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  1. koeffee

    A long shot??

    But wandering if anyone has any 2nd AI equipment??
  2. koeffee

    New colt born yesterday

    My maiden Courage mare produced a super colt this morning by Loulou de Villiers my stallion who i lost to colic last year so im not advertising!!! he is also sold.
  3. koeffee

    The light at the end of my tunnel!

    After the aweful week of losing loulou de villiers, my mare gave me a fabulous bay filly by him, she is devine and a keeper!!!!!/pages/Mon-Competition-Stallions/240582745955035
  4. koeffee

    My foals all growing nicely!!

    Pic overload!!!
  5. koeffee

    My foals so far this year!!! piccie overload!!

    Really chuffed with this bunch of foals so far, 4 more to go! loft aka shutters revenge Micky aka Double Oh Seven and! Vinnie aka High Voltage
  6. koeffee

    First Craig baby to hit the ground!!!

    Had a super bay colt born at 130am sat morning, im bias but he is gorgeous!!! would also like to point out i do not own the sire anymore!!!
  7. koeffee

    Lami mare and foal update, with there buddies!!

    None of these foals are by a stallion i own!! Juno and mum doing great, she still isnt up for a good gallop around the field but mum and baby are now out full time with the herd and doing ok!!! its looking good! pic over load!!
  8. koeffee

    bsja jumping on a ticket??

    i have a fully approved stallion that has been reg bsja but not at present,but can at the normal fee!! question could i jump him on a ticket, he is out of classes im brave enough to jump untill i get practice?? or should i just bite the bullet and reg and run around a few members cups?? the...
  9. koeffee

    juno's starting to explore!!!

    Some may know, little juno didnt have the best start, with mum having severe laminitis and not much milk. Today we are 15 days old, still a very long way to go but they are both still with me and doing ok. We have put a bar on mums door and he comes and goes whilst im there wizzing in and out of...
  10. koeffee

    Best milk/creep pellets to get??

    As title, foal not getting enough from mum now, as she is not doing well, vet been today and foal has to be on supplement feed by the end of the month as he is not waiting any longer to put mare down! she is horrendously lame and in severe pain. She is allowed out on grass to see if she will...
  11. koeffee

    Juno and Quba still with us!!

    Little Juno is 5 days old now, still small and weak but today had a little buck which was great to see, im having to suppliment feed him as well as mum hasnt got a lot of milk, but he is so sweet, still doesnt like any thing other than mums milk bar! He is still down on his pasterns slightly not...
  12. koeffee

    Meet little Juno and the gang!!

    I have been informed its a girls name but not bothered, it suits him!! Not the greatest pics but here he is with proud mum! and the rest of the gang!! jj jack and apple making friends!
  13. koeffee

    Had a lovely suprise today!! lami mare update!!

    Well wasnt holding my breathe for this day but she had one drop of milk on her teats last night t time, checked 10pm nothing, checked 1230, nothing!!! checked 330, still nothing!!! was suprised how light it was so i decided to muck out and go home for a few hours, arrived 8am to find a very...
  14. koeffee

    My 4th colt!!! born 115am!

    This foal is not by a stallion i own!! by Dont forget jr, out of my Diamond mare. very large boy, 4 white socks and a tiny snip on his face. and not to leave the other boys out!!
  15. koeffee

    Update on mare with laminitis

    She is due in two weeks, but prognosis is not good, was thinking about putting her to sleep today?? would have if he pushed then said the foal deserves the chance, we have to see how she foals as to when, gutted seems im to have a crap year again.
  16. koeffee

    Slightly better end to my week(pics)

    Yesterday morning at 115 my mare gave birth to a super black/grey colt, huge long legs. But it took us an age to get him suckling, 1120 yesterday morning finally the penny dropped. we were able to syringe some colostrum into him but not sure if it was enough, milked from the mare but he had to...
  17. koeffee

    foster mare available in the next 24hrs

    lost month old colt foal this morning. anglesey
  18. koeffee

    Question for breeders.

    How many of you have bought mares with the idea of breeding from them, only to find when you get them home, get to know them find they are not really what you want to breed nor sweet enough to want to breed from?? Reason i ask is i was called all the names under the sun today and im a scumbag...
  19. koeffee

    Any info on Cranswick Lord RB

    As the title, also any pics?? I know some nice eventing stock by him, but any info would be great. thanks
  20. koeffee

    My easter suprise!!

    Meet Harley, he's 3 days old now and so naughty!! photo at a day old.
  21. koeffee

    Naughty me i got my wrist slapped by h&h

    I gave my boys a bath and posted a pic but it seems some little person had nothing better to do than complain. Oh well hope you feel better now. Always one rule for one and one for another!
  22. koeffee

    Stud Brochures

    Does anyone get much interest from people wanting them these days?? i havent done them before, but this year i have and just wondered really if it worth the expense as the internet is so readily available.
  23. koeffee

    Does anyone have.......

    pictures of Clyde Cruiser or know anything about him, very little to find on the web???
  24. koeffee

    Cunning devil z

    Anyone have and youngster by him? Thoughts on him. Met him yesterday, he has a lovely temp, was a lovely horse to be around.
  25. koeffee

    Anyone elses mares acting odd

    Mare due in 4 weeks. Stabled her next to the boys who all mix, but my god what a whore you wouldnt think she was in foal, squeeling her head off, weeing every where. Had to move her in the end. Only so much the boys can take!
  26. koeffee

    Opinions on..:)

    On pion and gracio in a mare. I love pion as a type but dont know much about either.
  27. koeffee

    My Poor Mare

    Had vet to my old girl yesterday who is 6 weeks from foaling, we think she has laminitis, bless she is in awful pain, never had it in her life, been really muddy so i brought her in two weeks ago, haylage, small amount of food, now crippled. still loving her food though!!! vet coming again to...
  28. koeffee

    Dressage trainer/riders N Wales

    Tentatively looking for someone to help train me or possibly ride my horse?? super trainable horse who is better than i will ever be!!!
  29. koeffee

    opinions on this tb breeding please

    as title please??
  30. koeffee

    Photo overload sorry!!

    Mouse schooling at home.