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    Oh sorry you want pics!! lol!
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    Gone & done it big style!

    Well after ears of putting it off! We have gone & done it! I was told I was not aloud to breed from Quail till he had one of his own! Seeing as Quail went to stud dog in June but we sadly missed. So back in December to see her husband! Well here it is!! She...
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    CAYLA poop scoop your PM'ss please!

    As title please!
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    Quails 1st day of the season & 1st picking up!

    Was suppose to be hunting today but cancelled again due to wet just before 8am. My local shoot was on so managed to get there for the first day this season. Sadly re-organizing myself from hunting to shooting made me late. so I missed the first drive. Found them just as they were starting the...
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    folliculitis in horses

    Has anyone had dealings with this? My mare has got it terrible down one side or at least that is what the vet thinks at the moment?
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    Cat attacks dog with plastic bag!

    Was having a tidy in the tackroom when resident Thomas attacked my dog! Missed the first bit which had me in stiches, he came round the back of the bag's as she did the other way & launched at her with both fron't paws stretched wide out! He is such a cool cat! Think it was payback as I...
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    Crosby saddles

    Thought you knowledgeable lot in here would know! What are they like?? Many thanks!
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    Recording H&C sky 280

    OK I am no techno wizz but I do generally manage quite well. Last few programs I have recorded on sky 280 I have ended up with a totally different program to what was listed! Like Pau 4* I have recorded twice now, first time when I went to watch it back was a disabled driving prog & then...
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    Riding young one tonight! Pic inc!

    Went out for hack round village first. Then did a little work in the school. Tried to get pics last night but batteries were dead So charged them up over night & they were deadish again tonight So only a handful of pics. Grainy aswell which I hope is because of lack of battery power...
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    Bute & still lame?

    Post for a friend. Horse has been on 2 bute a day for about 3 weeks I think but is still lame? So does this mean it's not pain because the bute should be masking the pain. So it is the mechanically?? Not to bad in walk but deffinetly in trot. Ideas on a post card! Mare is getting on in...
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    Plaiting foals!?

    Sorry for dumb question. How do you plait foals!? OK I know how to plait grown up horses but foals, never had too! I would feel mean doing them as tight as I do for a horse & a days hunting or competing. So would you do the rosette plaits where it is lose on the crest but then the actual...
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    MissDeSummer PM's!

    Just written you an esssay & it says you have reached you quota!? Please ammened!
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    Injured Jockeys Fund & Make a Wish Foundation

    Just been told by a friend that the yard up the road is holding an Open day for the above. I shall go along as it is for 2 great charities & is on my doorstep so rude not too! Is anyone else going?
  14. k9h

    Mark Todd stuff!

    Sorry if wrong place but more peeps in here at mo & need to know before spending pennies at GYS tomorrow! Is it any good? The shampoos, fly spray etc? I like how it is mainly natural ingredients, but wondered if any good? Has anyone used it before? Many thanks
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    Update on prodject! Pic heavy!

    Hello! Have put in PG & here as not sure where to put! Well this is a prodject I picked up not quite 2 months ago. This was the queue I got stuck in going to pick her up for 2hrs as car crash on main road, so the police desided to send everything both ways on a single back road! In the...
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    Are they any more? Website doesn't work?
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    Sprenger stirrups

    Also in NL2 I have the Bow balance stirrups. Anyhow got back from hack today & when running up my stirrups noticed that one of them the rubber covering the links has cracked on both sides Don't know if I can remember where I bought them from. They are under a year old & not been used...
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    Sprenger stirrups.

    I have the Bow balance stirrups. Anyhow got back from hack today & when running up my stirrups noticed that one of them the rubber covering the links has cracked on both sides Don't know if I can remember where I bought them from. They are under a year old & not been used that much...
  19. k9h

    Why don't people learn?

    Again a poor dog has died in a car at a... DOG SHOW of all places at Blackpool. They should know better! Sooo annoyed. It they had been called over the tanoy 3 times. Why the windows were not smashed sooner I do not know. I wouldn't of hesitated! I have to go work at this show tomorrow but...
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    Top Spec Lite

    Has anyone used this? If so what was your reasoning & what was it like?? Many thanks! Just I have won a bag & am wondering if it will suit my mare & if it is something I will end up staying on!!!
  21. k9h

    Savlon & Cats

    Went on a course today so I am now qualified to chip pets!!! Anyway found out that you should never put savlon on cats as it is highly toxic & kills them. One of the chaps there said his cat accidently got diluted savlon very small amount on him & within 10mins all his mouth had...
  22. k9h

    Any ideas!?

    I seem to have acquired an 'os! Picked her up Friday, turned out when got back with 2 old geldings another young mare & a 2yr old mare. After a quick canter round together they settled straight away. She is acting like she has always been here! Today was laid flat out whist in other field...
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    Well some other lucky individual will be coming of the wait list. Friend has just had to pull out horse has managed to opt out!
  24. k9h

    Suede reins

    Where can I buy these? Have looked on google but only get Dobert in USA!?
  25. k9h

    What would you call...

    The elastic used in breastplates! Am trying to find some to buy but having no luck on google mind don't think it helps as not a clue what it is called!! Have tried elastic strips!?... Though results turn up tiny thin strands! Many thanks if anyone has any bright ideas!
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    Yorkshire Gundog training day!

    Had a training day to day so we will be on top form for next season! Hopefully! Plus we will be doing these once a month. Firstly thank you to Kevin for organising the whole day. Arthur & Margaret who where our trainers for the day. They were very patient & insightfull to us. Also the...
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    Working breeches!

    I 'may' have a new job from tomorrow! A local stud is hopefully taking me on to help with the youngsters! They have just had 20 come over from Germany!! So I need some more breeches that are tough & hard wearing! I do prefer pleated fronts. So what do you recommened?? Not to OTT price...
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    Witney blankets

    Have just retrieved my blanket that has been used to cover something up for the last 6 years! Well from being in perfect condition it has gone rotten on a corner or two! How is best to repair them & can I get hold of some original witney for repairs? I don't like tatty looking!
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    I wouldn't of believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes then had to get phone out of pocket! (How amazing that I had it on me at the time!!) Going up! Whats up here! Shall look both ways! Can see much better up here! This wall will easily be over 6' high especially with the...
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    Snow dogs!

    Just got in with the mutts! They have had a bit of fun! Sorry lots again! Quails tongue froze to her nose! Bottoms up! Cowboys & Indians! I spy! Bonny! Extended trot or what! Sliding holt turn! Take off again! Cookies & hot choc...