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    What is the difference between a saddler and a saddle fitter?

    In addition to length and width, you also need to consider the curve of the tree. Some horses need a very flat tree, others a nice banana shaped one, and I wouldn't expect a saddler to make a curved tree fit a flat horse.
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    Travelling with no partition in trailer...

    If I cross-tie a horse in a trailer I always give him enough free movement to reach either side for hay. I only need to stop him turning around, not to immobilize him completely! What are you trying to stop him doing OP?
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    "Growing pains" with youngsters: fact or fallacy?

    Growing pains at 3 or 4 yes, but unlikely at 5.
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    Poo picking virgin

    There is something to be said for stallions, and ex-stallions. They tend to poo on top of the last one, so you only have a very few big piles, the largest of which is always quite near the gate. I don't do it, but it would be very possible to construct a muck pile, and get them to poo directly...
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    Lorry MOT

    When I last went, they insisted it was tested loaded, but not with horses. Had to fill up 6 oil drums with water. Do they still do that?
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    Long Reining advice

    My top tip is, like driving, to be very aware of the moment that the rein is taken up as you ask the horse forward and GIVE WITH YOUR HANDS right away. Otherwise the horse walks into the contact, and you've just trained them to baulk.
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    Career as a Barefoot Trimmer

    Just a word of warning. I trim all of my own, and it's back-breaking. I'm physically robust, but I would think twice about doing it as a day job.
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    How many pieces of tack...

    Yup, unless it's a nice summer day, when I might not bother with the saddle.
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    How to stop "lady bits" getting sore when riding

    I don't as a rule, including hours bareback, but I did once ride in a synthetic that was fractionally too wide for the pony... never again!
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    Cheeky/ridiculous posts you see on Facebook.

    Same. In fact, barring complete numpties, most people looking at the real cheapies do know what they're doing, because unless you're an idiot, you assume you're going to have to do some work. No reason a stallion shouldn't be a suitable child's pony. Shetlands on the other hand should only...
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    Moving to the countryside- tips needed!

    Which you can also use to sweep the chimneys. :)
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    Farriery in Turkey

    Regardless of the end result (and I agree, balance looks questionable), I'm not sold on the wisdom of using a draw knife towards your wrists :/ Surprised he's still got two arms!
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    OK. Time For Wellie Recommendations

    I bought some pipducks last year, and was really pleased with them as they're a bit like Hunters used to be. However, they only lasted about a year - they have now split.
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    Things your horses have been described as

    The local DC once referred to my Welsh x hunter as a 'destrier'
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    Welly infestation

    ... or neem oil, which is toxic to insects, and repels them too.
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    Welly infestation

    Try putting some diatomaceous earth in them, and giving them a good shake around. Dehydrates insects, so will kill your fleas, with no harmful chemicals, so your feet are safe.
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    (Un-)Reasonable expectations

    Bottom line is that if there was a risk they'd get on the road, I'd have moved them half a mile down the road (all 10 of them, in the dark), to my other field (recently topped ragwort and all) until morning. If I had no other field, I'd have tied them to lamp-posts and sat with them all night...
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    (Un-)Reasonable expectations

    Ok, a few clarifications. Neighbour who called lives on a lane by the pedestrian access to the field. The horse was not on her garden (or anywhere near it) - he was happily scoffing the grass by a public footpath, nowhere near a road. She isn't horsey. Geography of the field is such that...
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    (Un-)Reasonable expectations

    Report of horse out just before dark two nights ago, so straight down there, caught him, and put him back in with his field-mates (no stable down there, so the only place to put him). Too late to go looking for his escape route, but figured he'd be out again, so arranged for someone to be down...
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    When do you introduce a bit to your youngsters?

    I have bitted and walked out in long reins from about 2yo. That way they have a 'mouth' long before we back them, as well as voice commands, all in the context of going out and having a look at the world. Bit = nice hack out. They generally look forward to it pretty quickly.
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    Confused after reading the grass thread re laminitic horses

    Mine (fat natives) are on 12 acres of water meadow; 'way too much' grass, but it's poor, weedy, and the herd are on the move all the time. I've been convinced for years now that the constant movement, along with the unimproved, unfertilized nature of the land are the reason we've not had any...
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    Children riding alone.

    Assuming road sense, a trusted pony and riding competence, I'd be OK with solo hacking on a known route from about 11.
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    Buying a horse with a large crack in hoof?

    My welsh D gelding came with a big crack on the outside quarter of both fronts. The best that I have managed is to trim carefully to minimise them, but they have never closed completely as they're growing out from the coronet. Purely cosmetic for him. He hasn't been lame at all (barefoot).
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    pony painting parties - discuss?!

    I can't bring myself to get too bothered about something which the ponies probably see as grooming, and which gets a child outside and interacting with something other than a screen (even if it is a bit weird). I know at least half of my ponies would love it. The kids would get bored before...
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    Name one thing every tack room has....

    Anyone else get wasps trying to hibernate in rugs? I've learned to move them carefully if they've been unused for a while :/
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    Name one thing every tack room has....

    Glad I'm not the only one that keeps all the bridle parts, single reins and 'spare' head-collars. In addition, I like to keep (hoard?!) various ancient bits and pieces which are 'too interesting' to throw away. My favourite is an early 20thc pack saddle. Would love to hear from any museum...
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    Saddle experts - opinions please

    Not sure I'm happy relying on a single strap / girth web combo. Not much to keep it on the horse if the web fails, is there? Mine doesn't have the point strap either. Do folk use an over-girth, or just check it carefully?
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    Saddle experts - opinions please

    Yes, sorry, you're quite right. Panels, but not flaps. Editing to say that I just looked at the price of the saddle you mention above and nearly fell off my chair!!!
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    Saddle experts - opinions please

    Recently picked up an 'interesting' looking saddle. It's a GT Palmer (Walsall) saddle, with a single long girth strap dividing into two billets. Constructed with no panels, and just a small quarter flap over the points. Does anyone know anything about the design, use, balance or history of...