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    Is 'we have no grass' an acceptable excuse for a thin horse?

    On another forum, it seems acceptable to state that your horse is thin (as in, thin enough I wouldn't be riding) because of lack of grazing. I have been around horses all my life, and we have always put out hay/haylage ad-lib in the winter if there's not enough grass. If that's not enough to...
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    Can anyone recommend a good book for in-hand dressage training?

    I'm unable to ride until the autumn, yet need to keep my horse busy with something to think about for the next five months or so. She has a sharer twice a week, so I just need to lunge/do groundwork three times to keep her ticking over. My horse is at Elementary level atm, will be aiming for...
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    If your horse takes a 6ft3 rug, how tall is he/she?

    Just wondering! It's in relation to a youngster of unknown breeding. We're wondering what sort of height he'll make!
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    Libra hackabout - ok for youngster while changing shape?

    Have found good reviews online, just wanted to see if anyone on here had tried it. I'm looking at this for a youngster who's growing like a weed and likely to change significantly in the next year. It would be for hacking and schooling, no jumping.
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    'wet' (soaked) feeds vs dry feeds - quantities question!

    I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this! 'Wet' feeds that you have to soak, all double in size. So, bearing in mind the size of a horse's stomach, you can feed half the amount at any one time, than you could with a dry feed. Does this make wet feeds more inefficient to feed? Or are they...
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    What jobs can you do with an NVQ level 3 in horse care?

    Just wondering - my friend's daughter is keen on doing this after her GCSEs. I've never known anyone who's in horses to recommend it as a career, so: what can you do with this in horses and would it help with any jobs outside them? Degree level afterwards is unlikely to be an option.
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    Where in Bedfordshire is good re finding field/small yard?

    I'd love to move further out of London, but will need somewhere for 3-4 horses. We currently rent a small yard and would prefer that or a field with a field shelter, rather than to be on a Livery yard again. Can anyone recommend a part of Beds that's good for horsey things and is likely to...
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    Keeping horses near Leighton Buzzard - what's it like?

    What are the options livery-wise? Is it easy to find fields to rent? Is grass livery available? Considering moving that way, and wondering how our horse costs would change and what's available. Our preference is to find a field/small yard to rent, but would do grass livery or at a push, DIY.
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    Seat aids - how far does your knowledge of them go?

    Just curious as to how widely the full range is known/taught by instructors. So - what seat aids do you know? I know the seat aids for: stop, half halt, go up a gait, go faster within one, the specific aid for canter, collection, extension, turn, circle, shoulder-in, go sideways (would be...
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    Do any of the natural horsemanship things do competitions?

    Just wondering! I don't do any of the 'specific' NH stuff, but potter around bareback a fair bit when we're not schooling properly, and a lot of the kids at the yard like to do so also to improve seat, play games etc. My horse will ride from just a rope around her neck, and whilst it's...
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    how much would this cost and will it be covered?

    Investigation for unusual, likely pain related behaviour that comes in cycles. Internal to look at ovaries plus poss back xrays to check for kissing spines. Thanks
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    Looking at potential D pony - what would be reasonable price?

    The teen we're looking for has decided she wants something with the basics, to bring on herself. She has another year or so on current loan pony if she doesn't grow too fast, so could run the two alongside. Have heard of one that seems to fit the bill through word of mouth and just wondering...
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    If you were buying a dressage pony for an older child/teen, what would you look for?

    As title really - what would you want to see, what qualities would you be looking for? If the pony was to be competing at Medium level? Would you discount ones that had only competed unaffil (at recognised venues that do BD also) or see that as an asset as no points so can go in any class...
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    Better to sell as project or do the work in today's market?

    Basically, as in title. Obviously if the work is put in, you can sell for more, but in this market, what is selling better? Projects, or more finished horses? Do people have the money for a horse currently competing at a decent level or are they more after something cheaper that they can...
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    Trailer maintenance. Tips/advice pls!

    We have a Rice Continental trailer with a double wood floor. It has marine ply planks underneath, and what I can best describe as cut in half fence posts on top in planks running across the trailer. I have never seen a floor like this but am used to ifors and can see that it is very strong. I...
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    Abrupt halt - how do I fix this?

    So, the aids I'm giving are half halt then halt with seat aid, leg on slightly, close hands. There's something really wrong as we tend to halt on the forehand and too abruptly. My mare will halt just from my seat (again on the forehand), or I can add leg/hand into it but that doesn't change...
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    Can someone pls explain the difference in a jump saddle vs GP tree?

    I can only get jump saddles to fit my youngster - her shoulder is a really weird shape. Saddler said something about jump saddles sitting behind the withers but that was all the explanation I got. Would love a bit more info!
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    How long to get pony fully fit again?

    Been asked to bring a pony back into work for a friend of a friend. It has been turned away all winter and needs to be back jumping 3ft+, Elem dressage. How long should this take? I haven't got the two hours a day that my old fitness plans say (and they say 12 weeks to full eventing/hunting...
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    Who has bought something recently?

    What was the market like?
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    A horses/baby/winter moan - it will get easier soon, right?

    So - back at work part time, with young baby, several horses to look after plus a house to keep tidy. Not finding this easy at all! - sharers turn up when they feel like it - OH seems to feel he shouldn't have to do his horse at all (or any housework/washing/anything!) - baby needs me...
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    FlexEE saddles - anyone had one? Experiences?

    Really curious as to how these have turned out once on the market. I saw one at Your Horse Live, and it looked to be a better concept than the other treeless ones she sells - reasonable ways of distributing pressure at least thought about. So - has anyone bought one? How do they 'measure up'...
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    Yards - is this a worthwhile move?

    Thinking of moving locally, to cut costs and potentially get in more riding. Currently: DIY yard - stabled, - okish hacking, - sand school that freezes into ruts and is quite deep at the best of times, - tack room, - feed storage, - mare/gelding separated turnout, - lights...
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    Taking baby to visit parents who have unpredictable dog

    HELP???!! Baby will be four months old. Dog's a cocker spaniel and I'm only short so in the sling he'd be able to jump up and reach my baby's legs/bottom. Dog and baby have never met before, and the dog has NEVER been around any children of any age, let alone babies. He was castrated when...
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    Gerrards Cross Pony Academy bucks - experiences?

    Looks good - do children enjoy it and do they progress better than at a normal riding school?
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    Lessons - how much do you pay?

    So - just wondering. How much do you pay for your lessons, is your instructor qualified, do they compete to a reasonable level, how long is the lesson for and do you feel you get a lot out of each lesson? Are you set homework for the following week too? Do you feel you understand the theory...
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    Where did you find your instructor?

    Word of mouth? Internet? Tack shop advert? Ad in magazine? RC/PC recommendation?
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    Do you think it'll be poss to find a sharer for this pony?

    One of the ladies on our yard has a pony (13.2hh) who's a little older, and whose now teen daughter hasn't the time she used to (weekends only now really). She doesn't want to sell as the pony's been in the family for years, so is thinking of looking for a sharer to keep the pony in work. So...
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    Horsey people being 'tougher' than normal folks...

    Was chatting about this on the yard yesterday. I've cheerfully jumped, schooled, hacked out etc with a variety of illnesses, concussion, the lot. One of the kids on the yard has been caring for her pony and doing groundwork again with a broken hand, is just allowed on again and despite it...
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    What budget needed for a horse competing at Elem/Med dressage?

    Asking for a friend who's looking for her own again after years of sharing due to not having the time with small kids. She's not bothered about breed, height (within reason for a small adult), minor issues like sweet-itch (so anything controllable that doesn't affect performance she's happy to...
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    Insurance - if you add up what you've paid out vs what you've claimed

    Per horse if you have more than one - how much have you paid while you've had them (roughly), vs how much have you claimed? Just wondering - all these threads say horse insurance isn't viable for companies as they don't make enough profit - so, is it? For various horses I've had: 1) £2400 paid...