don't think you could cover your costs at some of the prices suggested, and pay yourself a living wage. I am in The Cotswolds - so it is a more expensive area.
  26. J

    Livery/ producing : What do you charge?

    I would say more in the region of £160-200 per week. I pay £120 for everything apart from riding. Dependant on the type of exercise, it is £5-15 per day extra. I'm more than happy to pay that safe in the knowledge my horse is being well cared for, and if exercised, it is being done properly.
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    Yet another 'what stallion for my mare?' post .....

    Most warmblood studbooks will accept other warmbloods in for registration, providing the stallion who sired them is approved by the studbook you are registering with. In theory, studbooks will only approve stallions who bring the qualities of their particular breed, thereby retaining the...
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    Badminton thread

    If I had 250k at stake, I'd be willing people to have poles too :) Kind of glad that eventing has proved that yet again, anything can happen no matter how good you are. Its one of the best things about the sport.
  29. J

    Dressage Horses - Astrid Bolton???

    Woodlander Stud! Honest and professional people with plenty of quality animals that they have raised themselves. Why anyone would want to look at foreign rejects in a dealers yard when there are superb dressage horses being bred in this country is beyond me.