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    Best anatomical long girth?

    Hi any any recommendations for a good anatomical girth? Have been using the collegiate one up until recently and was happy with the way it sat but it’s a plasticy material which is now after 6 or so months beginning to crack. Needs to be fairly shaped as horse has a very forward girth groove and...
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    Lister Libertys not charging

    Anybody had any experience with this? Had the clippers approx a year, always clipped and held a charge no problem, they were serviced approx 2 months ago no problems. Plugged then in tonight and it's just showing the error code and will not charge, clippers and battery themselves are fine as...
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    Stopper pads?

    Hi, this is my first post in this section. I have an 18 month old springer/ collie, she's the first dog I've owned/ trained myself although always had dogs as a family. She's a super little dog, obviously really busy and energetic as you would expect from the breed combo! This in itself isn't a...
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    Hkm neon matchy?

    Hi, I would like to get a bright orange matchy set for my black hoss, have found the following Anyone know if hkm do matching bandages? I can't seem to find any. Or if not, any others that will match? Thankyou!
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    prelim 7

    Hi, just a quick one, is 2002 the latest version ?
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    The jump from Novice to Elementary

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips on making the move up. Little sister has a cracking 13.2hh who she's just started to do a bit of dressage on. Pony is very well schooled and mainly does SHP's/ workers however LS has decided she wants to do some dressage this year. She had 2 dressage...
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    Horseware Fleece Jackets

    As above, do they come up big or small? Ta :)
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    Spurs on SHP

    As in title really, are they allowed? Under 143cm not exceeding 133cm if that makes any difference :) Can't ever recall seeing anybody with them on in the pony classes but then can't find anything to say they're not permitted, thanks.