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    anyone know paddock/stable to rent near chilwell/bramcote/beeston/attenborough?

    Hi there Does anyone know (I know this is a long shot) if there are any paddocks to rent in the Nottingham areas of chilwell/bramcote/beeston or attenborough? If my house move goes ahead (hopefully!) my lovely livery yard will be too far away really and I would like my horse to be closer to...
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    horse euthanasia/collection nottingham area?

    Can anyone recommend a horse disposal/collection firm/person/whatever in the Nottinghamshire area? Do any of the local hunts do collection/euthanasia? I had my very old mare PTS by vet and cremated by an equine company as she was an extremely precious horse that had been with us for over 20...
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    rearer/bolter with recurrent back problems, any ideas/experiences?

    Last year I bought a horse who had a long standing known history of bolting and rearing. I felt sure that his problems were rooted in pain, and indeed, he did have serious teeth, back and badly fitting tack issues. I have spent a lot of time and money sorting these problems out and got him...
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    Anyone feed Suregrow as a balencer to non young/breeding stock?

    I have read some years ago about people using Dodson and Horrell "Suregrow" as a balencer for non youngstock but cant find any information now...... does anyone actually do this? What feeding rates do you use? Do you feed it like a traditional balencer - 100gms per 100kg bodyweight? Do you think...
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    alfalfa free and oil free chaff with added vitamins?

    Does such a thing exist?! Im have a horse who scours if he eats alfalfa or oil...... ! I have looked at all the backs of feed sacks in the limited range that our feed shop stocks but no luck as yet. thanks in advance!
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    would you consider this good quality of life- cushings?

    If a horse with cushings was permanently restricted to a small bare pen with horses next to him, but not in with him, as unable to take any grass at all without raising digital pulses, and was unable to be ridden due to lameness (laminitis related and arthritis) walks in hand resulting in...
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    GFS high wither for narrow TB type with muscle wastage - opinions?

    A friend has leant me her GFS high wither narrow fit, which seems to fit my TB x who has a very prominent spine, muscle wastage and has no topline at all! It seems to fit like a dream. He had a wintec 500 but as he has aged and lost muscle it doesnt seem to fit at all no matter how much you...
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    baileys cooked cereal meal - for poor doer with delicate digestion?

    Hi there Im looking for ways to put condition on my TB x who is a poor doer, and has a delicate digestion (loose droppings when feeds are too rich, grass changes, he gets stressed or when fed lots of alfalfa etc). Unmollased sugar beet/fibre beet goes straight through him... I came across...
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    How to stop incessant worrying about your horses?

    I have always been a worrier, but since my mare died (at the age of 31) in December, following an infection that just would not get better (she had cushings) i have got worse and worse, till I have ended up a neurotic bag of nerves about our 3 remaining horses (two of mine, one of mum's). I...
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    My Little Pony film - Spoof film! So funny

    Have you all seen this? So funny - a spoof film - My Little Pony: The Reign of Buttercup Sprinkles. Love the pink pony with wings terrorising the humans
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    Anyone used the Tack Shack, Loughborough for saddle fitting/alteration

    Hi there Has anyone used the Tack Shack, Shepshed, for saddle fitting or alterations? Do they fit your own saddle? The saddle that my new horse came with does not fit him although I suspect that it once did..... he was underweight when I bought him and has muscle wastage. He also had a "cold...
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    persistant diarrhea.. advice?

    I bought a horse 3 weeks ago who was in a poor state, with diarrhea, I got the vet the next day and she told me to worm with the 5 day wormer, then give him a week off, then worm with equest pramox and put him on a pro-biotic. It has been a full week since I wormed with equest pramox and he...
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    Help me to estimate height of baby cobs! Please....

    Im slowly getting over the death of my mare and am looking at youngstock with a view to buying a nice cobby sort from between 6 months and 2 years old. I have never really been very good at judging the height that horses will make, is there a "formula" to do with length of cannon bone and...
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    thanks re: Charisma Solitaire - your responses helped

    Thank you for all your responses they mean a lot to me. Not knowing anyone personally who has been in the same position has made it hard to discuss with others at the yard etc, and my husband is clueless, my mother just as upset as I am as Charisma Solitaire was her horse too. The loss of...
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    Rest in Peace Charisma Solitaire 1977 to 13th December 2008

    For anyone who remembers my posts, my beloved 31 year old mare was put to sleep today. She had cushings disease, and was unable to recover from an infection in the leg which developed into cellulitis despite repeated attempts at treatment (I presume due to suppressed immune system). I am heart...
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    praise for the Bargain Barn, Normanton on Soar

    For the first time I went to the Bargain Barn in Normanton on Soar today, and just want to say how much I appreciated the help the woman who runs it gave me in selecting feeds, and how impressed I was at her patience with my toddler (who was admittedly being a bit of a terror). i never knew it...
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    your experiences of tendon injuries in very elderly ponies please

    Can anyone give me details of any experiences with tendon injuries in very elderly ponies? Do you have any success stories? My beloved 31 year old mare is being scanned on Thursday with a suspected tendon injury. She is currently (of course) on box rest and supportive bandaging. What is the...
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    winter routines for ponies with cushings?

    My two are currently stabled at the moment (the bloomin' mare is lame (infection and possibly tendon injury - waiting for ultrasound) and the gelding has seedy toe - arrrgghhh) and Im thinking about keeping them stabled a lot more this winter than before, as the mare suffered last year from...
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    cheapest chaff?

    Eeek. One of my horses is coughing a lot on the hay was have and wont eat soaked hay. We are not allowed to buy in our own hay (livery agreement) so my only option is to feed chaff. Does anyone know which chaff works out cheaper as a hay replacer? As Im going to be feeding large quantities this...
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    Any one used a Speed Skip? Opinions?

    Hi there Has anyone used the new "speed skip" ? I saw one in the tack shop and they claim its really good, has anyone used them? This winter I need to do 3 horses, get my toddler to childcare and be at work for 8.30am so I want to make things as quick as possible for myself. Any opinions...
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    opinions on feedmark Benevit Advance and equine answers 365 complete?

    I have decided that I cant justify the cost of Top Spec balencer anymore now that the prices have been hiked up. with 2 "special needs" veterans, large vet bills included, Im having to think through every purchase carefully, and the cost of everything is increasing. Its not just the cost of...
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    owners of cushings horses - opinions on cushex versus vitex please!

    Hi there Has anyone with a Cushings horse used Hilton Herbs "Cushex" independantly of using Pergolide? Do you rate it as a product, or do you think that feeding straight Agnus Castus/Vitex was just as good? In particular, did you feel that Cushex helped with the weight loss that can be...
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    problem with carrying hands too low, any tips?

    for some odd reason I have started to carry my hands too low when riding ... Mum has said this a few times and then i watched a DVD of me riding today and realised shes right. I have no idea why im doing this, and tonight out hacking I was trying to make a concious effort to carry my hands...
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    is anyone here a BHS volunteer?

    Hi there I got a questionaire from the regional BHS development officer asking, amongst other things, if I was interested in joining the volunteer database. This was actually a very timely mail shot - I was thinking recently how I would really like to get involved with the BHS in an active...
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    question about change of ownership on passport

    Hi there I have a question about change of ownership on a passport, as I cant make head nor tail of this. If the passport has to be returned to the passport issueing body then what happens if you need to move your horse in the meantime whilst its in the post or being lost by Royal Mail?? I know...
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    Horse Flies...a cartoon

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    Whats the advantage of danilon over bute?

    I have always been given bute for everything but a horse on my yard has just been put on danilon permanently... is very arthritic. Can anyone tell me what the advantage of danilon over bute is? Is it easier on the stomach? The owner of the horse who has just been prescribed it does not know what...
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    No..... but I just cant see how it would work. I would be interested if anyone says it does though.
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    Flu vaccinations for a 31 year old??

    I have always had my horses vaccinated for flu and tetanus withouth thinking about it, but have been warned off it by several people recently who say that at an advanced age the vaccine could be very detrimental to their health. My vet has never said anything like this. My 31 year old mare is...
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    Dengie Medibed, anyone use? Opinions and price?

    hi there The small pet feed store down the road has started to sell Dengie Medibed along with the dodson and horrell range of horse feeds. Has anyone used Medibed before? Whats it like to muck out? What would you expect to pay for a bale? Its priced at 8.50 per bale, which seems expensive but...