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    please give me an idea on pricing

    I have a five acre paddock, securely & safely fenced for horses - post & rail & hedges with rails in them. A neighbour wants to rent this on a yearly basis. What is a fair rent please? Notts/ Derbys border between M1 J27 & J28 I want to be reasonable but fair to both parties.
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    How to give horse people a bad name?

    Does anyone know who owns this pony? In Selston, Nottinghamshire
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    Something you don't want to see

    Sunday morning I was about to spend the two minutes silence with my mare & saw this;-
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    Loaading help please.

    transporter turn up today to move my youngster a long way. Came in a 3.5T and my boy planted when he saw the overhead door. (He walks onto and through our old Rice Beaufort) Two women did little to help & I got him most of the way up the ramp when one decided she was hot & took off her jacket...
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    Trick Riding >>>>>>>>>>>

    "Lovely 15-3 Irish Sport Horse. Very good temperament. 5 years old. Great for general riding, driving and trick-riding." The grey in the adverts. Why trick riding? - to me that would suggest she rears.
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    Isolation livery

    Just museing but would there be a market for isolation livery, paddock with field shelter for up to 3 horses for one owner at full grass livery so no cross contact when horses have been purchased from sales etc? Basically somewhere that horses can be parked up for three weeks before being...
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    Horse travel rules tightened up.

    Hopefully will stop some of the dodgy imports/exports.
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    Just give your horse a hug.

    Spent time this evening with a friend waiting to get her 7 yo homebred PTS. He was fine at 4pm & at five had gashed his rear hoof down through the coronet to the pedal bone, almost splitting the hoof in two. It appears he had rolled and knocked through between a sheet side to his stable &...
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    I seem to have volunteered.

    I spent yesterday checking through 5 acres of meadow ready for mowing. I removed two feed sacks of ragwort -it has taken 23 years of constant removal to get to a few plants per acre. Adjoining is about half an acre of council owned rough land with quite a bit of yellow showing. I just phoned...
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    Result - Stolen on loan horse returned to real owner
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    Getting too close - Rabies Just check how many pet owners this affects.
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    Looking to buy a puppy?

    Looking to buy a puppy this weekend - In the first instance choose a breed or type to suit your lifestyle not just just because the advert has a cute photo. A dedicated breeder will be honest about their breed and tell you the pros & cons – those in it for the money will only stress the good...
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    How on earth?

    Can anyone let a dog get into this state?
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    Breast meat only?

    Was at the wholesaler's yesterday and they had a food firm's rep trying to sell a brand. First selling line was it is hypoallergnic, next was - we only use turkey breast meat, no offal, feathers, heads. I looked at the pack and the first ingredient was "Turkey Meat meal" so I asked why she said...
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    Bargain boredom breaker

    Just found this at 2 for a tenner at ASDA,default,pd.html?cm_vc=PPCXSLTP Excellent for when you need to keep the neds off the fields.
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    Dogs Trust update on wonky puppy. Personally I would put all the people wanting to adopt her, if they hadn't already got their name down to adopt a dog, on the not in a million years list.
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    Who are these vets???

    An avert on a local facebook group;- "pure boxers ,on soilds now ,adviced by 2 different vets to sell from 6 weeks old as long as mum is not feeding ,shes not , which is the 16th feb ,both mum and dad can been seen ,no kvc papers hence price of £500 ,with papers they can sell from £800 to £1000...
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    Compulsory microchipping Will it help? Probably as much as Horse passports do IMO.
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    Head>>> Desk!

    Following the Dumbtree link yesterday I had a look at other adverts and spotted a couple of dodgy ones -pet quality puppies with Pets Passports. Various small breeds and crosses on two phone numbers at the same map location. Phoned the licensing department today and was told "they are...
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    Cheap flashing Hi Viz

    Just got back from a trip to Meadowhell, sorry Meadowhall, and found the best bargain in the mall at the tool stall in the lanes. A yellow hi viz tabard with lots of silver reflective and flashing red lights (takes 2xAA batteries) just down to half price so only £4.50 and a good adult size...
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    I've found something positive about the minus temperatures

    After all the moaning threads this morning I have one positive note - My boots are clean so I can leave them on to get in the house to make a coffee. Any more positives? ( & I agree with a lot of the moans)
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    Dud microchip.

    As luck would have it my 3yo had one of the Dud Virbac chips and we have been waiting for Virbac & the PIA to work out how to get the rechipping sorted. My vet is being paid to come on Monday and Jethro is now rather hairy and I'm not planning to rug for another month if possible. Do you...
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    Horse's rug used to smuggle drugs Ok - so how can they not find the owner of a recently imported horse?
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    EFG companion show is going ahead!

    Just thought this was newsworthy among all the cancellations. 14th July in aid of hearing dogs for the deaf. Entries start at 10.30. Eye testing is fully booked.!efg
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    Rabies in the UK

    Well brought in after a woman was bitten by a dog in India. Condolences to her family. How long before we hear of someone contracting it here?
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    Rescue with unreasonable requirements?.

    Just been sent this link;- Who else is horrified at the implications?
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    Essential viewing! courtesy of the Kennel Club. Half an hour so make time & have a cuppa ready.
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    For Dressage Buffs?
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    Not on Dragon driving*0.18274*HHO:293256&pg=1&si=CAT*1**0&sr=h&cr=2&kwe=horses& I might have been interested bit I...
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    Horses Stolen -Two Men Charged.