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    Saddle bank

    Hi sold my saddle last year with them excellent service I had an albion adusta
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    spooky dressage horse help

    Hi can anyone offer me any advise please at the end of my tether. don’t know what to do. I have owned my horse for a year now and he has always been spooky( in varying degrees) so not a new thing. we have had a break from competition over christmas and since then we have been out twice and i’m...
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    Area festivals prestige equestrian

    Hi has anyone on here been to the area festivals at prestige equestrian. are the winter area festivals usually run outside,I have watched a few youtube videos from previous years and they seem to be all outside. need to find some where were my spooky horse will have a fighting chance of going...
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    Looking for full/part livery newark lincoln area

    Hi thanks for you reply I don’t think she does livery anymore it’s more of a sales yard now
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    Looking for full/part livery newark lincoln area

    Hi sorry another livery thread I’m looking for full part livery lincoln newark area would prefer a competition type yard must have a school must have turnout and must provide the best care thanks in advance if you reply
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    Best way to give metformin!

    put them inside a jam sandwich My friend used to do this her horse was terrible at taking tablets from feed even crushed up😄😄
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    Neue Schule Loose Rings

    In my opinion you cannot beat a virbiden
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    New Yard! Help please !

    Hi yard 2 I would say children need another children to interact with and learn from each other and have fun I know people say I’d rather have more turn out ect,but same ponies tend to be prone to lami if there is too much grass so bear that in mind. I have been at a livery yard we’re there...
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    Livery yard trouble.

    Hi sorry to hear you have been having troubles it’s always so frustrating, I would be starting to look for else where. YO isn’t doing her job i’m afraid the deal breaker for me would have been finding out he had only been having one hard feed a day. I’m afraid she is just giving you lip service...
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    Am I a total bitch?

    Hi in theses unprecedented times the horse community should be pulling together. perhaps she did have a back up plan but something has happened. instead of calling her out perhaps you should offer to help.
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    Sick of horsey people

    Thanks Guys ❤️❤️
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    Sick of horsey people

    Hi folks just wanted to rant really I’m sick of people at the minute why do some people think they can say what they want. I have just sold my horse so may be feeling a tad sensative however I just wish people would keep there opinions to themselves unless asked for. As I was getting my horse...
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    Lost my confidence with one of my horses

    I would say it’s the professional making you lose your confidence not the horse😀😀 but have horse checked that it’s not in pain I would look for a trainer more sutiable for your requirments not the horses. horses don’t really care if they sj with a good trainer that will help you rebuild your...
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    livery wanted newark/lincoln

    Hi thanks Guys will have a look at them I have looked into oakridge not really sutiable as it closes at 5pm daily I don’t finish work untill 5:30 😢
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    livery wanted newark/lincoln

    Hi any body know of any livery yards newark/ lincoln area for one horse must have good facilities assisted DIY or may be part depending on price thankyou
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    Hi just a sprinkle of regular table salt much cheaper and without all the fillers
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    Online dressage

    I have been doing equitest you get 2 marks your normal dressage score and then a feedback sheet from a list 2 judge with ways to 2 chances your sheets come in a box with hopefully a frilly,treats, and if your lucky a prize have really enjoyed waiting for results would highly recommend
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    Schooling exercises to encourage a particular hind leg?

    shoulder in, leg yield in and out on circle. also i read somewhere (but never tried it) wearing a sausage or overreach boot on the hind leg you want to work makes them more aware of that leg.
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    Am I being paranoid

    Thanks for reply’s it’s nice to know that i’m not going mad. i’ve always been happy at yard and always had a good relationship with YO but definitely think i’ve been taken for a mug perhaps it is time to look for pastures new but there is not much choice around here
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    Am I being paranoid

    Hi I’m being stolen from, I have been at a small livery yard for 2 years and i’m very happy there, apart from this problem. it’s been going on since I got there and I don’t know what to do about it i think it may be to late as i should have nipped it in the bud from the beginning. I am the...
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    Clipping for weight loss has anyone done it?

    This is very sad for you and your horse,clipping for weight loss a stabled horse will not work they need to be able to move around who looked after your horses while you had cancer treatment perhaps they could help exercise. If not then may be a yard move to somewhere they do have turnout or at...
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    Best first medium test

    Was thinking of 69
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    Best first medium test

    Hi folks As title really .....want to have a go at medium what’s the most straight forward and easiest to ride
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    Medical science donation?

    I could never imaging feeding my horse to the lions i’m sure if got in touch with a veterinary university they might be able to help but i think it may be they have an abundant supply ( use them once and dispose) I don’t think it’s the same as medical college we’re body is used for...
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    Can anyone help us horse shopping please 😄😄

    Hi please if anyone is bored please can you help us look for following so difficult now facebook dont allow ads but someone might know of something 16-16.2 4-9 years old east midlands or north yorkshire 5k budget for eventing and having fun an experianced rider so doesnt mind something a bit...
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    Going to view a young horse who hasn’t jumped

    why are we time wasters this horse is everything my friend is looking for she is an experienced rider, and there is no reason why she couldn’t bring a young horse on, my question was would it be acceptable to ask to see the horse go over a pole,loose jump ect
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    Going to view a young horse who hasn’t jumped

    Hi I’m going to look at a horse with a friend on Sunday ( the horse is for my friend ) she is looking for a youngster with the potential to event but has got a limited budget she has found this horse it is 4 years old but it has been brought on slowly and never seen a fence but the horse seems...
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    Vet coming tomorrow - nervous

    mine had the vet for the same the other week just didn’t feel right stepping occasionally short behind had nerve block in left hock and he was tonnes better had X-ray couldn’t see any significant changes but there was a lot of fluid when he put the needle in for the nerve block he has both...
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    mini ODE coming up

    Hi can anyone give me any recommendations for any mini ODE 70 cm coming up we are in Lincolnshire but will travel up to a couple of hours many thanks