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    Grumpy mare!

    My mare has always been a bit of a grouch occasionally, but recently she been worse than usual. My mum was looking after her over the weekend and was backed into a corner of the stable after my mare tried to kick her. She also took off with her twice over the weekend when brought in from the...
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    Advice on sharing my horse...

    She hacks out fine in company, but is nervy on her own. Although there is no one on my yard who hacks, there is a woman nearby who would be interested, but haven't been out as of yet due to the weather. She will hack out alone but she is nervy and will take the p***, so the rider has to be...
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    Advice on sharing my horse...

    See my previous post ^^ :)
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    Advice on sharing my horse...

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    Advice on sharing my horse...

    Thank you both for the advice. I find it a bit of a minefield! The yard I am at has good facilities: great grazing with max of 2 per field, large out door arena, small out door arena for when other is in use (YO gives lessons) or frozen and plenty of large fields YO owns to hack or school in...
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    Advice on sharing my horse...

    I'm thinking about finding a sharer for my horse as I really need more time to concentrate on university. I have never shared before nor known anyone who has, so was basically just looking for some advice on how I should go about it and where is best to advertise? A bit of a stupid...
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    how does he look (Ridden pics)

    Ditto this. I don't usually give cc as there are far more experienced people than me on here, but I had a lesson today involving more forwardness and impulsion and thought I would share. My instructor told me to count my mares strides on the long side of the arena which provides a good...
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    New Year Resolutions

    Be more organised! I hate that i always leave things to the last minute.
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    Mini foalies first month

    Aw they are so adorable! The dun is like a miniture version of my mare :D
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    My project horse 6 months on!

    What a change, well done!
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    nice saddle but how much???!!!

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    How much does a lesson cost these days?

    I pay £15 for mine. As to how long it lasts - depends on what we are doing. It can be anything from 20 minutes to 50 minutes. Instructor is on site too, which is helpful. Compared to other instructors I have had this is comparatively cheap. I paid £30 for my last instructor for 45 minutes.
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    its going to be a loooong winter

    Oh dear, it has just started again. And more than a little bit!
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    its going to be a loooong winter

    It was snowing a little bit here too, I am based in Central Scotland. Glad I put an extra layer on the ponio tonight!
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    How much would you pay for DIY livery?

    I pay £65 pw, so around £260 pm for DIY. This includes huge stable, big outdoor arena, own field, excellent grazing all year round, small out door arena (good to use in winter), hay, feed, shavings, turnout and fed morning and night. My horse is very much a good doer so it isn't amazing value...
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    EMERGENCY!! sick 5 year old

    Nothing constructive to say, but hope she pulls through. Sending lot's of vibes your way.
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    Dont know what to do! :( opinions please!

    I don't really understand it either tbh, but some people like to keep themselves to themselves. Also, by what the girl has been saying, they think they are above your help. Taking up more hours and saving up is a good idea. That way, if the time comes when they want rid of the pony, you are...
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    Dont know what to do! :( opinions please!

    OP I do feel for you, it's definitely not an ideal situation to be in. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot that you can do if they don't want your help. As you probably know, it's up to them whether or not they want to rug her etc and if you said anything to them you would be hindering your chances...
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    Dont know what to do! :( opinions please!

    I would just like to say that you sound like a very responsible person. It sounds like the girl is throwing her toys out the pram when things aren't going her way and the pony misbehaves, but absolutely adores the pony when it is going well for her. A lot of people say things they dont mean in...
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    Louie qualified for dengie open stressage :D

    Well done! That's brill considering you haven't had him long. I always like reading your posts!
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    Should I go it alone?

    Personally, I would go with the move too. I hope everything runs smoothly, good luck!
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    Should I go it alone?

    Could you not ask potential YO if there is any help available (ie there's usually one livery who will provide turn out/muck out etc for a charge) or if any exisiting liveries help eachother out? Alternatively, are there any mobile grooms around your area that you could enquire about? After...
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    Join the Rolkur Army.

    I support this too.
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    YO doesn't like our youngster..

    I thought I have come across quite clear. When we first moved he could be a pain going out in the morning, however, he is fine now. I've never once said he is a dream that was another poster. Like I said before I just wanted to vent my frustration not to achieve anything. He is my mums horse...
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    YO doesn't like our youngster..

    And he does. That doesn't mean he is absolutely perfect. He can sometimes. E cheeky in other respects but not overly so. Yes I did say that but I also said in my first reply (on page 1) that she told me it was due to money. Of course she should sell him if that's the case, but I don't think...
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    YO doesn't like our youngster..

    This is untrue. The YO feeds him in the morning - that's it. The groom turns him out 2 or 3 mornings a week at the very most. He is on DIY livery and is looked after by my mum and myself. I turn him out on the other mornings and bring him in from the field and my mum does the rest. She does...
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    YO doesn't like our youngster..

    My mum hasn't come to the same conclusion. She told me its due to money. And I have never said he is a dream to handle. He can be cheeky sometimes, but no more than most. I really disagree that he is a difficult two year old.
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    YO doesn't like our youngster..

    I said in my original post that he used to be like this. He does not do this anymore. He goes out no problem. We dont let him always things left, right and centre.