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  1. millhouse

    Foinavon's jockey

    Johnny Buckingham has sadly died at the age of 76. He partnered the 100-1 shot, Foinavon, in the Grand National of 1967 - after which the fence is named. Rest in Peace John
  2. millhouse

    Lord gyllene

    This very gallant horse has died (12th December 2016) at the grand old age of 28. He won the National in 1997. Rest in Peace Boy!
  3. millhouse

    Julian wilson

    Saddened to read of Julian's premature death in the paper this morning. Great correspondent, author and presenter of racing - when racing was racing! Rest in Peace Julian and God Bless.
  4. millhouse

    Campbell One Year On

    Still remembered with much fondness. God bless you Campbell
  5. millhouse

    Simon Ward

    Actor Simon Ward has died. I believe he was 70. Angharad Rees yesterday, and now Simon. May they rest in peace and God bless.
  6. millhouse

    Peter Toole

    Peter Toole has been moved to a hospital in Dublin, and is progressing nicely. What wonderful news!
  7. millhouse


    For anybody that doesn't already know, Anne the elephant arrived safely at Longleat yesterday, and has now completed her first 24 hours there.
  8. millhouse

    David goodey

    I am trying to locate the current whereabouts of the great horsemaster David Goodey. Has anyone got any news please?
  9. millhouse

    Foxhill Spencers Wood

    Has anyone got any information on the old riding stables at Foxhill Spencers Wood please?