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    Prices just went up another level

    My suspicion is you’re looking at Autumn 22/ Spring 23 at the earliest for prices to go down again. Lockdown has given a lot of people more free time at home (with furlough or no commutes) and fewer leisure activities they can fill time with. The first winter back to normal people will probably...
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    Leading by the noseband

    A riding school I used to have lessons at back in the day has just posted their instructions for parents on how to lead ponies for beginners during C-19 when regular staff are not allowed to lead. The entire instructional video shows them with fingers looped through the back of the noseband...
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    Pictures Too big for riding school pony

    I’m not sure which bit of the country you are in, but round here £35 For a group lesson would be the best riding school in about an hours radius, so I’d hope you can find some other good options locally. Even without the obvious issues with the instruction and set up at your current school I’d...
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    Seller said it’s an old one. It is cold to touch and we’ll away from the knee - not very far up from the fetlock though if that could also be a problem?
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    I’ve found a 10 y o horse who is perfect in every way, except for a large splint on the inside foreleg. It seems healed and he’s sound in current work, but seems to only be ridden lightly so not sure how well tested it’s been. Does anyone have any experience of whether this is likely to cause...
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    Dealer recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a reputable dealer for ponies (13-14.2 range) in the Scottish Borders area?
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    Dealer recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a reputable dealer for ponies (13-14.2 range) in the Scottish Borders area?
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    Need advice about daughter

    I recently saw my partner fall off my youngster (on the flat) and land on his head. I’ve seen many, many worse falls from both jumping and random spooks where riders walked away. I’ve had worse falls and walked away. He was disoriented and minutes later unconscious on the ground and not...
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    Cheapest way to keep sheep out of fields

    They are getting in through the field next door, but straying into there from somewhere up the road so I can’t figure out where they are actually supposed to live. Been passed round in a quite concerning loop between council, trading standatds and DEFRA, and they definitely were on my fields...
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    Cheapest way to keep sheep out of fields

    Summary: Does anyone have any suggestions for cheap, horse safe sheep proof fencing? There is a herd of approx 50 sheep which I believe belong to a local farmer which are regularly breaking into my fields. I’ve left it a year in hopes that I can find out who they belong to or their owners...
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    broken or unbroken ?

    I decided with my mare that I’d always previously ridden horses that had a lot of other people in them and I wanted to see what a horse just backed by me without external influence looked like. Since then I’ve also backed my loan mare and started on my 3 yo. It’s been a really interesting...
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    Vegan tack?

    I’m vegetarian and won’t buy leather tack if it’s realistically avoidable. There are a lot of good synthetic saddles out there these days, but options in the rest of the tack market are often low quality and either very stiff, fall apart easily, or is webbing so not suitable for showing...
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    Refused Insurance Cover

    I had one of my 3 still insured through NFU at her owners request until this year. My others have been self insured (the c.£3000 per year I would spend to insure 3 young healthy cats and 3 relatively young and healthy horses to adequate level goes into a bank account for emergencies only)...
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    Impact of previous vet claims for another horse when taking out insurance

    NFU wanted extreme levels of detail about another horse I own who was not insured that I had treated for sarcoids a couple of years ago. Given that it can’t factor into my claims history etc and is a completely different horse I have no idea what the relevance of it would be!
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    Which clippers?

    One of my mares has some rain scald which doesn’t seem to be clearing up fast enough on its own. My plan is therefore to clip the affected area (most of her back) for easier treatment with hibiscrub etc. I therefore need to buy some clippers which: - are as cheap as possible- my herd live out...
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    Mudfever boots

    Thanks for all the replies. Unfortunately I dont have access to an indoor school for turn out and one of them really isn’t happy stabled so in at night and out during the day is the best I can do to reduce their mud exposure. Fortunately it hasn’t started yet this year, so I’ll try the oil...
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    Mudfever boots

    I’ve just seen an advert at premier equine for mudfever boots. I’d never heard of them before, but mud fever is a constant battle with the state of my fields. Description says they can be worn for up to 12 hours, but likely to be more like 14 hours if I was using them given my turnout...
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    Safe and Easy to use halter for pulling horses - would you buy it?

    I have a Monty Roberts Dually. It works in a very similar way. If I was choosing between your product and a dually as a new purchaser I would pick the Dually because: - it sounds simple. I clip to the lower rope for control or the regular head collar for regular head collar. Your system of 5...
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    My first youngster!

    I have no responses to your livery questions, but some things to consider on getting a youngster having done it myself: - you don’t get to try before you buy. You can see confo and paces, but when it comes to ridden attitude and way of going you get what you’re given. If you have a real ‘type’...
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    Any advice before I give up completely???!!!

    One of mine won’t be caught in the field. In the unlikely event that you can get a rope on her (field safe head collar always on) she settles immediately and is very friendly, but even in her good patches I only manage that about one time in 20 if I try to catch her. When I was going in the...
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    Teaching 3yo to lift feet - suggestions please

    A lot of horses will lift the hoof if you squeeze the chestnut. My 3 y o who has seen the farrier regularly all his life recently went through a phase of leaning back onto me when I try to move his weight to pick up his feet, and using his chestnuts to cue instead has helped us navigate this...
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    Sarcoids and Newmarket Blood Root Cream?

    My vet did Liverpool cream on my mare’s chest but gave us something different for her face as it’s more sensitive. Both appear to have been successful.
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    Riding School vs Reality

    I rode at a number of local riding schools (of assorted qualities) for about 20 years before I got my own horse. There are certainly differences to what you learn in a riding school to with your own, but I wouldn’t necessarily say either is clearly less educational or makes you a better rider...
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    Cultural differences?

    I used to ride at pretty much all the stables local to me. Pretty much the most advanced group in all of them. One I was in the first lesson in the morning and after I'd been there about 3 years they started accepting my offer to help with tacking up if I was there early. Two of them I would be...
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    Can't pick up youngsters feet

    Given the issues you had this visit and the fact that you are not currently doing road work, why do you need to target getting fronts on next visit? Even if you have her lifting feet well by the time of your next farrier visit the trim process can be quite tricky for them with having to balance...
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    Leg yield. How do I do it?

    In the absence of a good instructor or a horse that already understands, I would think of it more as a leg and rein aid movement than bothering about your weight. As I understand it in theory, a correct weight aid is slightly on the inside seat bone to encorage movement to the other side...
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    Is this crazy?!

    I don't think keeping her at home for a couple of busy and time pressured months is a problem, BUT if you need the space to be at that specific livery put her in straight away. They might offer you first refusal, but if someone already there decides to get another they aren't going to hold a...
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    Riding Holiday Reviews

    Sundance trails in Colorado. Best holiday I've ever had. Fab horse (massive variety to suit what you want and very well selected for us), fast rides (or slow if you want, but who does...), great scenery, and plenty of non riding things to do. Relatively small groups for a more friendly...
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    Obtain full known pedigree for foal

    I am trying to get hold of the full known pedigree of my foal for a project. Sporthorse database etc seem to have the data, but will only go back 5 generations. I know they have plenty more info than that as I can go back a further 5 on his 5th gen ancestors etc. Cobbling it together myself like...
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    50 reasons not to have my horses at home

    I have them at home and wouldn't change it, but biggest downsides are: No friends at yard to share chores, casually talk horses, share lifts to comps, rides etc. No other horses to hack out with if you are training a new one or having issues Very stable herd finds it hard to deal with change...