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  1. J

    WOW saddle owners

    I have a bit of a conundrum. Mine is roughing up the hair at the front on the poor cobs withers. Fitter came out on Tuesday to have a look and re balanced us but it's still doing it. I know that it is supposed to move laterally at the front but I can't believe it feels nice and it didn't used to...
  2. J

    Stubben reins, where to find them?

    I am after a very specific set of Stubben reins. They belong to the 'Royal' bridle (stubben number 161) and I need them in black. I can't find the reins on their own anywhere, just a whole new bridle. Anyone know a tame Stubben dealer or where to find them?
  3. J

    Teaching an old horse new tricks, how old is too old

    I have a horse who is coming 14 in my stable at the moment. He is a lovely chap, very genuine and safe and easy to do. I can take him out by myself, he is good as gold. For the last 7 ish years he has predominantly done dressage and he really hates schooling in the school. However, he likes to...
  4. J

    tiny showjumping and beach report, please feel free to add more!

    On Saturday I took the beast to CWA to jump a couple of classes. On paper this went very badly but I am calling it a good day anyway. Jumped the 80cm class clear (you'd hope so really with legs like his!) and just rolled a pole in the jump off to come fifth. There were no fillers anywhere in...
  5. J

    Frinton beach. Can anyone help with the rules for horses.

    I am trying to work out whether horses are allowed on during the middle of the day (as it is freezing cold) as low tide is around lunchtime/early afternoon at the moment. I kind of want to go on Sunday but obviously everyone at the council has gone home for the weekend now and google is only...
  6. J

    what? Still no reports? I'll do mine then. Lesson and jumping

    I can't believe no one has been out over Christmas? Surely you have? In the absence of any real reports here is mine. It combines a lesson I had on Friday with my attempts to put in to practice the things I learnt today at the Jays. Lesson first. Mostly this was a getting to know you...
  7. J

    Blue jacket, black tack, black boots, what colour gloves?!

    Because I usually buy brown but I am starting to wonder whether black would make more sense and I need some new ones and now can't decide what to order (historically I have had brown tack so brown hasn't seemed so weird and I prefer brown...) Who would have thought gloves could be so damn...
  8. J

    good online sales for new country boots?

    And generally other good online sales. I have some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket!
  9. J

    Teeny-tiny (literally) showjumping report

    Because I moaned no one writes them anymore it seems only fair to do one, so be prepared for the least significant report you have ever read... I went to jump a CR today on a borrowed horse I have only had for a couple of months who has mostly done flat work for the last five years. In...
  10. J

    Where are all the comp reports?! Mine is too boring to post

    thought I'd pop in to see all the real people doing things with their real horses after my really rubbish attempt at prelim tests this weekend and it is ever so quiet in here. Where are you all? Are you all in hibernation or has everyone officially left and moved to twatter forever?
  11. J

    Trailer cameras. Where to buy?

    I want a camera for the trailer as every little bang makes me think something awful is happening (because I worry too much). For some reason google is not turning up very much for me. Those who have them where did you get them?!
  12. J

    WWYD. Spurs

    Not would you use them BUT I have normal, old fashioned, Prince of Wales spurs. They obviously get the job done, but probably a bit more than I actually need them to. So I want to buy something a bit 'less'. I currently can't decide if I ought to be buying roller ones or whether I should...
  13. J

    How to deal with slightly unpleasant, loose dogs from horseback?

    Afternoon wise dog people. I have recently returned from a rather 'interesting' ride/chase loose horses round the village and I wondered, for future reference, how the hell to deal with loose dogs attacking/chasing horses. Today a loose staffie came running up to us and started biting...
  14. J

    soft shell comp jackets. Recommendations for busty girls please

    I am sorting of toying with asking for one for Crimbo but I have no idea where I can try them on so I am after suggestions for one to take a punt on which might fit me. I have ridiculous boobs :( so I am wondering if they might just look horrible on me?
  15. J

    Snuggy turnout hoods but no neck rug? Ok or no?

    Can you use one with a standard neck rug or do they really work better with a neck rug? I'm not sure how waterproof they are meant to be or whether they would move around?
  16. J

    Dealing with thistles

    What is the best way to deal with thistles? I have a few large-ish patches on one half of my field which I would like rid of if possible. Is there an easy way to get rid?
  17. J

    How the heck do you get hair off a nummnah?!

    I brushed them before I washed them, I put them in the machine, then in the tumble dryer and they are still hairy!
  18. J

    I know there are a lot of sock aficionados in here so...

    what is the etiquette for long socks and checked breeches?! :p I have a couple of pairs of checked breeches which are my favs and lots of very busy long socks but worn together I just look like a clown :o What do people do to avoid this? One pair is green with yellow and black stripes and...
  19. J

    People in Suffolk. Who do you go out with?

    I live near Bury St Edmunds now which puts me between the Thurlow and the Suffolk I believe but am I missing anything obvious? And, if I may ask without making things political, is there anyone round here who don't just jump ditches all day? I am a Norfolk girl so don't mind a ditch but hedges...
  20. J

    Where to look for a loan horse outside the obvious

    I am probably being a bit of a dolt but outside the obvious (H&H, horsequest, horsemart and the faceache pages) is there anywhere I ought to be looking?
  21. J

    Embryo transfer, anyone sent their mare to do this

    I am having a blast with my horse right now *laughs sarcastically* and am starting to think seriously about what to do with her.. Has anyone loaned their horse to be a surrogate? Any reviews good or bad as I know very little.
  22. J

    Derby day!

    I have sky so am watching. Anyone else? Carnage so far :D
  23. J

    What would you want to see in a for sale video?

    When you're buying what are the most useful things to you in a video of a horse? Answers on a postcard please :D
  24. J

    Where do sensible, competent people look for horses on loan?

    Is there any way at all to loan a horse and avoid every 13 year old and novice in a 200 mile radius from contacting you? I am weighing up my options and just wondered if this is anyway possible. My patience with idiots is pretty non existent sadly.
  25. J

    looking for someone to ride (paid) near Bury St Edmunds

    Can anyone recommend someone who would be able to ride the Nit monster once or twice a week?
  26. J

    slightly odd question but... why do dressage saddles have to be so heavy?

    Just a musing really. I am currently looking (in a fairly ad hoc way admittedly) for dressage saddles and they all weigh an absolute tonne. What is it about them that means this is the case? When I compare one to my jumping saddle to look at I can't really work out exactly where all the...
  27. J

    Who wants to play the bitting game again?

    Madam is five now, she is in a loose ring french link and has been since she was backed. She will settle once worked in but is somewhat resentful of any steering/half halting etc! Part of it is just her being young and part is her as a 'person' but I wonder if changing to something else might...
  28. J

    Those of you who all bought cheap Tekna saddles last year (or whenever it was)

    Can anyone advise me on seat lengths. I have a (very) short coupled horse and am wondering if I can get away with a 17'' seat. They look like the curve up at the back a bit. Would those who own one say they were long in the panel or short? OR do any of you have a dressage one in a 16.5'' seat...
  29. J

    How thick is an Anky pad? Other strapless pad recommendations

    I am sick of constantly threading and unthreading straps on my pads. How thick is an Anky pad? Currently I ride with a thin cloth and a prolite. I was wondering if I could switch to just one of these. Otherwise can anyone recommend any other strapless pads (doesn't need to be posh)? I have...
  30. J

    jumping exercises you can do without help on the ground

    I never have help so I'm looking for suggestions of exercises to do which are easy to set up and can easily be done without help. Anyone have any great ideas?