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    Field to rent/ Grass livery

    Looking for a field to rent/ Grass/ Retirement livery in West Sussex, Henfield area ideally. Happy to be slightly further a field for the right place. For one very well behaved gelding, good with mares or geldings. Current land is being sold
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    Anal Gland Tumour

    Hi Has anyone got any experience of anal gland carcinoma? Good or bad, just trying to process it all before making that decision.. Thank you
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    Retirement/ Herd Livery Sussex

    I'm looking to turn away/ retire my mare and gelding. Does anyone know of somewhere that does herd turnout/ retirement livery? The mare wont cope on normal grass livery with horses coming and going from the field regularly. Ideally as close to Hickstead as possible but willing to travel
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    Any ideas welcome, am I overthinking it

    I have a rising 7yr old, dutch warmblood. Have bought on slowly, lightly jumped up to discovery over the last year, always been barefoot and minimal feed etc. Backed her myself as a 4yr old She has always had an occasional trip on stoney ground with front feet, this seems to have increased...
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    Where would you go from here?!

    Sorry if this is long! Rising 6 yr old, enormous, both parents 16hh he is currently 17.2.. far too big and grown far too fast. Diagnosed with hock arthritis October last year, then bilateral hind suspensories in December- now 8 weeks post faciotomy. Did not want to go with the nerves being...
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    So nervous!! Fingers crossed please!

    My rising 6 year old is at the vets today waiting for his op on his hind suspensories. I know it is a routine procedure but I feel so sick with nerves. The fact I lost my 12 year old 2 weeks ago isn't helping, he was my horse of a life time and my complete rock. I also lost my golden oldie 5...
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    France- Vets/ Transportation

    Hello, I am interested in a horse in Toulouse France. Has anyone got any ideas of reputable vets for a vetting? Also ideas on Transport companies and an idea of price from Toulouse to Brighton, South East England? Thanks
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    Hello, Is there anyone I could PM with a photo for conformation purposes? It is a horse I like the look of, so not sure I should post on here. Thanks
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    Hello, I lost my horse of a life time last week, and have half heartedly started to keep an eye out for a new one. A cremello warmblood has caught my eye. Does anyone have any extra infor on Cremellos? I know every horse is different, but any higher risks with Cremellos? I know suncream...
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    Hind Suspensories

    My rising 6 year old has been diagnosed with bilateral hind PSSD. He has also got arthirtus in both hocks. His ultrasound scans show tears in his suspensories rather than holes. He also has a small avulsion fracture- vet said this was only small. Due to his age we have been advised against...
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    Any ideas?! Clipping

    Hello, I have always had to have my 5yr old sedated for clipping. Normally 2 injections gets the whole coat off. Hes been improving each time. Had the vet out today and my yard owner and her groom were going to clip him whilst I was at work. (I normally clip one half whilst she does the...
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    Totilas retired Very pleased to see he has now been retired