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    Adaptil any one used one ?

    Hi , has any one used an Adaptil ? They seem very pricey but if they work I dont mind . I have a rescue dog coming on sunday and if I can help her settle easier it might be worth it .
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    Problems taking two to a show

    Took both horses with a pony babysitter to a show together for the first time yesterday . What a pain . They spent the whole time screaming to each other . Panicing when one was taken away . Rearing in the box . We thought we had it covered by taking the pony as well but didnt work out that...
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    Horsebox parking

    I will try and keep it short , we moved her 11 years ago and there is a lay by opposite the house . We have parked our horsebox over the road ever since. We did try and rent a space at the farm opposite when we upgraded to a cargo 7.5 ton over a year ago but the farmer didnt want to take the...
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    massage pads / mits

    Hi all , we had a trial with the equissge pad which does seem to have helped our mare . It is so expensive though that we have looked at alternatives . There are various types on the market so if you have one could you advise please
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    Apprenticeship or 6th form ????

    Help has anyone done one in a non racing yard ? My 16 year old daughter has been working in a yard part time over the summer holidays with the intention of going to 6 th form next month . She wants to work with horses but had planned on A levels first . Today they have offered her an...
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    Hoof boot advice for tiny hoofs, new ones dont fit

    I measured and ordered some Cavallo sport hoofboots for my daughters pony . They came today and tried them on and they are huge. he has very small feet so although the bottom is the right size they are very loose round the actual hoof . Does aybody know of any types that are smaller. I bought...
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    Extreme Photosensitivity

    Hi , we have a coloured Irish horse that has developed horrible oedema type swellngs on all his white bits . We have had him a year and no problems before The vet thinks it is a combination of a lot of good grass and then a couple of hot days now hs summer coat is through He has advised keeping...
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    Horsebox dilemma

    I have got an LT35 that we have been using for past two years . Great box but we decided to get a newer one. We had a Renault master converted which drives very well but is just not practical as we stay away a lot . We thought it would work but now both kids are on the team we just dont have the...
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    Cold backed ??

    Sorry but it is a long story, we bought a pony last may , he was lame for the first three months as he had been over trimmed, He is a cracking pony but we started o notice that he wasnt happy through his back. Fast forward a few months and he was sound and going well . We then noticed other...
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    Olympia tickets for tomorrow afternoon, 3 available

    I have got three tickets for tomorrow afternoon performance. We are still going so could meet someone there. they are spare so any money received will be going to the RDA. Any offers as hate to waste them. They have been on facebook etc but just getting messed about .
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    Moving Pony clubs , how easy is it going to be ?

    We have become increasingly unhappy with our current pony club and have decided to move . i know this can sometimes be very difficult and we realise they wont be able to compete at area level for a year which we will have to accept . Not sure wether I should approach the other club first and see...
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    Wet mucky gelding, stable floor advice please

    So we have a 16 year old NF x 13.3hh gelding. He is so wet and muckyin his stable that we are having to rethink his flooring. He is in at night while it is wet but out during the day and during dry spells. He is kept on deep litter straw bed at the moment on top of a dirt floor . We clear it out...
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    Horse Missing in Challock woods kent

    There is a very dark bay mare on the loose in Challock woods after the rider had a fall. The bridle was broken off but the saddle still in place . she is friendly and will come to anybody but no report so far of her having been found. There are very busy roads through the woods and a search is...
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    Anybody in Glasgow area help please.........

    Hi, I was wondering if anybody could help. we have seen what looks like a really nice horsebox for sale at a good price, problem being it is in Glasgow and we are south Kent. Chap is looking for a quick sale but I am not prepared to pay anything until I have seen it or at least had somebody look...
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    3.5 ton horse box help please

    Hi, I bought an LT35 2 years ago and have done many happy miles during that time. the kids have been on ponies and it has been great. My son has recently got a 15hh horse so thought I would go and have it weighed . With a full tank and me and my daughter it weighed in at 3.2 tons . We were quite...
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    Poor injured pony, not sure why he was attacked by the horse

    We went out to a poor badly bitten pony this morning. he had jumped out and was in the adjoining paddock thank goodness. The two geldings have shared a paddock since we got them both about four months ago. we move the ponies between two fields quite a distance apart and we have to keep one of...
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    How to improve flat feet ? is it possible

    Long story sorry .... Bought a pony from another pony club about four months ago. proven hunter games etc just what we were looking for. He is 15 years old NPS 13hh. We looked at him on the friday, they had him reshod on the Monday before we picked him up on the Tuesday. Wednesday daughter rode...
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    Bahill Trailer spares

    Can anybody help please, we bought a Bahill trailer to do up and need to replace part of the brakes. We are having trouble tracking down replacement parts. Does anybody know anywhere , i am trawling the internet but getting nowhere fast . thanks
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    Insurance for occasional rider help please

    Following on from the dreadfull story of the lady with a broken back ..... I have got a couple of disabled children coming to ride my ponies during the summer. I dont charge or teach (not qualified ) . I am now worried that we have no insurance and have started trying to look into it. The BHS...
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    Saddle problems

    We bought a lovely very green 5year old irish horse for my son. Got him home during the week and am struggling to find a saddle. He was being ridden in a thorowgood T4 high wither saddle with a black gullet. I cannot seem to find a second hand one anywhere. I have tried all the usual places...
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    Changing behaviour, do you think its possible

    Sorry , prepare for a long one...... We have been offered a games pony for my daughter which would be the next step up. This mare is 18 and is well known. She is pretty good to ride and goes well at games and competitions BUT she is a bitch to handle. she will bite humans if possible and when...
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    Loan question WWYD

    Sorry but this will be a long one..... Had been keeping our ears open for a pony for loan for my daughter to do games on and perhaps hunt. She has outgrown her section a and needs the next one up. Heard about one that had been on loan to someone in the PC and had gone back to the rescue...
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    Vibes for my daughter and pony please

    Just got back from the hospital. OH has stayed with her while I come home and check her poor pony before catching a couple of hours and back up there. Kids went out for a quick hack round th block in the forest before tea. My daughters pony was walking on a lower section of the path when he...
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    Leasing . Have you done it ?

    Have decided to look for start thinking about a new pony for my daughter. I have noticed a few for lease. we are only going to want a specialist games pony for the next two years so it would make sense. I wonder if we should do that with her outgrown pony but no idea where to start. Her 12hh...
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    Been bitten, WWYD ?

    I was asked to look after somebodies dog while they went on holiday. The usual sitter had family problems and couldnt take him. They bought him round to see us and he seemed fine, got on with my dogs and played with the kids. They said he had bitten one of their kids when he took a toy away...
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    Shaking pony . Ideas ?

    We have a 7 year old NF pony. Last weekend my son took him hunting and had a great day. They were out for about 4 hours and the pony is pretty fit . When we got him home and put him into his stable he started shaking, trembling type thing. We had put a fleece in him and later added a quilt. He...
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    How long to box rest ?

    My daughters Sec A cut her frog on saturday out hunting. It was a flint we think and although it bled a lot initially, by the time we got back to the box it had stopped. We loaded and came straight back to inspect the damage. We cleaned her hoof out and soaked in salt water for about 30 mins...
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    BSJA Affiliate or not ?

    I am sure this has been covered before but I am struggling to get the right info. My son would like to affiliate but he is 15 years old on a 13hh pony. Is there a minimum height for the pony in classes ? I just dont know where to start and am totally confused as to where to start . Thanks
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    plaiting and hi viz questions for a newbie plse

    Hi all, kids (13 and 15 ) had their first go out cubbing today, they had agreat time and everbody was very friendly. They would like to go hunting again but we have been told they will have to plait. My daughters pony is a section a who closely resembles a thelwell !! My sons is a Nf with a...
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    How much does the meat man pay usually?

    Just heard that a pony we were interested in buying is going to the next auction. We were quite taken with her but the owner is asking way over what she is actually worth( to us ) at the moment. She is unfit and a bit poor but is a nice sort. We know several people who have known her for a...