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    LED floodlights

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone has used LED floodlights for their arena? I've got PP and am about to buy lights to go onto telegraph poles - I'm not sure whether the LED ones will be worth the extra money? Although apparently the cabling doesn't need to be so heavy duty as the wattage is...
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    Riding with arthritis - how do you cope?

    Hi everyone I've been lurking on here for a long while, but am posting for a bit of reassurance I think! Sadly I lost the horse of my dreams in March and I'm in no way emotionally ready to start looking for another horse to ride as yet, but I have had lots of kind offers to ride other peoples...
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    Shavings suppliers and delivery costs...

    Hi everyone I am looking for a supplier for shavings for 2 horses, can take pallet loads but not sure what is the going rate per bale. Please could you let me know what is a good deal and how much you pay? Thanks
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    Retirement Livery

    Hi all Just after some opinions please! I'm about to put up two stables to keep my boy at home (subject to planning permission!). He's not one of those who can be by himself so after much thought I've decided that my bes option is to try and find a retired horse as a companion (that way Bugs...
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    Bit late - BD Champs report

    Ok, so I can join in with this one! Will try and keep it short (ish!) We arrived Friday afternoon, and were immediately impressed by the organisation of the stable management team. Had a great stable - lovely and quiet as requested, and they delivered bedding within 10 mins of request...
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    Petplan Finals next week!!!! Any tips?

    Anyone else with no fingernails, turning rapidly grey haired and serious amounts of butterflies already?? Having had a sketchy few months with my boy, it's been completely hit and miss as to whether we would (and still will) actually get there. If we do, there are lots of first times for us...
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    Aarrrggghhhh HOW frustrating are horses???!!!

    I know we all love them dearly BUT....! My 5 yo seems determined to put himself out of action at the moment! Started with him becoming a wild thing over Christmas, so I started him on Nupafeed (which is doing a good job). Then the pair of us put our backs out (not sure how he did his, but he...
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    How many acres for all year turnout??

    Hi everyone Realistically, how many acres per horse would be the minimum you could have in order to keep grass all year? Not talking about wrecking fields into mud patches, but so you could have green fields all year? And if you have "summer" and "winter" fields - how many acres for each...
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    HELP!! Serious issues in warm up

    Hi everyone Last year at Towerlands BD my youngster got scared of all the big impressive horses in the warm-up cantering at him (he thought) and started spinning and taking off to escape them. Since then, I've managed to keep going to smallish shows or places where they have kindly let me warm...
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    Ok, so am I being VERY blonde???!!

    Hi everyone! Got the shock of my life when opening my post yesterday - I had a letter from BD to tell me we've qualified for the Petplan Area Final in April!!! **Falls off chair with shock** It tells me that the schedules will be in the Feb issue of the BD magazine - can anyone tell me if this...
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    Opinions please - buy or build your yard??

    Hi everyone and belated Happy New Year! I'm on the verge of making a very happy but seriously scary decision to sell my house and buy with my OH. Which would mean we could buy a place with land and our own stables! **swoons with excitement** BUT, having started to look around, the option arose...
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    Competition shirt... HELP

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a cream short or long sleeve competition shirt? Only problem is, I'm allergic to ironing, so I'm looking for a jersey / t-shirt type material. I found an Equenox one at Hickstead a couple of years ago, but can't find them online now.. Any ideas where I can...
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    SJ Trainers Cambridgeshire area???

    Hi everyone Can anyone recommend a good, sympathetic SJ trainer who can help me? As you may have read a few weeks ago I ate the dirt when coming off my youngster jumping, and I have to admit, it has knocked my confidence I really want to get him going with his jumping, as he really loves it...
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    Six yo BD classes

    Hi everyone Wonder if anyone could tell me where to look for six year old classes i.e. which venues do them and when they are run. I've never done anything so high follutin' (sp?) but my trainer tells me I should give it a bash next year!! I'm in Cambridgeshire so any venues close by would be...
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    Hi everyone Definitely needing some healing vibes today please! Took the boy jumping yesterday just for a spot of schooling, and he was enjoying himself so much that he eventually couldn't contain himself any more... (Maybe I should explain a bit - he's my 5 yo that I've backed myself, have...
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    jumping saddle?

    Can anyone recommend a jumping saddle for a 5 yo warmblood (currently wide fitting)? Also would be great if you tell me why you like it. Can't decide between Albion Kontrol, Barnsby Milton, Ideal Grandee, Jaguar, Prestige, Stubben.... Help! Value for money would be great too please!
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    Just HAD to celebrate as at last, Bugs and I are in H&H!!! After our second place, which didn't get in there for some reason, our two thirds from different shows are in on the same day!! Sorry, no need to reply or anything, I'm just so happy!
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    Petplan Area TOMORROW - Help!!

    OMG I'm panicking in a huge way Has anyone got any experiences / tips / words of wisdom to help calm my nerves?? I'm putting huge pressure on myself as it's the first time for everything - Bugs is my first horse I have backed and "done" by myself, it's the first time I've qualified for anything...