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    Livery Yards near Exmouth

    I'm moving to the area later this year and am looking for somewhere to keep my little cob, preferably DIY. Doesn't have to be mega posh, just need a stable, turnout and a basic ménage. New to the area so looking for some help from you guys. Cheers
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    Warm tough wellies? Under £100

    Hello all! Please can I have recommendations for some nice and warm, but tough wellies. I have bought Joules in the past as they fit well and are comfy to wear all day, but they usually don't last very long, so no more. Had Ariat Mudbuster and they split very early on, despite me not...
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    New NAF Balancer

    Have any of the experts here had a look at this? What do you think? I was quite excited until I saw the ingredient list....
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    Amigo Insulator Light - 100g? red rug

    I have one of the above for baby wb, but the mousies appear to have had a munch on it over the summer so it needs replacing. I can't find anything less than 200g now... anyone know where I can get one from?
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    Best lunging gadget for building muscle tone

    I'm looking for recommendations on what people to consider to be the best lunging gadget to build some muscle tone on an untoned youngster. I'm looking for the best gadgets and/or exercises to build his core strength ahead of him doing some ridden work.
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    Has anyone ever part-exed a horse?

    I had made the decision a little while ago that I was going to find baby wb a more suitable home, and get myself something more sensible. Very nice 9 year old gelding up for sale, 15hh, so a more sensible size, from a dressage trainer, done a bit of everything. Feeling a bit cheeky I asked...
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    Lunging Videos

    Those of you who make these - I would appreciate knowing how you go about it?! I'm putting my youngster up for sale, and although my second attempt wasn't too horrendous, it certainly isn't very professional looking. So what are your top tips?
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    How are your 3 year olds looking?

    Mine is still a bit ugly duckling - every time I think he has levelled up a bit another part of him grows - he looks a bit like a giraffe at the moment! When can I expect him to look more like an adult - or will that come once he's in proper work?
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    Fleecy/Wool Stuff (on a budget please!)

    Seeing as the occupants of this section of the forum appear to be a source of great knowledge on all things wool/lambskin/dead sheep... I'm looking for a nice girth sleeve for silly baby horse as I'm due to start working him again soon, and now he has changed his coat, I think it looks like...
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    Vamoose Rugs

    I've tried googling and searching on here but can't find many reviews as to whether the stuff in the rug actually works or not. Or would I be better off buying a cheaper rug and spending the extra on a bottle of Coopers?
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    Young Horse above my ability - WWYD?

    I have a beautiful 3 yr old warmblood, who is freshly backed and as you can imagine, is a typical young wb, very sharp and a bit random. I've had someone more capable than me schooling him on, and he is going great now, but before that he had me off a couple of times, and I'm hesitant about...
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    Where to find a dressage schoolmaster on loan?

    As the title says, I can find plenty to buy, but nothing to loan. I don't want to buy as I have a youngster who will be my focus eventually, but something to get me back in the swing of things after being out of action for a while. Surely there must be people out there who have horses they...
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    Places to buy small haylage bales?

    I was going to get some small bales from Leigh feeds, but since they're out of action, does anyone know where I can get small bales (not branded stuff like wrightpak) for a sensible price? Based in Frodsham but will travel :)
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    Which bit is milder?

    I'm slightly confused as to which one of these two bits is milder. They are both full cheek snaffles (for a baby) but I want to choose the milder one. Bit 1 has a plate -* Bit 2 has a lozenge...
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    Where to find a good instructor (North West)

    I have a youngster away for backing at the moment, he's due home in 2 weeks and I'd like to find a nice but not too scary instructor. I used to be a half decent rider, but recent lack of riding has left me low in confidence and a bit unbalanced. Would ideally like someone who would also...
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    Where to find a dressage rider taking on young horses?

    Basically what the title says. I'd rather place my youngster with a good amateur or professional rider than sell him. He is dual purpose bred, and I have found a few promising event riders, but I personally think he would suit dressage better, and I am struggling to find any suitable dressage...
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    Where do you find your young competition horses to loan?

    I'm doing some research for the future as I have a youngster who will be ready for backing next year. I know he is going to be too big (and probably too much) for me but I don't want to sell him as I love him to bits. Equally I don't want him to be wasted, he's too good for that. How would...
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    Name that Brand..

    Looking for a friend - not my horse but he is some kind of warmblood type, possibly of dutch origin, but it's not a KWPN brand.
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    2 yr old condition? [pics]

    I've always thought that my 2 yr old Hanoverian is at the correct condition for his age, but a comment made the other day has made me wonder... an instructor on our yard (if it had just been a random I don't think it would have bothered me so much) said he is skinny and needs more weight before...
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    General Supplement for 2 yr old

    Just after some recommendations for general vits and mins supplement for a 2 year old Hanoverian, who is on 24/7 good grazing.