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    Hosepipe ban

    Soaking a summer sheet in a bucket of water (or any old sheet if the horse is sensible and can be trusted to stand) putting it on them, standing the horse in the shade in a breeze (or fan if necessary) will do an excellent job of cooling a horse without wasting loads of water hosing them down...
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    Getting a green horse to canter

    None of us here can see either your riding or how your horse is moving. There may be a reason your instructor has stuck to trot with you as a combination. They may feel either your horse is not yet balanced or strong or coordinated enough to perform canter within the confines of an arena. Or...
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    Poultice to soften feet

    Can you stand them on a big piece of soaking wet carpet while you feed some hay? Won't do much for the walls but may help loosen the false sole
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    healing vibes for my boy

    I'm so sorry for your losses. Take care of yourself x
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    healing vibes for my boy

    Thinking of you and sending healing vibes to both of you. Hugs
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    Vet missed multiple things on the vetting certificate

    As far a the VDS goes I found them reasonably straight forward and polite to deal with. My case was not quite as black and white as yours. The offer was on the low side of fair in relation to costs I will incur, I evidenced this and the offer was increased to cover the additional costs. They...
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    healing vibes for my boy

    So sorry to hear this, dreadful at any time, awful for you trying to deal with the emotions of both at once. Fingers firmly crossed for a positive outcome for your boy and hoping tomorrow goes smoothly for you.
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    Goodbye sweet little Beata

    I'm so very sorry FL. What a lucky girl Beata was to have you making hers the best life possible. Hugs
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    Do you think this winter and price hikes will mean an abundance of loan horses?

    I am seeing a huge increase in share horses now but not in full loans being offered. Things may change as the economic reality continues to bite
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    Coronavirus and petcare

    OP I wouldn't worry too much, either about your animals catching it from you or the above poster who is brand new on the forum and I doubt will around long. My advice is to do the bare minimum to ensure animal welfare and rest as much as you can. I hope you feel better soon
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    Personal Space?

    Invited behaviour = ok, uninvited invasion of your personal space = not ok. I will allow a gentle (no teeth!) reciprocation/mutual groom if I'm scratching them, I do not allow head rubbing on me at any time. Basically they can come into my personal space but only when I allow it. I expect them...
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    Disappears to look up equibiome........ 🙂
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    Dogs and instinctive behaviours

    I had always thought my dog was a pretty useless guard dog. He rarely barks when people come to the door when I'm home. That was until several friends informed me that on the odd occasion they'd popped round when I'm out he turns into a barking maniac despite knowing and liking them when I'm at...
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    Thanks for this info, I will keep my fingers crossed for fly bites for you! Thanks for your reply, purchased this horse end of February, stress made her stop eating and she ended up with, we presume, ulcers (didn't want to add a scope to an already stressed out horse). Omeprazol immediately...
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    Just wondering what success people have had using this? Did you use it alone or with other products? How long before you saw changes (if at all)? Thanks ☺️
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    The way dogs react to you hurting them?

    Almost 5 years ago when he was a bouncy young pup I accidentally caught his tail as I closed the car boot. Today this day he cowers at the back of the boot while I close it, even though it's a different car. Makes me feel guilty on an almost daily basis!!!
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    Pre purchase check on a box in Derbyshire

    I used a mobile mechanic from Shrewsbury, he was excellent if that's not too far? Was my first box too. My tip is check the payload! Many people don't know theirs but it's easy to be overweight and no one wants to have to unload and find alternative transport if stopped halfway overweight...
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    Farewell my lovely Jonna

    So sorry to read this FL. Knowing it's coming doesn't make the parting any easier. Big virtual hugs to you xx
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    Diabetes Insipidus update + borrowed time limbo.

    Oh FL, tough times 😞 hugs to you all. The girls are so lucky to have an owner who goes to such lengths to give them the very best care.
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    Dog owner being sued for £5m after rider was thrown from horse

    One of the animals involved in this case was restrained using appropriate equipment, the other was not. I really fail to see where the debate is in this matter. Clearly one person has their animal under control to the best of their ability only losing control in the face of significant...
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    Do i make the leap?

    About 10 years ago, before I became aware of the benefits of barefoot, I took the eggbars off my retired heavyweight 16.2 cob. He had been wearing them for many years due to navicular. I felt as worried as you do about it. He was absolutely fine, field sound immediately. I now know it was...
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    Here comes the fat

    This in bucketfuls! I've used grass tracks in a figure 8 round my paddocks each summer for a number of years now and strip grazed the foggage in the centre through the winter. They're out 24/7 year round now with permanent access to an area of hard standing and their barn no muzzles required...
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    I think out 24/7 with suitable shelter and dry footing areas for hay etc is much better for most horses. It is not however an excuse to check them less frequently! Mine are physically checked a minimum of twice daily though in reality often much more as a casual glance from a distance. I'm out...
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    Lucinda’s book The biography of Be Fair

    Not sure how I came by them but I have the above two and also one she wrote about Regal Realm, yes a different era and much has changed for the better welfare wise but nonetheless all are an enjoyable read. My jaw dropped when reading she viewed Be Fair for want of anything else to jump trialled...
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    Your cancellable takes...

    Ummmm what about people who've just got a grey horse and have no intention of keeping it clean?! (beyond basic necessities of course!)
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    Delayed gastric emptying causing impactions

    Thanks for returning to update. It's always interesting and informative to hear outcomes. I'm glad you've managed to find a workable solution for him
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    Driving myself slightly mad and need to vent!

    What a lucky girl to have such a great owner, not only picking up on her discomfort but acting on it rather than ignoring it. I'm sorry it wasn't better news for you. Hugs
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    Laminitis and Ventipulmin (with a side of box rest ideas?)

    Ah that's a shame, it's very difficult balancing two different issues with two very different management requirements. I do see your vets point of view though, the laminitis is the more urgent issue at present. I guess you'll just need to do the best you can ventilation wise and cross the asthma...
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    Laminitis and Ventipulmin (with a side of box rest ideas?)

    Sorry I've no experience of ventipulmin and lami. I was wondering if there was any way the horse could be out on a yard for the day? Would the vet allow it? Even just a very small outside coral? Or a very small area outside the stable so he could stand outside the barn doors and go inside to...
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    Driving myself slightly mad and need to vent!

    Fingers crossed for a positive outcome for you