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    Just wondering what success people have had using this? Did you use it alone or with other products? How long before you saw changes (if at all)? Thanks ☺️
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    Favourite groundwork exercises for strengthening

    So I'm interested in hearing everyone's favourite in hand exercises. I'm going to be doing a fair amount of in hand work prior to backing and looking I'm for new ideas. Particularly looking to improve core strength/top line and will be using pole work a fair bit so hoping to add different...
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    Best pelleted barefoot friendly minerals?

    Suggestions as per above please, must be palatable, pony now on Prascend and refusing Pro-mineral powder mixed in Meadow Magic grass nuts. Thanks
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    Uthopia to stay with Carl Hester

    :) just seen a post on his fb page apologising for the delay in the announcement but confirming horse stays where he is :)