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  1. Jo1987

    Best fly mask for vision

    Hi everyone, I’ve just brought home a new horse, he’s an ex racer and has obviously never encountered fly spray or fly masks! The flies are horrendous atm and I feel he’d be more comfortable in a mask during the day, they were walking into his eyeballs this morning! He does have a cataract in...
  2. Jo1987

    Headcollar sizing for a cob - feel like I'm going mad!

    Hi all, I'm wondering if anyone can help, I'm trying to find a headcollar that will fit a 14.3 cob/dales type. I've tried a few different makes and so far cob size is a little too small and full size is far too big! Does anyone now of a brand that comes up big, or particularly suits the...
  3. Jo1987

    First Prelim success!

    Hi all, I posted a while ago about wanting to attempt a Prelim test as I'd FINALLY managed to teach my wonderful little horse what his canter leads were for. On Sunday we made it to our local venue having entered Intro C and Prelim 2. I was terrified. We hadn't managed to achieve the left...
  4. Jo1987

    Talk to me about thrush please!

    So friends horse has always suffered with thrush, she picks his feet and sprays with iodine every day on vets advice but there is no improvement. It doesn't seem particularly worse when it's wet, in fact I've been looking after him this week, fields are totally dry but it seems worse than...
  5. Jo1987

    Happy post - Prelim here we come!

    Hi all, I'm very excited and OH just isn't getting it so I'm going to tell you lovely folks as well 😂 My wonderful, handsome, sweet cob has been practically perfect in every way since I bought him aged 4, 3 years ago. Apart from his left canter. He just couldn't do it in the school...
  6. Jo1987

    Ghost saddles

    I'm quite intrigued by these and know there were a few threads a while ago by people who were trying them out - has anyone been using one long term that could let me know how they're getting on?
  7. Jo1987

    Best grooming brush for scurf - Haas??

    Hi all, hoping there are some grooming brush gurus on here that can tell me the best brush for shifting scurf in an unclipped, rugged, field kept horse. I have a 26 year old retired pony who I will soon be rugging, however once he's rugged he suffers with an abundance of white scurf that I...
  8. Jo1987

    Acquired a 13 yr old, having problems!

    Back story - OH phoned yesterday lunch time to say co worker's friend has recently lost her mum, and needs to find her 13 year old collie x springer a home. No rescue will take her. We lost our dog around a year ago so I saw no reason why we couldn't give her a home for her last years. Got...
  9. Jo1987

    Mineral licks for field?

    I'm looking at getting a mineral lick to put in the field - just wondering what everyone has found to be the best to use? Trying to avoid the molasses based ones. Thanks!
  10. Jo1987

    Barefoot help, long toes, flat feet?

    Hi, I'm hoping for some advice if possible - I am caring for a 21 year old retired 12.2 mare who has always had fairly poor feet imo. She has been barefoot for about six months but I'm having issues with her front feet, particularly her right fore. It seems to want to grow long and flat like a...
  11. Jo1987

    First competition! Pictures

    Put my brave pants on at the weekend and entered my first ever proper competition! We've been out to a few clinics and a clear round so I thought it was time to have a go. It was arena eventing, we did the 50cm and 60cm, came last in both as we were much too slow but we jumped everything and...
  12. Jo1987

    Pony shopping help please!

    Sorry as I know there are a lot of 'what's he worth?' Questions flying around, but we're pony shopping for my niece (13) at the moment, and there doesn't seem to be much to choose from! We've found a pony she likes, but I think he's over priced and just wanted your opinions in case I'm being...
  13. Jo1987

    Footsore causes?

    My cob has recently become quite footsore behind, he is shod in front and barefoot behind. He's fine on a surface and in the forest, but on the lanes (quite gravelly) or stony ground he is not happy at all. He has never been sore before, and has never been shod behind (I've had him since he...
  14. Jo1987

    First show :)

    I've recently bought myself an old 5ton VW LT50 horsebox, and as a first outing I took my horse and friend's to a local jumping competition. I was so nervous having never driven a horsebox with horses on before, and having never jumped a course on my young cob before! Box is 26 years old but...
  15. Jo1987

    quiet cordless trimmers?

    I'm looking to get some quiet cordless trimmers to use alongside my Liveryman Filly clippers (which I love!) I'll be using them for face/ears and awkward bits. Recommendations/experiences would be appreciated!
  16. Jo1987

    How long does it take you to do a full clip?

    As title really, I clipped my cob out for the 3rd time today, I can't believe how fast it grows back! I managed a full clip (half face, legs on) in an hour, it usually takes me at least an hour and a half but I wasn't in the mood for it today and just wanted it done! What's everyone else's...
  17. Jo1987

    Shopping help! 'Double buckle' nosebands?

    I'm hoping someone can help me find what I'm looking for, I'm struggling as I don't actually know the correct name for it! I have a Shires Avignon snaffle bridle, it's a nice every day bridle and fits my horse well, but I'd like to upgrade it to my special occasions bridle. I've put a sparkly...
  18. Jo1987

    How to make 'that decision'

    I know there have been quite a few of these posts, so I applogise. Just need some opinions from people who won't just try to tell me what they think I want to hear. I'll try to keep it short - Pony is 25, I've had him for 15 years, he's been retired 5. He is the love of my life but last...
  19. Jo1987

    New horsebox - how to pay tax?

    Hi all, possibly a stupid question - I'm buying my first horsebox soon, and haven't taxed any kind of vehicle since the law changed meaning the old owner surrenders remaining tax and new owner re-taxes. The government website isn't very clear, is it possible to tax the lorry over the phone...
  20. Jo1987

    Soppy 'I love my horse' post!

    Pointless really, but I'm on a high atm, having had a few problems with my lad - saddles, back probs, the usual! I've now got a new saddle (thanks sbloom!!) his back is much better and I've spent a lovely half an hour this afternoon splashing through mud and hopping over logs with my happy...
  21. Jo1987

    Happy post - XC schooling :)

    Sorry just had to share, so proud of the little horse my cob is becoming! We went xc schooling for the second time a couple of weeks ago and the photos have just come through. He's my first youngster so I've been taking things very slowly so as not to frighten him with anything! The first...
  22. Jo1987

    Breakfast meet - what to expect?

    My farrier has persuaded me today to come along to the local 'breakfast meet' a week on Saturday, he's told me its a couple of hours with smallish jumps and to wear tweed and a tie. Can anyone offer any tips apart from that? I've never been hunting before and neither has my 6 year old, but he...
  23. Jo1987

    Liveryman Filly clipper blade tension?

    Sorry I know it's a bit early to be considering clippers, but I've just dug mine out for my sister to borrow to tidy up my niece's new pony. I've never been sure exactly how to tension them correctly - the instructions state that I should gradually tighten nut until the sound of the motor...
  24. Jo1987

    First XC schooling session tomorrow!

    I'm taking my 6 yr old xc schooling tomorrow, and I'm not sure if I'm more excited or nervous! He's a very sweet boy, but green and the only outings we've done have been fun rides - I'm a bit worried he won't 'get it' when he's being asked to do some work on his own. I think I have...
  25. Jo1987

    Anyone bought from

    Hi, I'm looking to get a Lemieux half pad and Country Base are coming up as the cheapest with free delivery, but I've never ordered from them before and am always a bit worried about ordering from an 'unknown'! Anyone ordered from them?
  26. Jo1987

    Reflocking a Thorowgood Griffin saddle?

    Hi all, I've just taken my Thorowgood Griffin saddle (pre 'Fish' type) up to the tack shop as it needs the flocking topped up at the front - they send saddles off once a week for flocking - only to be told it can't be done in these saddles? It has holes for flocking (and I can see some grey...
  27. Jo1987

    Weatherbeeta Kool Coat or other cotton sheet for hot horse?

    I'm looking for recommendations for a cotton sheet to keep my black pony cool in the summer, he sweats just standing in the field and spends a lot of time in the shelter. I've been looking at the weatherbeeta Kool coat, do these fit the same as other weatherbeeta turnouts?
  28. Jo1987

    Horse afraid of donkey???

    Hi all, just a moan really, sorry! A donkey has been put into the field next to my horse's field, and it has turned him into a gibbering wreck. He lives out, and every time I bring him in to ride/groom/feed he is like an unhandled 3 year old! Won't stand still, pulling tie rings out of the...
  29. Jo1987

    HKM bits

    Hi, I'm looking for an eggbutt snaffle with a lozenge and a search on the horse bit shop came up with an HKM one. Does anyone have an HKM bit? Is the quality/finish ok? I'm using an eldonian D ring lozenge which I'm happy with but would prefer an eggbutt as the reins occasionaly get caught...
  30. Jo1987

    Lemieux sizing - lambskin or merino+??

    Hi all, last question about dead sheep pads I promise! I had decided on a Morpheus numnah but having heard such good things about Lemieux, I've decided to go one of them instead. Just wanted people's experiences of them - Pros and cons of lambskin or the merino+ version for every day use...