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    Ex Racehorse wanted

    Thanks for all your support/suggestions. Lovely one sourced through local trainer!
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    Ex Racehorse wanted

    Thanks millikins I've also heard things not so positive about moorcrift. This man is also quite capable of taking something straight out of training as this is what he's done previously & I think likes the challenge .., as long as it's not completely bonkers. Is there anyone in a training yard...
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    Ex Racehorse wanted

    Thanks all! I'm a regular snooper in source an ex racehorse & cheveral house a bit far really but Jim boyles link is very good & not that far away! If Anyone else knows of anything in the Sussex area that would be great 😀
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    Ex Racehorse wanted

    Posting on behalf of friend who has been suddenly & unexpectedly lost his best friend 😞 Ex racehorse wanted by very experienced older gentleman. 5 star home & fun hacking life. Has previously had horses straight out of training but no nutters please! Based in Sussex.
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    The Giant Goresbridge Pony has arrived!!

    Beamish? Caffrey? ....Irish Beer theme given his colour & nationality! He looks a real genuine lad-enjoy him-hope all goes well.
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    Children's Pony - what to go for?

    Don't be afraid to try them out yourself! I'm 5'5 & no skinny minny but hopping on a few before I'd let my daughter on told me a lot! I obv checked owner was happy with this 1st but it's the best way of feeling what the pony is like & testing reactions. We nearly bought one till I hopped on & it...
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    *Bit of a rant* Unpleasant girls at yard!

    A colleague I worked with never bitched but gave people funny nicknames (not usually to their face!) & it just used to make me smile & diffuse the situation if I was tempted to have a moan about them! One particularly inefficient person called Steve was christened Stevie wonder for example-silly...
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    Radio Badminton - dressage commentary

    Sooo hope it's Carl & hope he's doing the lunchtime displays too-they're fantastic!!
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    These arrived from my sister today........

    Woop woop!! What a fantastic sister you've got...are you going together?
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    How to make white saddle pads white again?!

    The bar of vanish is good too!
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    Think I woke the entire village up!

    Well done you! Early rides are the best & less traffic or people walking annoying dogs!
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    Claustrophobic horse - next steps for travelling?

    Sounds v much like my mare was tho she always loaded well but wanted out almost immediately. Spent mths like you increasing her time standing on board by the seconds/feeding her on board etc but she was usually too stressed to want to eat. Described the situation to monty himself at a demo & he...
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    Opinions on this pony please

    You can get Dun new forests! She looks v sweet! So hard to tell from one pic with angles/brightness of photo etc-thought she might look a bit long in the cannons tho but could look completely different in the flesh & prob worth a punt in any case for that money!!
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    why do people hang bags of dog poo from branches?

    Drives me insane too & as a rider have nearly ended up head butting a bag overhanging a track :( Really cant understand the mentality-better to leave poo to its own devices than bag it & leave it!! There's a hedge on my ride opposite a small caravan park absolutely riddled with poo bags which...
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    Fashion Tips for the Discerning Horsey Woman

    Tee hee-good thread & how appropriate is the term equi skank!!!! Hopping my early morning stables gear qualifies me for membership??!! Primark fleecy brightly coloured bottoms that I've usually slept in. Fleece top that is now over 30 yrs old (good old musto!) flowery knee socks pulled up to...
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    Picking up a new little arrival this morning..!

    What a lovely thing to do-fab auntie! The pics are wonderful-your nieces smile is infectious!
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    Bedmax - banks vs flat bed

    I personally don't like bedmax-it seems to break down v quickly & goes a bit brown & sawdusty. I too like banks & lovely clean beds but am up against it with my messy mares! I currently use a white large flake shavings on one & equinola on the other. Think I might try a blend of the 2 but one of...
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    Encouraging salivation/bit mouthing

    Mint or handful of grass!
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    Weatherbeeta Genero turnout rug - what size for a 12hh pony?

    My shorties are in a combo of rhino/amigo & a Rio rugs . Find they fit well whilst the wb pony sizes weren't the best fit & x straps were too long :(
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    UAE Suspended by FEI - Well done

    Agree!!! Next step channel 4-those adverts on the racing are vomit inducing!! Sad that powers that be are happy to turn a blind eye where moneys concerned.
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    Living the dream...but riding LESS :-(

    Get up early & ride 1st thing & you won't have wasted any time. Like others say ride early or it gets put off-other jobs take over & enthusiasm goes. Also get yourself a riding buddy-I've got one & there a lots of times I know I wouldn't have bothered if I was riding alone but don't want to let...
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    Sourcing lorry mechanics for pre-sales check

    There are a couple of companies that offer this service nationally-can't recall their names but have seen them advertise in H&H & on ebay! When I bought mine & thought about buying another I used a local approved Horsebox firm who prepare them for mots etc & they also checked body all over too...
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    Issues standing still in the trailer

    Mine reacted extremely violently travelling alone but a lamb with company. She always loaded quite happily but I'd tried everything for about a year to encourage her to travel solo before thinking for my own hers & lorry safety just to stick with a travel companion. Not saying your chaps the...
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    Do you have a visiting Robin at the yard?

    Yes love the & I've also heard that it's a loved one come back to visit you so I call my fat one after someone we lost a few months ago ( who also had a bit of a tummy! ) I've put a feeder outside my mares box & leave some mealworms down each morning too. Such bright cheery little birds!
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    Tack cleaning service idea....thoughts please.

    I agree travel costs cld make this unviable on a small scale but doing it on a larger scale may be better eg a large yard or Show centre where you cld clean lots in one go. I knew someone who used to blitz a racing yards tack 1 or 2 afternoons a week.
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    A successful day at Thoresby *pics*

    Aw she's gorgeous! Sounds like a good doggy day out.
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    Dear dog owners that like their dog to go off lead...

    It seems to be getting far worse-I really can't recall many incidents at all involving out of control dogs in my youth whereas a week or so ago my poor daughter was subject to 3 dogs bolting up behind her all aggressive-snapping/growling-pony bolts nearly to road & when owner quite some time...
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    Field friendly Pram recommendations (or prams to avoid)

    My Mountain buggy did sterling service round events / fields/bridle ways etc & I bought the pram attachment when daughter was small & the little snuggle bag for parking her on yard whilst mucking out.
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    Warm Wellies?!

    Another vote for Grubbs - nice & warm & not silly money!
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    Cold hands & painful fingers

    Snowfire for those nasty splits on tips of your thumbs! Really heals them up quick!