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    I would be grateful for feedback on free jump stirrups. I wear Ariat Bromonts for work and wonder of they will be ok in them, I take a 7.5 foot. I currently use cheese graters which are secure but have a problem with my hip and if I lose one, which is rare with cheese graters, but I find it...
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    Dressage saddle make?

    I have a dressage saddle which I will be selling and wonder if anyone knows the make. It is marked Walsall and has a stylised lion in a shield with diagonal lines on the shield on both flaps. Does anyone know the make? Have tried googling the Walsall saddlers but can't find one with this...
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    Oakley Horsebox springs

    Hi I am hoping that someone on here can help with this. I have a mid eighties Oakley Supreme. The springs are weak and one is missing, resulting in a bad back or two people having to lift the ramp up and down. The spring hangers are all present (three) and secure. Basically I need three new...